Installed Spam Free WordPress

Spammers evolve slowly. They were mud, now they are dirt. It’s a slow evolution.

NoSpamNX has been working well but nowadays it blocks 300 spams a day and lets through maybe 30. They all get caught by Akismet but Akismet also sometimes blocks legitimate commnets. 30 a day is too many for me to review by hand. :-(

So I installed Spam Free WordPress alongside the already installed NoSpamNX and Akismet. Hopefully it will keep it so the “gray list” of potential spams is small enough that I can review them by hand.

This new plugin uses an odd form of Captcha. It asks you to copy and paste a password. Please tell me if it gets in the way.


  1. Nyla Crystal says:

    I will definitely have to give NoSpamNX a try! I don’t get as much spam as you do, but recently the “Holiday Spam” has increased with really long, nonsensical, and irritating paragraphs of random words with ugg boots hyperlinked somewhere at the end.

    Your captcha isn’t a problem and not hard to do.

    Good luck fighting the spam!

  2. Lee says:

    Phew, this past week, NoSpamNX has been blocking 500 comment spams/day, up from 300/day. I’ve been seeing about 4/day in my Moderation queue (that’s stuff I have to review by hand), down from 10-30/day. It looks like Spam Free WordPress is worthwhile :-)

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