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The 5 stages of grief^H^H^H^H^H pandemic

The 5 stages of grief^H^H^H^H^H pandemic:
1- panic buying toilet paper
2- spending a trillion dollars on your staycation
3 – panic buying flour, yeast, butter, & eggs
4 – baking bread
5- acceptance

Molekule Air Filter

Here is the Intertek report about the Molekule air filter

73 Monthly Payments Later: Prius C Paid Off

We just paid off our 6 year car loan. Hurray!

Stay Home

This 6,400-word, well written article can be distilled down to “quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic!” It’ll save lives!

Introducing Abigail Jane Flom-Sonko

A month after Abigail was born, we finally settled on what we wanted her legal name to be. But the paperwork had already been filed… So here we are, 5 years later, finally getting around to making it right.

Today I went to the courthouse, spoke to the judge and got a Decree of Name Change. Tomorrow I’m mailing out paperwork to the Social Security office for a new Social Security card and to the Vital Records office for a new birth certificate! In another month, we’ll have her passport fixed. Hurray!

It would have been easier (several evenings and 2 half-days off work so far) and cheaper ($700 or so in fees) if we had decided on her name right away but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Progressive Lenses

I just got my first pair of progressive lens eyeglasses. ARGH! It’s hard to get used to them! It’s this mix of “WOW, I can see close up!” and “AGHGHEHAH the world is spinning out of control! Make it stop!”