The Best Mechanical Pencil

I’ve been looking for the best mechanical pencil for a long while. Turns out, it was hiding right under my nose! Wanna jump right to the money shot? Scroll down!

Most of my mechanical pencils. Top to bottom: Jolt, AI, SumoGrip, ClearPoint, Logo II, Kerry

I tried the Bic AI pencil. Supposedly the lead advances itself automagically. But the mechanism is always scraping its plastic lead advance mechanism against the paper, making it feel odd It has a second advance mechanism (because they knew the auto-advance wasn’t awesome?) where you shake the pencil to advance it. That’s kinda cool except the leads keep slipping backward; you have to shake it a lot to keep the lead extended properly. Worst of all, when you flip the pencil over to erase, the shaking often accidentally advances the lead. And the eraser is tiny, and hidden under a cap. Apparently I have nothing good to say about the Bic AI pencil.

The Pentel Jolt pencil has an interesting mechanism (read: I could never get it to frigging work). Apparently you are supposed to shake it twice quickly to get the lead to advance. This alleviates the problem with other shake pencils (like the Bic AI) where the lead accidentally advances while you are erasing, but it’s simply not reliable. Sometimes 1 shake advances it, sometimes 2, sometimes 2 shakes extends the lead way too much. It is completely frustrating and unusable.

The Paper Mate Clearpoint is a side advance pencil. Kinda neat. And it even has a nice large twist-up eraser, another win. I’ve had a little trouble getting used to pushing the button on the side, I’m sure that’d subside after a while. Much more importantly, the twist-up eraser mechanism twists right back down when you use any reasonable erasing motion! Dumb! Argh!

The Sakura Sumogrip. First the “sumo” part: the barrel is too large, my hand cramps up after just a few minutes of using it and I’ve got large hands. I don’t know, I have friends that like the size, but not me. Second, when you’re erasing, the twist-up mechanism twists right back down, just like the stupid Paper Mate Clearpoint. Third, unless you are careful, pressing the eraser to the paper while erasing causes the lead to advance. Three strikes, you’re out!

The Pentel Sharp Kerry has received a lot of praise as a terrific pencil. I have two of them. At $16 apiece it’s certainly the most expensive pencil I own. It is very pretty, definitely the prettiest writing implement I own. It feels great in your hand, words like “elegance”, “style” and “refinement” come to mind every time I use it. And it is terrific fun uncapping and recapping it, every time is a little flourish!

I wrote with a 0.5mm Pentel Sharp Kerry for a full semester of American History class, I’d write furiously and every now and then pause to marvel at it’s beauty. Yeah, I know, a little distracting, but it put a smile on my face. I’d whisper to myself, “I have the best writing implement in this room.” (yow, I really did that… I should have started calling it “my precious”!)

After a semester of writing madly with it in History class, I can say it writes well. I now think of it as my “executive” pencil. The only things that bother me about the Sharp Kerry: the (tiny!) eraser hides under a little metal cap, and my favorite pencil has a spring mechanism for the lead that helps it write smoother than the Sharp Kerry.


I tried using a separate eraser for these pencils that write well but have substandard erasers. But a couple things get in the way of me liking this:

First, the obviousness of it all. After 400+ years of trying, Science (capital ‘s’ dammit!) should be able to supply me a good pencil with a good eraser!! I’ve found small block erasers to be hard to use, you’ve got to hold this tiny, irregularly shaped thing in your hands very tightly. They are hard to find in my bag too.

I haven’t found a pencil-shaped eraser I love. The Pentel Clic Eraser has great eraser material and a solid holder, but every time you take it out, you have to fumble with the length of the eraser; then when you put it away, since the advance mechanism and the clip are the same, you have to push it back down. I haven’t tried it but maybe the Staedtler Stick Eraser would be good for me. I tried a Tuff Stuff Eraser but the eraser dust made an awful mess, a million tiny sticky shards of rubber on the desk. Fair warning: I bought the Tuff Stuff on eBay so it’s possible I got a knockoff eraser.


And then there’s love!  The Paper Mate Logo II is the best pencil I have ever owned.

Paper Mate Logo II mechanical pencil, 0.7mm in black, 0.5mm in maroon.
This is by far the best mechanical pencil I have ever owned.
But read the article for how to fix the one huge problem that held it back from shining.

Let me count the ways:

  1. Retractable tip: 2 clicks on the eraser and it’s ready for writing. Hold the eraser while pushing the tip gently against any surface and the tip retracts completely (no more pocket stabbings!)
  2. Spring loaded lead: The lead is on a spring mechanism. You don’t actively feel the spring, it doesn’t write mushy or anything but it adds a little special something to make the lead feel less scratchy against the paper than other mechanical pencils. I only discovered the springy tip after having the pencil for a few years of writing. For the longest time, all I knew was that when I put the same lead in 2 different pencils, the Logo II would be less scratchy.
  3. Solid, simple feel: The pencil feels like business when I’m writing and erasing. It fits. I know it doesn’t look ergonomic but it fits my hands very nicely.
  4. Solid good looks: It’s nothing special, and that’s what’s so special about it. It’s not flashy, it looks like it means business, because it does.
  5. Fixing the loose twist-up eraser on the Logo II mechanical pencil, making it my pencil of choice!

  6. A really good eraser (with one problem!)
    • The eraser material is excellent. It erases well and then rolls into reasonable sized bits. I’ve had other erasers that make piles of sticky yucky eraser dust.
    • The eraser doesn’t accidentally retract when you are using it (who would design such an eraser anyway?? (to find out, look at my other reviews above!)).
    • There is a lot of eraser in the twist-up, something I need for my classes, and darn it, how many pencils are in your drawer that are hardly used but the eraser is spent?
    • There’s just one huge negative. The twist-up eraser tends to “walk” up or down randomly as I’m writing. As I fidget the pencil in my hand, the extremely loose twist-up mechanism twists. Then when I go to erase, I have to adjust it to the right height before proceeding. Ugh! But I found a fix!. To fix the loose twist-up eraser mechanism, all I did (after quite a bit of experimentation!) was wrap some Scotch tape around the base of the eraser. That puts some pressure on the twist-up mechanism such that it isn’t loose any more! Simple! Wrapping around 1 1/2 times is about right for me.

The nice retractable tip of the Logo II

Now I own both sizes of Logo II pencils. I use my black 0.7mm for “writing”, when I need to write a lot of text, like for my Anatomy class. The tip almost never breaks. I use my maroon 0.5mm when I need a finer line, for Chemistry class; if I am hasty, I might break the tip, but the finer line can be worthwhile.

Curiously, the Paper Mate Logo II mechanical pencil isn’t given much support from the Paper Mate company. Apparently Paper Mate is owned by Sanford, who is owned by NewellRubbermaid. I wrote to Paper Mate looking for a home web page devoted to the pencil and I got a response from someone at Sanford saying “…we apologize that you were unable to find this pencil on our website. It is still available for purchase… through  local stationer and/or office supply stores…” Weird. Minimal corporate support for such a great pencil.

I have bought the Logo II pencil at Dick Blick retail for $4.50 and Amazon. The pencil is available in 0.7mm or 0.5mm, black
or maroon. I bought a box of maroon 0.5mm pencils and a box of 0.7mm black pencils so I’ll never want for pencils again. And I plan on giving a few away, because that’s how I roll.

The craziest thing is that I’ve had this pencil in my pencil box for a long time. The fiddly eraser kept me from loving it. I’m so glad I found/fixed the pencil!


The Paper Mate Titanium is also a fine pencil with all the same features as the Logo II. It’s been in my pencil box about as long as my Logo II. I don’t like the squishy finger grip but you might. There is also the Paper Mate Logo, the Logo 3 and the Logo 4. I don’t like the styling or feel of these other pencils as much as the Logo II.

Spikeman asked in the comments what the difference between the different Logo pencils is. Here are photos that show the differences:

Logo 1, plastic clip and tip

Logo 1, plastic clip and tip

Logo 2: metal clip and tip

Logo 2: metal clip and tip

Logo 3: plastic clip and tip, and a cushion grip

Logo 3: plastic clip and tip with a cushion grip

Logo 4: metal clip and tip, and a soft grip

Logo 4: metal clip and tip with a cushion grip


  1. I am a pen and pencil “snob”. I like what I like and for years it has been the pentel fine RSVP for pens and the bic velocity pencil #2. My only complaint about the velocity with the .05 lead is that the erasers suck. And here I thought pencil and pen snobbery was genetics.

  2. I still like the good old Ticonderoga pencil, the sound of the electric pencil sharpener and a freshly sharpened tip.

  3. Lee Sonko says:

    Vickie, a Ticonderoga is a fine pencil, but a broken tip is such a drag! You’ve got to stop what you’re doing and find a sharpener. And the point keeps getting duller and duller; by the time it’s time to sharpen it, I feel like I’m writing with a crayon! And tell me your erasers last as long as your pencil?!

  4. Lee Sonko says:

    Melissa, The RSVP is a fine pen. The Velocity pencil point doesn’t retract so it’d stab me in the leg all day. And the eraser… nuff said!

  5. Aghast. Mine does retract. I’ll post a pic!!

  6. Lee Sonko says:

    Ah yes, I found a video online…. the tip of the Velocity retracts. But still, that eraser… and I’m not a fan of squishy grips. But hey.

  7. Mike W says:

    I’m an engineer, so I write equations and sketch a lot and I always carry a pencile with me. I’m glad you wrote about the Logo II – it’s been my favorite for years, for all the reasons you mention. The rubber grip on the Logo4 eventually loosens and becomes gummy, but the Logo II has no such problems. The only difficulty is finding them – none of the brick and mortar stores in my area carry them.

  8. Ian says:

    Ticonderoga Sensematic is the absolute best mechanical pencil. It autofeeds the lead, has a proper eraser and ferrule and feels and writes just like a standard hexegonal wood pencil.

  9. Spikeman says:

    My 11 year old son was just using a Sanford Logo pencil that was over 20 years old…the original Logo…not “Logo II”…I told him they were the best ever…I “accidentally” swiped a few from work in the early 1990’s…I said, “I wonder if they are still available…for being so amazing, I have not seen that many.”

    I soon found this blog…lol…I see someone is obsessed like me. Yes, the eraser and graphite combo are amazing…the eraser actually *can* erase the graphite! What a concept!

    However, what is the difference between the Logo and the Logo II (other than the silver tip?)


  10. lee says:

    Spikeman asks: what is the difference between the Logo and the Logo II. I wondered myself so I found some photos online. I updated the end of my post (above) with photos of the different varieties. It’s all combinations of plastic vs metal parts and cushion grip vs non-cushion. Logo II is still my favorite. Thanks for asking Spike! Yes, I still love my mechanical pencils!

  11. Chelen says:

    Hello! I know this is an old posting, I am huge fan of the Logo II, just like you, it’s my favorite mechanical pencil. There is one thing I don’t understand about it and I was wondering if you knew. I haven’t figured out how to put more leads in though the back, I remove the eraser and try to put a lead on the hole but would not go in! I akawardly feed the leads through the tip while pushing the back so they can go in…ugggh, so weird, but I keep doing it because I love the logo II.

    Anyways, is there a very obvious way to feed new leads that I am so dumb that I can’t figure it out?

    I greatly appreciate your help

  12. lee says:

    Chelen, instead of pulling just the eraser out, have you tried pulling the entire top half off? You should be able to easily pull the outer tube (with the eraser and clip) away from the inner tube (with the tip).

    Inside you will see a small tube where you can easily place 2-3 leads. Some other pencils will fit up to 6 leads in the reservoir but this is a slight issue for me.

    Hope that helps!

  13. Chelen says:

    Hello Lee! Duh! I tried to do that in the past and it felt to me like it was going to break so I didn’t tried harder. Since it is my favorite mechanical pencil I didn’t want to chance to break it.

    Just like you said it was so easy to pull out, awesome! Thanks a bunch!

  14. lee says:

    Chelen, Hurray! Glad I could help!

  15. Laura B says:

    I am going to try this pencil, purely based on your review. I am a big fan of Papermate products, and have been looking for that perfect mechanical pencil with a twist-up eraser. This looks like the one!

  16. Laura B says:

    FYI, I found the Logo 4 0.5mm in TEAL (which was perfect for me, it’s my favorite color and matches my planner which is where I use it the most!) I bought one on eBay, but there’s also a box of them available on Amazon which I will probably go ahead and get to have them on hand. The Logo 4 is the perfect pencil for me — I love the metal tip/clip and the grip with just the RIGHT amount of cushion (enough for comfort and traction without causing hand fatigue). It is also attractive (I don’t like the clear pencils like the Clearpoint or Pentel Twist-erase, and I despise the side advance mechanism on some pencils) and it is the right size (I do have the SumoGrip that I use for scrapbooking/lettering, but it is far too fat for regular use, and the 0.9mm lead is too thick for anything but that application). Thanks again for your comprehensive review that led me to my perfect pencil!

  17. lee says:

    Laura B, I’m so glad I could help! I found the teal Logo 4 on eBay. :-)

  18. Buckie says:

    Best pencil ever.
    I have retained one at work when they first came out. (I wish I kept one more just in case). It has been at least 5 years? This thing is going strong.
    You have nailed every single problem with all other models. LOGO II is superb.
    I use the Pentel ZEH10 eraser for most erasing jobs, but when not at my desk the ‘on-board’ eraser does just fine.
    Thanks for writing detailed review, I could not agree with you more.

  19. pat says:

    I wanted to buy the logo II but some ding dong on amazon wants $300!!! for a pencil I got for free when I was in high school. Sadly I lost it years ago. Was bummed and so sad that I could not find the pencil again.. If they ever sell the logo II 0.7mm im in for one. I have the 0.5mm but its not the same as the 0.7mm . I miss my logo II black, I remember I lost it once back in highschool when I found it I dedicated almost every drawing I did to that pencil. I hope to be re united with the logo 2 black 0.7mm some day. All I can do is hope. Thanks for posting an awesome dedication to such a great pencil…

  20. lee says:

    Pat, I see the $300 Logo II on Amazon. That’s pretty funny. Here’s a link to a case of 0.7mm Logo II mechanical pencils for under $20. Buy and rejoice!

  21. Laura B says:

    Would you settle for a Logo 4 in teal?

  22. Darlene says:

    I can’t find eraser refills!

  23. lee says:

    Concering eraser refills, I found several that work :-)

    I wrote post about eraser refills for the Logo II!

  24. Brandon Mack says:

    Hi Lee! I LOVE the article!! I too have fallen in love with the LOGO II (I have many reasons that II is better than I, III, or IV, but will save that for my own essay:)) I am a math teacher, and have played around with many types, but the LOGO II wins every time!
    They’ve stopped making LOGO II????@?@??@??!?!?!!?
    I usually buy them 12 at a time, but can’t find them…DO YOU KNOW WHO STILL SELLS THEM???

    HHHEEELLLPPP!!! I will FOREVER be in your debt!! (the overstock link is sold out :( … )

  25. lee says:

    Hey Brandon, be sure to point me toward your mechanical pencil essay when you write it!

    Hmm, I thought I found some Amazon sellers with the pencil but they are for the Logo I pencil. Oh my, I’m not sure where to buy them! Maybe Dick Blick retail still carries them. I hope!

  26. Laura B says:

    Oh gosh, it is SO GOOD to “meet” other people who are as nerdy about writing utensils as I am!

    Brandon, as stated above in my previous comments, I’m a big fan of the Logo 4 (would love to also read your essay on why you prefer the 2). I’ve found them both on eBay and at Amazon. I am stockpiling them! Keep looking. Maybe if enough fans resurface, they will put them back in production.

  27. Brian says:

    I find this all rather numerous; a bunch of people writing about a mechanical pencil. And now, I’m one of them! I have a shoebox full of various pens and pencils. Most are probably over 20 years old. But my old LOGO pencils are really the only ones worth keeping. Now, I think I may only have one left; a teal colored logo 4. It’s 0.5 lead. I’d prefer 0.7. I like the grip, the big eraser, the fact that using the eraser doesn’t advance the lead, but mostly I think because of the spring cushioned tip. I break pencil lead a lot when I’m writing (math stuff usually). But not with this pencil. I remember when I first used this pencil decades ago, I thought a spring tip was total overkill for a pencil. Now I finally realize that the spring protects the lead from me breaking it. I’ve been on a hunt for this pencil for over a week. Thanks Lee for the link, but Overstock seems to be out of stock. Any other places I can go to buy? I guess just buying at a local store isn’t going to happen.

  28. Laura B says:

    Brian, I’ll be glad to trade the .5 teal Logo 4 for a brand-new .7 teal Logo 4. Just let me know. You can email me at [redacted].

  29. lee says:

    Part number information:
    Manufacturer: Sanford, L.P.
    Mfg Number: 64052
    SKU: PAP64052
    UPC: 071641640528

    Logo II Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 Mm, Burgundy Barrel, by Papermate

    I’ve been having trouble finding it in stores and my box of 12 is almost run out (I give some away, a few broke, some lost…). If you know where to find this king of mechanical pencils, please write it here!

  30. Elizabeth says:

    OMG – I can’t agree with you more! I found your page based on a Google image search as someone swiped my most cherished pencil and I HAD to find a new one. I had my original one for I would guess 20 years MINIMUM. My day started so cruddy when I realized someone violated me by stealing it. THANK YOU for helping me find the details of this fabulous writing utensil so it may be replaced and whoever stole my original will need to explain what the EK engraved into it represents – yes I loved that pencil so much I made my mark on it. I’ll have to use my new initials on the new pencil. I’m a bit concerned over comments in that I will actually find a replacement – YIKES.

  31. lee says:

    This blog post is starting to turn into a support group for the Logo II! Yes, it’s that good of a mechanical pencil!

  32. Laura B says:

    “This blog post is starting to turn into a support group for the Logo II! Yes, it’s that good of a mechanical pencil!”

    Umm…..some of us are fans of other Logo models….cough, cough….:) Elizabeth, I have some spare teal Logo IV’s if you aren’t able to find the II’s anywhere. They are 0.7mm, where I prefer the 0.5, but I got them when I was afraid I wouldn’t find any more 0.5 (and so far I haven’t!)

  33. Rachana says:

    I did not know there were so many people looking for Logo II pencil. I lost one 2 weeks ago and I’m searching online to buy, but I cannot find the same. I so loved my pencil. I had it for 5years now. I hope i can find one soon!

  34. Laura B says:

    Try eBay and Amazon, that’s where I found my Logo IV’s. If you can stand the cushion grip, I have some spare teal Logo IV .7mm’s!

  35. KIRKL says:

    What has become of the LOGO II mechanical pencil. ? ?

    ? ?

    Like so many corporations do, have they figured upgrades are the only solution ? ? ! Is this an American (U.S.A) corporate “syndrome” — to dicontinue manufaturing winning products?

    Where can I find them w/o paying an arm + leg + first-born price ? ?

  36. KIRKL says:

    I would like to buy a box of 12.

  37. Laura B says:

    I found the Logo IV in teal on eBay (.5 mm, my preferred size, for maybe $5 for one and ended up with a bonus maroon one) and on Amazon for a box of 12 .7 mm at around $16. But if you’re not particular about body color like I am, you can find them in both places for a wider variety of prices. I imagine it’s probably the same for the other Logo models. I have given away a couple of my .7 mm, but I am guarding the rest with my life. They are all I use in my planners.

  38. lee says:

    I just got back from a stationary store in Berkeley. I am sad to say that there are no advances in pencil technology to report. Style-wise, the Blackwing pencil has gone back into production and is becoming quite popular with artists for it’s smooth feel and replaceable eraser.

    No one makes a mechanical pencil that has:
    – spring loaded lead
    – a large eraser
    – retracts fully

    I will be hording my Logo II pencils for the foreseeable future!

  39. Laura B says:

    Thank you, Lee and all the others who have commented on this post, for making me feel validated for considering the quest for the best mechanical pencil to be a worthy activity and not at all weird or bizarre. It IS important. When you write, you need something that works well for you.

    How can we bombard Papermate/Sanford to convince them to put the Logos back on the market!

  40. Mike says:


    Thank you so much for writing this blog. I have been looking replacements of my missing LOGO pencils for weeks and haven’t been able to find any. I tried the links suggested earlier, but they are all out. Hopefully someone here knows where to find some now.

    Maybe, as Laura B suggests, if we all write messages to Paper Mate they will bring back the LOGO series pencils. It’ll at least let them know that they have a customer base that really wants them. It can’t hurt to try.

    I just left my comment with Paper Mate:
    “PLEASE bring back the Paper Mate LOGO series of mechanical pencils (especially LOGO 4 and 2). I’m unable to find them anywhere, or another pencil as great the LOGO that has spring cushioned lead, large twist out eraser, retracting tip, & rear click advance”

  41. Mike says:


    Thank you so much for writing this blog. I have been looking replacements of my missing LOGO pencils for weeks and haven’t been able to find any. I tried the links suggested earlier, but they are all out. Hopefully someone here knows where to find some now.

    Maybe, as Laura B suggests, if we all write messages to Paper Mate they will bring back the LOGO series pencils. It’ll at least let them know that they have a customer base that really wants them. It can’t hurt to try.

    I just left my comment with Paper Mate:
    “PLEASE bring back the Paper Mate LOGO series of mechanical pencils (especially LOGO 4 and 2). I’m unable to find them anywhere, or another pencil as great the LOGO that has spring cushioned lead, large twist out eraser, retracting tip, & rear click advance”

  42. Laura B says:

    We can only hope. For many, a pencil is a pencil. Those of us who take our writing implements seriously know better.

  43. Laura B says:

    Hey, I got a response! Nothing committal, but very nice to at least be thanked for feedback:

    “Dear Laura,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact Newell Rubbermaid Office Products regarding our discontinued Logo Mechanical Pencils. We appreciate and value the comments you provide.

    We will be glad to pass comments to our Marketing Department for consideration. We depend upon loyal consumers, like you, for feedback on new and existing products.

    Your satisfaction is important to us. Thank you for using Newell Rubbermaid Office Products and for giving us the opportunity to address your concern.

    Thank you,
    Newell Rubbermaid Office Products”

  44. lee says:

    Laura, thanks for forwarding that. The four saddest words I read today are “discontinued Logo Mechanical Pencils”.

  45. Laura B says:

    I know :( But we can hope. And stockpile as though a zombie apocalypse were imminent.

  46. lee says:

    I found a black .5mm Logo II in a box of pencils and markers at school today! I’m keeping it!

  47. Mark says:

    I have been trying to find Logo II everywhere, but no luck. Can some be so kind and sell 1 Logo II pencil?
    Thanks in advance.

  48. lee says:

    Someone is selling Logo II pencils on Ebay!
    I bought 4. How many will you buy?
    I’m thinking of buying more so get em while they’re available!

  49. Mark says:

    Thanks Lee. I bought 4, that should last me a lifetime. Btw, check out Skilcraft Dual Action, it’s almost the same pencil.

  50. Laura Burgess says:

    Oh awesome, so it is! Thank you for giving us another option, Mark! (They also have one nearly identical to the Logo 4, my personal choice, although they don’t have it in my beloved teal.)

  51. lee says:

    Mark, wow, thank you! That is super awesome. I found them at Office Depot and they look like a good replacement. I haven’t tried them yet…

  52. Claudia says:

    Hi Lee,

    I was trying to find a Logo II pencil when I found your post. It is very interesting to see that I am not the only that felt in love with this pencil. I had my first more than 15 years ago. It is not from Paper mate but from Sanford. I have tried many other pencils but never found one like the LogoII. I thought I was crazy for falling in love with a pencil. I am very glad to see, I am not alone.
    I would like to have a couple more Logo II for my office and home. I am sad to see that those pencils are now discontinued.
    I found some at: Unfortunately for me they don’t deliver Canada (where I live) but I wanted to share the information for those who might be interested.
    I will order some Silcraft Dual Action. Did someone tested it?

  53. Dee says:

    Thanks everyone for nerding out. Glad to know there are other pencil geeks out there. I was fond of the Pentel Twist-Erase for years, then I discovered the Sanford Logo 4, the 0.7. The turquoise plastic didn’t thrill me but I forgot all that as soon as I had this pencil in my hand. I guess Sanford was absorbed into a larger company, and this pencil was discontinued. Through the string of comments I pursued the Paper Mate Logo 2 but apparently I’m late to this party too: already gone! What is it with these companies that discontinue good products?? Some bean-counter figured out what’s worth keeping in stock and what isn’t, but nobody ever asked ME. If I like a brand I’m loyal, so this happens to me a LOT. Believe me, when God makes me the West Coast representative, some things are gonna change.

    I am also fond of the Black Wing but often you don’t have a sharpener handy and they do wear down fast, so.

    So I’m back to looking for a good mechanical pencil, an 0.7, and this time when I buy a whole box I won’t give them away so frivolously! Others will have to fend for themselves. I would try the SkilCraft, however the body is smooth, and I do like me a little gripper, nothing too thick, but some traction for my fingers. Anybody?

  54. Laura Burgess says:

    I found a whole box of the Logo 4’s on Amazon about a year or so ago. I hoard them like they are made of solid aquamarine! I love the teal, but they also made them in black and wine, which seem to be easier to find. Check eBay and Amazon as well as art suppliers like Dick Blick.

  55. Laura Burgess says:

    It’s me, same Laura, just subscribing to this thread with a different email address. Carry on, Logo fans.

  56. Stephanie says:

    Aaaargh! This is my favorite pencil too, and one of my two just jammed and won’t unjam. Was trying to find where to buy a replacement when I found your blog.

    Has anyone found a place where they are still available in the last few months? Anyone?

  57. Susan says:

    Hi, I am in love with my LOGO ll pencil! Maybe, I should not admit that! I have been for years and have had the same pencil for years. Today, I found out NO MORE!!! I am desperate need of refil erasers for it. Any advise? Thank you guys for being here!

  58. Jim says:

    I came to this site through google images. My school’s bookstore discontinued the Logo II so I knew I was in trouble. I am getting desperate with only three left in my possession. I must find more. I am too young to go through the rest of my life Logoless. I will write to the company as well asking for the return of this fine pencil. However, it would be like asking Asics to bring back the Gel Lite III. Not gonna happen.

  59. Sweet Old Buck says:

    I will never understand why they discontinued the LOGO 2 & 4. I agree with much of the comments posted here. I started using them at work and after I retired I bought 2 dozen on the Web. However, I seem to misplace a lot of things and was really disturbed when I recently found I could not do that again. The LOGO pencils are the third item in life that I have found that I wish I had doubled my initial order.

  60. Ben Briere says:

    Agree with all of you…
    I bought a box of 12 Papermate logo ii (0.5mm) a few years ago…. I still have 5 untouched in the box, and 2 I used regularly… (3 given and two lost). Yes, I am now tracking each pencil like it’s a bar of gold, since new ones are impossible to find it seems. God I should have bought 3 boxes of 0.5 and 3 boxes of 0.7, which I don’t have AT ALL.

    I just wrote to Sanford, asking them about the ownership of the pencil (rights, patent, etc) and told them I would like to relaunch the product. Don’t know if they’ll answer.

    There should be an opportunity there for them no ?

  61. Susan says:

    Hey Lee,
    Thank you! I will look for these erasers. Ben, we need to stay on Papermate to bring LOGO back!!!
    Can you believe there is even a blog about this wonderful penci!. BTW, if you can spare one, I would be more than happy to take one off your hands. Haha, just kidding. Put them in a safety deposit box.

  62. C. Rea Jordan says:

    I have four Ticonderoga Mechanical Pencils.
    All take 0.9 mm lead
    Two are the larger, soft grip of which one no longer advances lead (Love to have it repaired)
    The other two are smaller, triangular bodied but missing the cylindrical, approx. 10 mm O.D. erasers
    I would welcome any advice, suggestions or reference to repair people for such devices.
    Contact me at 916 989-3005 Home or

  63. lee says:

    If you are looking for your perfect mechanical pencil, I came across a really good review of mechanical pencils here:

  64. Verónica says:

    I’d been using the original Logo, saw it floating around my dad’s office -largely unused since he favours fountain pens- and immediately latched onto it since it’s so uniquely functional… but I lost it last Friday on a mad dash to catch the bus.
    I started googling to see if I could find a replacement and only then realised they’re vintage and hard to come by, especially here in Mexico.
    Now I’m waiting for the Skilcraft Dual-Action in 0.5 and 0.7 to get here. Got them from an ebay seller since the Mexican branch of Office Depot doesn’t carry them.
    They really do look similar, so I’m hopeful. I’ll make sure to report any noticeable differences.

  65. lee says:

    Veronica, I’m looking forward to hearing how the Skilcraft compares!

  66. Manny H, says:

    Thank You for posting this, I’ve shared this all over My Social Media Pages. The twist Erase Pencil is the best there is and I’ve collected mostly all the Brands. Thank You for that fix with the tap on the end of the Eraser; that solved the problem of a loose Twist Mechanism. I have all of the Logo Brands except for the Logo 2, that Pencil is so hard to find. It took Me many Years to find the Logo 1 and 3.

  67. Manny H, says:

    For Eraser Refills, You could probably fashion an Eraser Stick for Refills; it’s the same length. You might have an issue trying to duplicate an Eraser like Pentel, it’s eraser has that plug at the bottom. It’s nothing that a xacto blade can’t fix!

  68. TJ says:

    Hello, please read this comment. I am down to my last Logo II pencil and in desperate need to find another. They are now discontinued and I cant find them anywhere on the web. Can ANYONE PLEASE(!!!!!!!!!!) help me out. Thank you.

  69. yair says:

    as for the eraser you can use the paper mate eraser of the clearpoint series, they are of the same size.
    i personally prefer the titanium pencil be paper mate to the logo and have the same problem (they stopped the manufacturing)

  70. JJR says:

    I have the Sanford LOGO II!! Where can I find an eraser refill? Your eraser link is non-working. Thanks!

  71. David says:

    Hi Lee, I am so glad we can agree that the logo 2 is the best mechanical pencil ever. I really wish I had found out about it before it was discontinued.

    My father passed away a few years ago and I inherited a lot of his stuff, including journals and writing utensils. Among them was the Logo2, but it’s all worn down so I didn’t know what it was; I took that for personal use because I really liked the look of it, and hey you can’t have too many pencils haha, but only really started using it recently.

    I stumbled onto your blog in my search for what the heck this pencil is and how do I get more. I am glad that I found your blog and that I am vindicated that this pencil is the best, but I am saddened that I will not be able to get a replacement when this one breaks.

    Anyway, just wanted to share this journey to someone; even if this comment is like shouting into a void, it was nice to put out there.

    Wishing you and the void all the best,

  72. Lee says:

    JRR, both the Clic Eraser refill from Pentel and the SumoGrip refill from Sakura are acceptable eraser refills for my Logo II pencil. I write more about it here. I’m glad you still love your mechanical pencil!

    David, thank you very much for your comment! It sounds like holding on to your father’s mechanical pencil gives some measure of happiness and connection to him. That’s really quite beautiful!

  73. Dee Vogel says:

    Greetings, Just discovered your posting. Thanks for keeping up on people’s comments and questions.
    I loved the Sanford LOGO4 0.7 (the turquoise one) so much I bought a whole box. There was just something magic about it. Then as a true evangelist I started giving them to friends. No good deed, as they say: I tried to order some more and discovered they were no longer being made! Now I am hoarding my last 2, but the plastic parts do break down eventually. Are you familiar with than pencil? Would you say the Papermate LOGO you rhapsodize about is a comparable replacement? And would you mind responding to my email address directly because I just stumbled upon your site and sometimes I can’t figure out how to go back and find things again.
    Speaking of pencil obsessions, I’m a huge fan of the Blackwing 602 however I can’t stand having to sharpen it all the time. Is modern life making us all lazy? Although, being to get replacements for those clever erasers = priceless.
    I used to belong to this nerdy little pencil club called the Pencil Things. Every month they sent you a package of different pencils, with descriptive and historic annotation! Some were vintage variety and some just interesting brands. They disbanded at some point. I still have some of the cool ones they sent.
    Anyway, thanks!
    Ok now I can’t even find this one. Seems like just about the time you find a product you’ll stay loyal to for life, they discontinue it. No wonder people hoard.
    Any other product you recommend that would substitute for this pencil, or my beloved and long lost Sanford Logo?

    thank you,

    Dee Vogel
    Santa Cruz, CA

  74. Lee says:

    I hear that the Skilcraft Mechanical Pencil is a worthy replacement for the Logo II but I still haven’t tried it, my Logo II pencils have been going strong! I had a Logo I pencil and it had the same nice action but the plastic clip and tip were noticeably less pleasant in my hand. I don’t think the Logo I is available anywhere either. I suggest you try a Skilcraft and get back to us!

    I’m still in love with my Logo II pencils! My wife had me doing something today and she asked me to “get your favorite pencil” and I immediately knew where to find my Logo II 0.5mm!

  75. Lee says:

    I went ahead and bought a box of 12 Skilcraft Absolute 1 Dual Action Mechanical Pencils. I’ll give a full review in a few weeks or months. My first notes:

    The “shock-absorbing, cushion-point mechanism” offers only the most imperceptible amount of slide, I’m a little concerned about breakage but I’ll have to wait to report back after some time using the pencil in the real world
    – The twist top eraser works well
    – The shape is nearly identical but the pencil is a little more slippery than the Logo II, I’m initially not keen on the slipperiness
    – The retracting sliding sleeve to protect your pocket works well

  76. Claudia says:

    I will wait for your comments. I am looking for Logo II replacement since very long time.
    Thanks for sharing

  77. Lee says:

    After using the Skilcraft Dual Action for a few weeks, yeah, I’m going to call them a replacement for my beloved Logo II pencils.

    Just like on the Logo II, the eraser mechanism is a bit too loose for my taste. So I used about an inch of Scotch tape on the base of the eraser to tighten it up.

    The Skilcraft is almost as nice a pencil as the Logo II but it’ll do!

  78. Susan says:

    Wow, The pencil looks great! I don’t want to buy a whole box of them though! I take very good care of my Log II pencils and will try to use Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil instead. The Pentel is fine, but does not and will not replace to LogoII! I am anxious to hear more about your discovery.
    Thank you, Susan

  79. GA Peach says:

    Help me? I stupidly took my Sanford LOGO II apart (I KNOW!! It was a mistake!) and can’t get it back together. I’m heartsick! Can this be fixed? Do I need a (gulp) replacement? Help me?

  80. Cristian says:

    Hi. Could not resist to comment, but in regards to the eraser refills, you can use the Papermate Clearpoint erasers. They are the same size.

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