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Recovered Money (and this isn’t even spam!)

After 22 years in limbo, I recovered $700 from the State of Massachusetts. Wow. 22 years? Short form: is totally legit. Go there, type in your last name and your state and it’ll tell you if that state owes you any money Long form: About 8 years ago my friend Jen told me she […]

Changed WordPress Spam Strategy

WordPress settings: Comment author must have a previously approved comment. (otherwise it goes to moderation) NoSpamNX blocks about 120 comments/day. Akismet puts about 5 comments/day into moderation. Spam Free WordPress (Please copy and paste this string to write a comment) blocks an unknown number of comments/day. That’s pretty good. Let’s try for better. I disabled […]

Installed Spam Free WordPress

Spammers evolve slowly. They were mud, now they are dirt. It’s a slow evolution. NoSpamNX has been working well but nowadays it blocks 300 spams a day and lets through maybe 30. They all get caught by Akismet but Akismet also sometimes blocks legitimate commnets. 30 a day is too many for me to review […]

Jerk Spammers

I’m cleaning up yet another spammer attack. This time the SWARM wiki,  a Mediawiki site got attacked. I’m still diagnosing it but so far the spam only shows it’s head in the following situation: I edit a mediawiki page Hit “Save Page” The spam page appears, which starts out “(Cialis, Levitra, Viagra) Online in Canada” […]

Best. Comment. Spam. Ever.

Every day I get 1 or 2 comment spams written by real people that get past my spam filters. Of late they’ve been coming from the Philippines and Ukraine. Usually they are poor excuses for spams. For example, today I received on Burning Man 2010 Resource Guide — Part 1: I had never heard of […]

Blog Hacked by Spammers

Darn it, this blog, was hacked by spammers. On about 1 in 10 page loads to some of my Category pages, I see links at the very bottom of the blog page to places like this: playstation 2 киев and muscletech атлантика Элитный салон Стелла предоставляет тонизирующий эротический массаж недорого I […]

New Comment Spam Policy

(mouseover: And what about all the people who won’t be able to join the community because they’re terrible at making helpful and constructive co– … oh.  ) I get my news from The Daily Show and my blogging advice from XKCD. Unconstructive comments will be marked as spam.

NoSpamNX Works Well

I’ve been using the NoSpamNX anti comment spam plugin for the last few months. It works very well. The best part is that it reduces the number of comment spams in my Akismet spam folder so dramatically that I’m able to look through the folder and rescue false positives. Take a look at the image […]

NospamNX = Yes

Since I installed NoSpamNX, I get far fewer comment spams in my Akismet spam box… like 5 per day and they are all from the one spammer who has so far figured his way around the plugin. The plugin blocks about 100 comment spams per day. Now there are so few spams in my comment […]

Installed NoSpamNX Plugin

I just installed the NoSpamNX comment spam plugin. Hopefully it will reduce the daily  drudgery  of me deleting all the inane comment spam I get. Each week I have to remove 5-20 spams that make it through Akismet. And I have 1,500 comment spams that Akismet caught from the last 15 days sitting in my […]