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No More Outgoing Email Spam Problems

Ok, I think I finally fixed it. Since 2017, I’ve been having outgoing email spam problems. At one point, I’m sorry to say, malicious actors were sending 50,000 emails per day from I’ve been wrestling with the tools that stop stuff like that from happening. How did I finally fix it? Until last month, […]

Spam and Spam

I’m still trying to make it so my emails from don’t fall into people’s spam folders. When I send email to new people it often goes to spam. I’ve checked headers carefully and it shouldn’t but gmail receivers see a notice “emails from have been spam in the past”. Ugh. Dreamhost tech support […]

Phone spam

In the past 2 days, I’ve gotten some 40 spam calls and 10 spam texts about getting medical care. I’m thankful that my phone is filtering most of it out but… yow, is this going to be the new normal?

Still With the Gmail Spam

I review my Gmail spam folder monthly, do you? How many spams do you get a month? I get about 2,000 spams/month and there’s always about 20 legit emails in that fetid pile. I’ve always got to wash my eyeballs after my monthly review session. It may have something to do with me owning such […]

Sorry About The Spam

TL;DNR: I was getting 50,000 spam email bounces per day. I enabled SPF, DMARC, and DKIM. I made an email filter at Dreamhost to stop the email forwarding madness from Dreamhost to my Gmail account. Problem solved! (for now) Tens of thousands of people have been getting spam claiming to be from (Update 8-4-18: […]

Email Spam Proofing on Dreamhost with DKIM

Short form: Dreamhost showed me how to implement a method of decreasing spam at the domain level called SPF. They implemented another domain level method of reducing spam, DKIM, a few months after I showed them that they hadn’t set up their system properly.   Long Form: Until recently, there was nothing stopping someone from sending […]

NoSpamNX blocks WordPress Comment Spam

I just had to gush about NoSpamNX. It’s been my only spamproofing on for 6 months now and it’s worked exceptionally. I set wordpress to moderate unknown user comments I installed NoSpamNX I set the NoSpamNX Local Blacklist to block “http://” and “https://” I removed the URL field from my comment interface I put […]

My Current Comment Spam Strategy

Over the last 4 months or so, I have gotten about 2 comment spams total on my blog. This is down from about 5 per day with Akismet and a number of other anti-spam measures. I am very happy with this solution. Here is how: I installed NoSpamNX I set NoSpamNX to Match Substrings “http://” […]

Recovered Money (and this isn’t even spam!)

After 22 years in limbo, I recovered $700 from the State of Massachusetts. Wow. 22 years? Short form: is totally legit. Go there, type in your last name and your state and it’ll tell you if that state owes you any money Long form: About 8 years ago my friend Jen told me she […]

Changed WordPress Spam Strategy

WordPress settings: Comment author must have a previously approved comment. (otherwise it goes to moderation) NoSpamNX blocks about 120 comments/day. Akismet puts about 5 comments/day into moderation. Spam Free WordPress (Please copy and paste this string to write a comment) blocks an unknown number of comments/day. That’s pretty good. Let’s try for better. I disabled […]