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Life Hack: Milk Lasts Longer in Glass

Here’s a great life-hack: store your milk in glass, it tastes fresher longer! I’m not saying you should spend $7 per 1/2 gallon every week. Just buy a 1/2 gallon glass milk jug and reuse it forever! Pour 1/2 of your gallon jug into the glass bottle and when it comes time to use the second half of your milk in a few days, it will smell fresh and unspoiled!

I guarantee you’ll notice a big difference very first time you try it. Does the milk actually last longer? I’m not sure but after 3 minutes of googling for it, everybody agrees that glass stores better. Drink month-old fresh-tasting milk at your own peril! ;-)

And if you aren’t happy, just return the glass bottle for deposit and go on your way, having spent a whole extra $3 on the experiment!

Megan discovered this life hack! She noticed that in the supermarket, milk in glass had the longest Sell-by dates. Cardboard 1/2 gallons had shorter Sell-by dates and plastic milk gallon jugs had shortest Sell-by dates. It’s ironic that the largest containers have the shortest dates, eh? She did a little research and it turns out exactly the way you think… glass preserves best! Plastic is pretty good but lets some gases in and out, spoiling your milk sooner!

I can’t believe I’ve lived my whole life without knowing this one!

Pumping Iron-ish

I’ve been doing the Stronglifts workout. I’ve been going to Planet Fitness since it’s close to home, inexpensive, and clean. I was initially really annoyed that their 4 squat racks are always busy in the morning and evening. I got over that by going at 6:30am, which has been more tolerable than I thought it would be :-).

I was more annoyed that their squat racks aren’t squat racks! They only have Smith machines. A Smith machine is a squat rack where the barbell is trapped… (the one pictured isn’t the exact model but you get the idea). And I just figured out that the bar… well… I just came back from my local Planet Fitness, bathroom scale in-hand. I weighed myself while using the Smith Machine and found out something weird and interesting! Their pulley system gives the bar variable weight! At the bottom of the stroke, the bar weighs 13 pounds and at the top, 24 pounds!

I can imagine some reasons why they reasoned that was a good idea: easier on the back at the start, less crashing at the top, smoother feel… It makes keeping track of my workout a little weird. I’ll just call it a 20 lb bar, I guess!

Pumping Iron

I’ve been going back to the gym for the last few weeks and I like it. I’ve got more energy, I’ve been automatically getting up earlier (waking up near my alarm at 6:15 instead of loathing to move at 7:15, feeling a bit more “in my body”, decreasing my body aches a bit, and starting to look a little better in the mirror. Hurray!

Schuyler showed me the Stronglifts 5×5 workout (Thanks Schuyler!). The promise is to get me in and out of the gym in 30 minutes 3 times per week and it’s working!

My workout is very simple:
Stretch, run 5 minutes at 6.5 mph for warmup.

“A” day workout:
* Squat
* Bench Press
* Barbell Row

“B” day workout:
* Squat
* Overhead Press
* Deadlift

All lifts are 5 sets of 5 lifts, add 5 pounds at every workout session.

Deadlifts are just 1 set of 5 lifts. Add 10 pounds at every workout.

Here’s a link to the workout at

I ditched the fancy Stronglifts app in favor of Google Sheets. No figuring out how their app works, no ads, no fuss!


Stay strong!

I’ll Bet Your Anatomy Textbook Doesn’t Mention the Anterolateral Ligament

It is a marvel that there are parts of the human gross anatomy that are still being discovered! The anterolateral ligament, a ligament near the ACL (of “I tore my ACL playing basketball” fame) was only recently re-discovered. The notion of this particular ligament was first made by French surgeon Paul Segond in 1879 but it has evaded definitive surgical classification until 2013 or so! Understanding it is starting to help surgeons repair knee injuries better!

I checked my Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy 6th Edition and Clinically Oriented Anatomy 7th Edition and came up empty!

Speech-to-Text Help?

I have good speech-to-text software and a very good noise-cancelling microphone. How do I tell the software, “Please only transcribe text from me, the loudest voice, and not anyone else in the room.” All the software is so eager to transcribe everything, it is useless unless I (or my students) am in a quiet room.

Details: I’ve got Read&Write for Google, and Dragon Naturally Speaking and neither are any help. I’ve contacted Nuance (the Dragon people) and they were less than useless, redirecting me to different business units. I contacted The Read&Write people were no help either. I’ve googled my fingers off and come up with very little. Maybe “noise gate” software could mute the microphone below a threshold volume.

I’m trying to make this speech-to-text system work for some of my occupational therapy students who have great ideas but can’t type or handwrite.

2020 Signatures

I just got a document notarized and the notary lady insisted that I write the year as “2020” instead of just “20”. It would be easy for a bad person to change “20” to “2019” or “2018” or whatever! Good point!