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Last night I didn’t wear my CPAP for 1/2 the night and I’m wrecked. Reminds me of how much it helps. If you snore and don’t have the energy you want to have, look into getting one of these CPAP life-superchargers!

A Simple Joy: Inbox 0

A Simple Joy: Inbox 0!

Macro Lens Camera?

Do you have a camera with a good macro lens that I can borrow? I’d like to take some very close-up photos of some jewelry.

Let’s Go To California Extreme Together

Let’s go to California Extreme Together! It’s a classic arcade games show held in Santa Clara, CA every year. This year it’ll be on July 28 & 29. Hundreds of classic coin operated video games and pinball machines set to free play all day long!

I went a few years ago and playing these classic games is so tremendously nostalgic. A wonderful experience. Join me this year!

Check out the event:

Paying for higher education with a Roth IRA

If you have been contributing to a Roth IRA and now you’re going back to school, you’ll want to read this!

You can take out the money that you’ve put into the account to pay for higher education and pay no taxes or penalties! I know this works because I did it recently to cover part of my expenses for my master’s degree in occupational therapy. It may take some effort to go back over your records and figure out how much you contributed vs. how much interest you’ve earned but it’s well worth it. My (very expensive) tax preparer couldn’t figure out how to file it but Turbotax was on the ball with this!

Today’s Motivation

When watching this, I first thought, “Yes, yes, yes. I understand. Get past the ‘life is hard, long, and boring’ part. What I need are answers. He talks about it, which is nice. It’s not a simple, easy answer, but yes, it’s simple and easy, and ultimately totally right-on.