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Where do you get your COVID-19 news and epidemiology?

Where do you get your COVID-19 news and epidemiology?
Right now, I get it from:
– Medscape News Alert “Where the doctors go!” and the pages on the site like this one (the most non-political news site I could find)
– links from Facebook friends

Important Articles About COVID-19

Here is an excellent article about how to avoid COVID-19. It is easy to read, well thought out, and is well referenced. The science it puts forth is hard to dispute.

The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them by Erin Bromage

What are you reading about COVID-19? Post in the comments.
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Wearing a facemask is a good start

Here’s an article
Wearing a face mask can reduce coronavirus transmission by up to 75 percent, study says
(as close to a source as I could find)

It is super seeing research like that! The next question to our society is: how do we couple mask usage with another “multiplier” so that people can coexist inside a room and not transmit the virus at all?
The case studies that I have seen demonstrate one person spreading the virus to up to 80% of the other people in a room in 3 hours. Reducing that transmission rate by 75% isn’t actually helpful on its own; in simplest terms, now that same 80% gets infected in 12 hours 🙁.


Hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis

I am very concerned about healthy people taking hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis / a preventive for COVID-19.

What is your experience with a “-quine” based anti-malarial?

When I was researching antimalarial drugs for a trip overseas in 2010, I found that all of the quinine-based antimalarial drugs I found caused people to have significant negative psychotic effects, from vivid bad dreams to scary hallucinations and psychotic breaks. The literature says “up to 25%” of people have these symptoms but when I put it to my friends, 6 out of 6 people that had taken quinine-based antimalarials like Mefloquine had extremely bad psychotic effects and had to stop taking it for life-threateningly-bad psychosis based reasons. I opted to take doxycycline instead :-).

Yes, hydroxychloroquine has these side-effects (via)

Here is my post from 2010 on the subject

Abigail’s Preschool November 4, 2019

That’s Abigail on the far-right with the inside-out striped dress. This photo accurately represents the vibe on that afternoon! November 4, 2019


I started learning piano. It’s fun and hard! When I play the piece on the right, “Sunrise” it sounds like some too-cool-for-shoes experimental ambient slow-groove space music composition. It’s a good thing I like experimental ambient slow-groove space music!

And thank you Michael!!