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Actually Getting Rid of Daylight Savings Time

I’ve been railing on the idiocy of Daylight Savings Time on this blog for literally 20 years. Now, the dream that actually helps dreamers sleep at night might actually come true! The Sunshine Protection Act has been moving it’s way through the hallowed halls of congress and might actually (mostly) get rid of daylight savings […]

Did Daylight Savings Time Mess Up Your Morning?

Did Daylight Savings Time mess up your morning? It messed up mine. Do you live in California? Contact your California assemblyman and state senator to abolish daylight savings time. Go to the State Assembly page here Type in your address to find your representatives. Write a short letter to your assemblyman and senator… It could […]

Fuck Daylight Savings Time

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Daylight Savings Time is stupid. JWZ concurs. Early U.S. Daylight Savings a bust in power savings The move to turn the clocks forward by an hour on March 11 rather than the usual early April date was mandated by the U.S. government as an energy-saving effort. But […]

Do Away With Daylight Savings Time

I’ve been saying this for a long time… I’ll get it into official Rant form soon [Unfinished Rant]

1575 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG: Part 2

This is the followup to 1575 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG Don’t read this here. Instead read it on the author’s site!

Outlaw Trans-fats and Only Outlaws will have Trans-fats

State ban on serving trans fat first in U.S. California became the first state to outlaw trans fat in restaurants and food facilities Friday when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill banning the artery-clogging oils and shortenings. The bill, by Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, D-Artesia (Los Angeles County), had started heated debate in the Legislature. But […]

A day in the life

A day in the life: 8:30-noon- I babysat Julia. Except for food breaks, we played straight through the morning! I pulled her around the house on a blanket, we played with toys in her room including a Dora LeapPad… she’s still getting the hang of it but starting to enjoy it… I loved playing with […]