Jerk Spammers

I’m cleaning up yet another spammer attack. This time the SWARM wiki,  a Mediawiki site got attacked.

I’m still diagnosing it but so far the spam only shows it’s head in the following situation:

  1. I edit a mediawiki page
  2. Hit “Save Page”
  3. The spam page appears, which starts out “(Cialis, Levitra, Viagra) Online in Canada” and “He would place his stout woman of thirty-six felt sufficiently flattered by..”

I’m hunting it down… I’ll tell you what I find. If you’ve seen this, please holler.
Apparently Google has seen this on my site for at least a little while :-(

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  1. lee says:

    Ray helped clean this crappy spam up. I was reminded that a good way to hunt for this crap is to do a search of your site looking for base64 eval statements like this:

    grep -r -l "base64" * > aaa
    or for a more precise hunt:
    grep -r --exclude-dir="logs" "base64" * > aaa

    There’s a little more info here

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