Actually Getting Rid of Daylight Savings Time

I’ve been railing on the idiocy of Daylight Savings Time on this blog for literally 20 years.

Now, the dream that actually helps dreamers sleep at night might actually come true! The Sunshine Protection Act has been moving it’s way through the hallowed halls of congress and might actually (mostly) get rid of daylight savings time forever in the US! Hurray and Huzzah! The “mostly” part is that we’d permanently be one hour off of the actual solar time. That’s moderately less idiotic than switching our clocks twice a year.  I’ll take it. I’m glad to hear that politicians still find it necessary to meddle with the fabric of time itself.

Here’s a promotional poster for it: sunshine-protection-act-2019-one-pager

Write to your federal house representative in favor of the Sunshine Protection Act!

Here’s my letter to my house representative:

This may seem like a small issue but I beg of you to please say “yes” to the Sunshine Protection Act, (S623). It passed the Senate on March 15th, 2022 Get rid of Daylight Savings Time! That twice-a-year change screws me up for a week. Does it mess up your week? It messes up everyone in the country’s week! Get rid of it!

Update: read the comment below!


  1. Lee says:

    My friend Rich asks: Why permanent daylight time and not permanent standard time? Just make it standard.

    My response: Because politicians have to be seen as doing “something” for their constituents and the average IQ is 100. Which do you think would get more votes, “The Set Clocks to be the Right Fucking Time All The Time Act” or “The Sunshine Protection Act”?

  2. Lee says:

    I just found that there is a LOT of scientific evidence saying that keeping us on Daylight Savings Time is far stupider and unhealthier than keeping us on Standard Time.

    Please tell your legislators that they should change the clocks to permanently be on Standard Time, not Daylight Savings Time!

    My letter to my legislators:
    I hear that California may be switching to permanently being on Daylight Savings Time shortly as per the Sunshine Protection Act. I love getting rid of the twice-a-year clock changing but please change to Standard Time instead. It will make people happier and healthier, so says a LOT of research. See here for a start:

    And there is far more fundamental truth to setting our clocks to have the sun be highest in the sky at noon than 1pm.

    Thank you,
    Lee Sonko

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