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How are we doing with this whole “flatten the curve” thing?

Are we flattening the curve?

Watch this video, Minute Physics “How To Tell If We’re Beating COVID-19”

and look at this live chart
In brief, when a line is moving diagonally, the virus is growing exponentially (ie. unchecked growth!). When a line starts descending, the virus’ growth is slowing down.

On 4-17-20, this graphical mathematical analysis says, essentially, “Maybe the US has started to flatten the curve as of 4-11-20”. Of course, in order to “keep the curve flat” we have to all stay home… ummm forever. Hmmm.. hmmm…. And what state is doing the best? Well, according to the state chart on the same site, all the states are doing fairly similarly.

Groceries and Great Prepared Food in the Bay Area

A recommendation: We have gotten a couple grocery and prepared food deliveries from Greenleaf Platters They deliver all over the Bay Area. They don’t normally deliver staples like milk but times have changed! It’s been -very- nice getting staples and some fancy foods to keep eating interesting! The staples are very reasonably priced and the fancy foods are expensive and (OMG!) worth it!

The 5 stages of grief^H^H^H^H^H pandemic

The 5 stages of grief^H^H^H^H^H pandemic:
1- panic buying toilet paper
2- spending a trillion dollars on your staycation
3 – panic buying flour, yeast, butter, & eggs
4 – baking bread
5- acceptance

Molekule Air Filter

Here is the Intertek report about the Molekule air filter

73 Monthly Payments Later: Prius C Paid Off

We just paid off our 6 year car loan. Hurray!

Stay Home

This 6,400-word, well written article can be distilled down to “quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic!” It’ll save lives!