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Ida’s Kitchen is a recipe wiki made for and by my extended family. It has recipes that I have been collecting, initially from my grandmother Ida. It’s a family work-in-progress. Go there now!


  1. john jorda says:

    i recently found a recipefor Lonza on your said to leave the pork in a warm room,70deg? but how about humidity? does it have to be left at a special humidity? Thanks,john j

  2. lee says:

    The warm room that I saw in Jessup didn’t have any special humidity controls. Just the concrete floor of a garage that leads to a drain.

    Thanks for asking!

  3. Meredith says:

    Great recipes! It must be really nice to have such a great cooking family. I have a couple of family recipes, but most of the food that is made is from Joy of Cooking. Is it okay if I borrow some of your recipes and try them out?

  4. lee says:

    Hey Meredith, go for it! Tell me what you end up liking… and hating!

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