NospamNX = Yes

Since I installed NoSpamNX, I get far fewer comment spams in my Akismet spam box… like 5 per day and they are all from the one spammer who has so far figured his way around the plugin. The plugin blocks about 100 comment spams per day.

Now there are so few spams in my comment spam box that it’s possible for me to review them by hand weekly. Today I found a false positive in the Akismet comment spam pile. This would have been impossible without NoSpamNX.

If you have a WordPress blog, you should install NoSpamNX. No, wait. If everyone does it, then the spammers will all write smarter bots that get around this defense. So… umm, everyone use a different method! Don’t use NoSpamNX. This one will be used only on my site!

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