Free Car Jack!

We found a free car jack under our Prius today! Yay! I’m sure the catalytic converter shield we installed on the car has nothing to do with this!


They left the car 1/2 jacked up on a fine hydraulic jack. But they took the bar you use to pump it up. They must have had to leave in a hurry.

Megan had the shield installed. I think it was around $400. The insurance deductible is $500 so it almost doesn’t make sense to get one until you factor in the week of waiting for the car repair and the fact that there’s nothing stopping them from stealing it a second time!
The mechanic who installed it (Steve’s Auto in El Cerrito) said that thieves sometimes cut through the shields so if you make them, make them sturdier than you think they should be, and that’ll be about right.

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  1. Lee says:

    I looked under our car and I see that Steve’s Auto installed the Cat Security shield but not the “extra level” shield. I see the extra level shield in this video but not on the Cat Security website. It sounds like we should look into getting that extra level part and check our policy to make sure we have Comprehensive car insurance because a $3k cat bill would just about total the car!

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