Recovered Money (and this isn’t even spam!)

After 22 years in limbo, I recovered $700 from the State of Massachusetts. Wow. 22 years?

Short form: is totally legit. Go there, type in your last name and your state and it’ll tell you if that state owes you any money

Long form: About 8 years ago my friend Jen told me she noticed the State of Massachusetts owed me $653.25 according to I eventually figured out that when I went to UMass Boston, they apparently didn’t know what to do with one of the tuition checks my family had given them. I  followed up on it but since I couldn’t prove that I lived at that particular address, the state wouldn’t give me my money back. Then 7 years ago Charlotte tried with vigor to find some legal documents for me in the Somerville courthouse  so I could prove my address but she couldn’t find them. Last year I tried to get my transcript from UMass Boston for my application to grad school and the issue cropped up again. They wouldn’t give me my transcript because of what I “owed them”!

I paid the money owed but was determined to claim the money. Happily, the Registrar at UMass Boston was happy to work with me. After some back and forth, she sent a letter to me proving my address. And a mere 5 months later…


It’s my money back, with interest!

Now go to and get your money back!



  1. Vickie says:

    Oh my gosh Lee, you were right. I went on the website, and there it was, $175.00 of cash that I had no idea I had. I just received the check today. Thank you for the info.


  2. lee says:


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