Nonyx Nail Gel: Part 4

Here is yet another followup post for my very popular and very useful “Nonyx Nail Gel” post. This topic has so many comments that it’s hard to sort through them, so here is another post.

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  1. blue says:

    @ MIKE, wow, that is so awesome! I hope the FDA approves it soon!! I am so happy for you!!! I understand how you feel; I am in my mid 30’s and I always thought older people had toenails like this, ha! I do remember my grandma had thick toenails but she was in her 90’s. anyway, so happy for you. did they give you enough meds so you could completely clear the fungus?? thanks for the info! Yeah I heard you needed several ytreatments for the laser to work, crazy.

    Lee, thanks for this blog and posting great info!!! Oh and why do they feel .removing the toenails do not cure fungus?

  2. Taco Bell says:

    After some reading here over the years, I’ve been using Iodine daily for the past two months now.

    The iodine is your regular Povidone-iodine which is the stuff they put on your skin
    after you get stitches or surgery. Its redish in color and found in medical kits. Kills
    virus, bacteria and importantly, fungus.

    Anyhow, I read some convincing stories of it working. I turns out iodine is
    absorbed by the skin and in fact, it can be used as supplementation in this way.
    So I’ve been putting in on after shower and cutting away the bad nails. I
    would have a shower, and put it on with a cotton bud straight after drying my feet
    when the nails are soft. The nails would go red and it would dry within 5 mins
    to be able to put on socks if you had to.

    The result so far is pretty promising. The bottom parts of the nails are clear after 2 months,
    on most of the nails, so I’ll keep at it and keep updating from month to month (or two).

    Hopefully, that clinical drug will come out Mike mentions and if this does not work entirely,
    it should be a lot less messy anyhow.

  3. slimkid says:

    posting my experience in hopes of helping others and to aid in finding a safe cure for this unfriendly ailment.

    i am 38 years old. no major health issues. over a year ago i cut my finger and it got infected. After seeing several doctors it was determined that i have a fungal infection on my finger. it is only the one finger. before we realized what it was it was misdiagnosed as excema and when treated with a cortizone product spread very quickly and got painful and out of control. Once we realized it was fungus i was prescribed several topicals and given the option of the oral treatment, which after research was unwilling to take. The rx topicals did very little if anything by themselves so i started to look for another solution.

    i came across silver as a antifungal. i haven’t seen silver mentioned in any of your blogs (which i read them all) so i wanted to share what has worked for me. I started to soak my finger in silver solution for 30 mins to 2 hours every night and then would apply the rx cream at night. the cream is called ertazo or something. anyway doing this i was finally able to get the infection under control enough for the skin around my finger to begin to heal. the fungus had gotten so bad that literally half of the skin on my finger was eaten away and there was only a fragment of nail left on my finger. using the silver and ertazo over several months i was able to at least control the spread and let my finger heal.

    While i used the silver to soak i was also ingesting 1-2 T/daily of the silver solution to help internally.

    As I continued to search for other cures i found nonyx on a blog and got some from walgreens. about 6 months ago i started using the nonyx 2-3 times a day. At night i soak my finger with silver gel in a finger condom for as long as i am sleeping. Doing this has allowed my finger and nail to appear as if it is completely healed. i continue using the products cause i do not want it to get bad again, but this winter while i was traveling abroad i had limited access to silver so i was only using the nonyx and the infectino started creeping back onto my finger, so i know that it is still there and that i am only controlling it at this point but so well that noone could know it was infected unless i tell them. etiher way i am still looking for a permanent cure.

    This summer i will be experimenting with diet and cleansing to fix any internal issues that may also be supporting the growth and return of the fungus in hopes to eradicate it from both sides.

    I will gladly check back periodically to update everyone on my progress and continue to share info that will hopefully help us find a cure at some point.

    Good luck everyone. Thanks for the blog lee.

    god bless.

    a slemboski

  4. blue says:

    tacobell keep us posted! I tried iodine but it didn’t seem to do much for me.

    slimkid, I have a good friend who is using silver but I did research on the silver and it had me scared over the ingesting it part (it has turned people blue with no cure). Anyway, my friend says he is having good luck with the silver; his nails use to be blackish and are more white. There is another blogger who used lamisil gel and kept his fingernails clear.

    lee thanks for making this blog so we can chat about what is working for each of us!

  5. l. says:

    Hi I, I think you will be ok, as far as I know ingrown nails are only along the sides (???) so as long as when you do clip them you clip them straight I’d have thought you would be ok!
    Vinegar can remove a bad nail so that is probably what happened (probably a good thing so now your new healthy nail has a chance to grow :) )”

    Hi Feety! Thanks for your reply. Yeah – it’s just that the part of the nail that fell off is the part that runs down the side! Yeesh! I am keeping it soft as much as I can, using the nonyx – and taking fish oil.

    You know I once in my life got a pedicure and the ‘professional’ woman gave me an ingrown toenail (that healed itself, thank God!) because she cut my nails way down into the sides. I was SO shocked! This is what she does all day and she cut nails like that?! Even I knew it was a bad idea… and sure enough, I got to feel just how bad it was! :)

    >”I reckon you will be fine I as the nonyx worked for you before and it is probably the same type of fungi so you probably have a good chance! :)”

    Thanks! I hope so — but I’m not sure it’s exactly the same type of fungus. The toenail is the same, but the color is different and this one seems much moe aggressive (i.e. after 4 months it’s still hanging around) …

    >”Also how badly infected were your nails to begin with? (when you first used nonyx) Mine are very bad, nonyx has helped but my 2 big nails are pretty much destroyed :(”

    Last year it was just my big toe nail (oh and 2 other smaller ones – but they clear up so quickly). The nail was pretty bad – it had a black spot half way up the nail and white/brown around that. using the nonyx cleared it up within 3-4months (I used it after showering). Addendum: I don’t actually think it ‘cleared it up” per se, as much as it stopped it perhaps from continuing to grow. The length of time of the “clearing” was the length of time it took for the nail to grow out.
    Before using the nonyx the nail would grow and the black spot and white junk, etc would just stay in the same place, After using nonyx as the nail grew, the black spot, etc grew out with it and I eventually got to cut it off as I trimmed the nail! that was AWESOME!!!

    Then it was fine for a year.

    Now, i also know a lot about alt. medicine and have had lots of experience with that in my life. If there is fungus showing up on a toenail my very first thought is that I have an internal environment which supports fungal growth! The toenail is JUST the symtom. The real problem is internal.

    I know that there are many anti-fungal homeopathic remedies – Ive taken some in the past (not even having had external symptoms), but I don’t have much money now. So I went the route of fighting candida. I know I am easily prone to get it – it’s yeast. It’s not fungus, but yeast certainly compromises the immune system and I figure it can help to set up an environment in which fungus can also flourish.

    I know I am prone to yeast, easily and quickly. In my life I have spent years fighting yeast. …. I know the simplest drill is to change the diet and do something to help the intestinal system. The biggest dietary item to get the boot is :sugar: … this includes white flour, etc. Then I take candida cleansing tablets as well.

    The way I see it getting the body back to health should be done is as natural a way as possible – I want to bring the whole system to health. So I did the nonyx on the side and fought candida as well. By the summer my toenails were pretty and pink and my candida symptoms were better as well ……. so I began again to eat what I wanted and I stopped using the nonyx. … classic human behavior … external problem gone, I like my occasional junky food so ….

    This time the toenail (same big nail) is much worse. As opposed to growing back pink like it did last year – it’s growing back and then turning white (ugh) – a large part of the nail is gone and the rest is half white, half pink and healthy. I don’t like it.

    I now do nonyx twice a day no fail. I soak the foot so the nail is soft. I try to go barefoot and also switch out my socks. I haven’t been doing anything for candida — but I need to cut back on sugar and start with the candida cleanse again (oh money …)

    I like the silver idea. I also heard eucalyptus is good.

    It seems like fungus is systemic. Again, the toenail is just a symptom — it’s the very tail end of a much longer, deeper chain. This thing has got to be rooted out at the source, or I guess it just keeps coming back.

    My shoes are also way worn-out and may be harming my toes (again … money!)

  6. Wendy says:


    I have been reading the comments and they are very helpful.

    I injured the 4th toe on my right foot in 2003, then fungus invaded that toenail and it got completely infected within months. it didn’t spread until 2005 when I was wearing some tight closed toe dance shoes to practice for hours. then the little toe on my right foot got infected. two toenails are infected to the roots, got very thick and yellow. I always covered them up with nail polish

    I discovered Nonyx in 2006. After using it for a few weeks, I gave up because it burned my toes so badly and darkened them so much that I can’t wear sandals. I found a podiatrist on the America’s best doctors’ list in Manhattan and went to see her for this. I was trying to have a baby, so she gave me some topical stuff and sold me two pairs of orthotics for $1000 that my feet don’t need! I was very disappointed and completely gave up.

    In summer 2011, I kicked my right index toe and injured it, so within days I saw the discoloration started from the top. learned from my previous experience that it’s better to have it under control before it got to the roots, I went to a local podiatrist. She sold me a bottle of Formula 3. I applied to all three toe nails twice everyday. the index toe got cured and cleared up completely after weeks, but nothing happened to the other two toenails.

    After reading comments here, I got started again. I have been using Nonyx for two weeks. I also got tons of diet supplements I read online that some people take to help with toenail fungus infection. everyday I take Oragamax, flaxseed, triple omega, Hair/skin/nail, V-E and tons of vitamin. I don’t know if they are helping or not. I hope they do. I am waiting for my tea tree oil to arrive. post office missent it ten states away from me.

    The first week to use Nonyx is the most difficult week for me. It was so painful that I was thinking to give up. First, it burned like H***. I had to pace around to really distract myself, even so it was so bad that I can’t wear shoes and I had to wear sandals that expose all my toes. even with open toe sandals, I was limping everywhere I go. Second, I trimmed my toenails all the way down to the cuticles, and whatever left turned from light yellow to black within two days. I was very self conscious about the two black toes in my sandals, thought everyone must notice them.

    After the first week, somehow the burning tuned down to a bearable level, but I was still limping around. I also soak and wash my feet every evening with FungaSoap, then I try to trim down every night. after ten days, after soaking my feet, I finally can cut the black stuff away, now at least they are yellowish and I can wear sandals without worrying too much about the attention they would get.

    Now two weeks later, I can’t tell if Nonyx is working or not. I haven’t seen any pink growth yet. but it doesn’t hurt much any more which is a huge relief.

    for the people who just start with Nonyx, if you are like me, it gives you a lot of pain and it changes your nails black, if you can go through two weeks, maybe the black will go away and the pain will change from unbearable to a light sting or nothing. Just hang on, hopefully it will be better.

    I apply Nonyx at least 4 or 5 times everyday. I wear open toe sandals and have Nonyx in my purse everywhere I go. as soon as I remember it, I put one or two drops on my toes. However, I haven’t seen pink growth yet.

    I will report back periodically.

  7. lee says:

    Wendy, I feel for you and your condition deeply. Thank you for sharing.

    I’m concerned about the black color of your nails and the burning pain from the Nonyx. Those are unusual. I can take a few guesses as to what is going on, but nothing I can think of is good. Maybe you should try going to another podiatrist.

    Just relying on an over-the-counter topical medication for such an intrusive (all that pain!) ailment doesn’t sound prudent.

    In all the posts on my blog, I haven’t heard of a reliable cure, but some medications can help more than others (for example, while oral medications have liver damage risks, they have a better chance at curing). It sounds like you should explore those areas.

    Read my blog some more, take some notes and then go see another doctor.

    All the best!

  8. lee says:

    Wendy, PS. What kind of orthotics did that podiatrist get you? Should the toenail fungus community (is there such a thing? I guess so!) be aware / warned of such things?

  9. Wendy says:

    Thanks for your followup, Lee.

    I may go to see a different podiatrist again to see what help I can get.

    I did google online and found some people say that when toenail fungus dies, the color turns black. I certainly hope that’s true, but not certain it’s true. Now I don’t have black color any more. I cut them off. and I don’t feel burn any more, either. Thank God, I am not limping around any more. Maybe all the acid in Nonyx just killed something there?

    The custom made orthotics she sold me have nothing to do with toenail fungus. I was dancing a lot. She told me my feet need them to feel better. I think the truth is she wanted to make some profit from me because I don’t feel any difference after I put them in my shoes.

  10. lee says:

    Wendy, I’m glad things are better. I certainly wish the best for you. Come back in a month to say how its going.

  11. blue says:

    Hey, so I am doing a lot of reading and I found this. just an fyi
    I have been filing my nails and Fungus filed his nails down super thin and did the lamisil gel treatment.

    also I read this on Tea tree oil (I know a lot of people who can’t use it based on skin reactions)

    here is some info on Vicks

    I keep forgetting to say but I have nonyx and it seems to make things worse for me. It is great it does work for others though!!!

    I do have hope in the near future they do find something that can penetrate the nail making it easier to kill the fungus like the creams!

  12. spidevo says:

    hi 1st tnx lee for all this information providing here but after reading all this i don’t know where to start i have fungus on almost all of my toenails for years i didn’t pay much attention to it but i stared to get it on my fingernails i have it already on 3 finger nails i don’t know where to start :(???!!!

  13. blue says:

    just an fyi; I notice Lamisil now has a 1x treatment where it works for 3 months for athletes foot! woohoo! Maybe that means they are closer to a non oral treatment for the nail??? They did the 10% lamisil nail laquer study!!

    Spidevo, I noticed that fungus(a guy that wrote here) had it on his nails and used the lamisil gel 2x a day to help with his fingernail fungus. I am sure lee will chime in but just in case you didn’t see Fungus post about it.

  14. Penny says:

    Just started treating this problem with Nonyx today… CVS had a few bottles of it on clearance for $6.75 so I got one to try… hope it works for me! Jus have to remember to do it lol… I have considered laser treatment; saw it on the Doctors show the other day.

  15. slimkid says:

    Hey everybody. Thought I’d check back in. I was bound and determined to get the white iodine and try that on my fingernail because others had some success there. but my nail is doing so well now on the nonyx that i havent wanted to switch to anything else yet.

    to Wendy and others about the pain. When i was first using the Nonyx sometimes it would burn so bad that it would keep me up at night! I have been using it for like 9 months now. (same bottle by the way) it doesnt burn at all anymore. ever. i still file my nail down every couple of weeks so that it is very thin to help with the absorption. where it used to turn my finger around the edges black like you all are describing, now it does not. i have not seen that happen in several months now. i still apply the nonyx daily, even though my finger looks normal, to ensure that it does not return.

    To add. i have never been one to watch my diet, although i do enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. but since this fungus i have made a number of important changes to my diet that im hoping are also making a difference in my ability to fight this ailment. I cut out suger almost completely. no soda pop. no candy. no fast food. i am attempting to reduce (as much as possible) my intake of corn syrup as well (packaged foods, very difficult to eliminate completely) i eat very little dairy/cheese but do enjoy eggs frequently.

    Someone else had commented on the use of the silver. it is amazing for fighting the fungus topically. it has difficulty penetrating the nail like many other remedies. the silver will never burn and is quite inexpensive to buy and make yourself. it also comes in a gel. taking the silver internally is harmless. incidents where people turned blue are caused from an extreme overdose of silver solution ingested. This is never the case when ingesting 1-2 T daily.

    Still fighting the fungal battle. Not going to give up. Will def check back in a few months for updates etc.

    God bless.


  16. Wendy says:

    Hey guys,

    It has been almost two months since last time I posted here.

    Aaron, thanks for sharing your similar experience with me and others.

    The good news from me is that my right 4th toe seems having been growing half healthy nail already. The new portion looks pink and healthy. I am waiting for my 4th toenail to grow out completely and see if it looks same like my other healthy toenails. I can’t tell much difference on my right pinky toe, it’s not pink, but it’s not dark or yellowish any more. so I don’t know what’s going on with it.

    The uncertain part for me is that I don’t know how much I should attribute this “half success” to Nonyx. I was using Nonyx, tea tree oil several times a day until three weeks ago. I saw new healthy pink came in on my 4th toe, but I was not sure. so I went to see a podiatrist again. He persuaded me to buy more formula 3. I got two bottles of formula 3, since then, I have been using formula 3 and tea tree oil and haven’t used Nonyx at all, because formula 3 gave me zero pain and discomfort and is odorless.

    But anyway I am happy I am winning half of the battle. I may go back to Nonyx, but not sure right now. I will check in again in the future.

  17. lee says:

    Wendy, what is “formula 3”? With a little googling, it looks like yet another snake oil with common and somewhat effective ingredients, just repackaged and made more expensive. One review on Amazon says as much, mentioning Tolnafate as the active ingredient.

    More specifically:
    * What are the active ingredients of Formula 3?
    * Who claims that it is effective?

  18. blue says:

    Lee, Formula 3 is what the podiatrists are pushing. It is Tolnaftate 1% and Jojoba oil.

  19. Feety says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have been so busy lately but still battling on.
    I have made more progress in the last year or so than I ever have and this is what I think helped me (please bear in mind my nails are not 100% clear but look so much better and have a more normal shape than they have had in over 15 years)

    I filed my nails down dramatically to the base and removed as much as I could (this is after reading that persons progress doing this and using lamisil once)
    So after filing and washing I dry my nails and then wipe with an alcohol wipe soaking my nails with as much alcohol as possible. When dry again I applied nonyx, let that dry again and then either spray with miconazole nitrate powder or tolfanate powder (daktarin spray or Scholl powder).

    I only did this once a day as spare time is limited in my life at the current time.

    My big nails have been the biggest challenge but they are better but I am going to start the lamisil once on them now.

    After filing and then applying alcohol and nonyx stang like crazy but kept telling myself it was for the best!

    I do think filing and removing as much bad from the nail is critical!

  20. Wendy says:

    Hi again,

    It has been about one month since I posted here last time. My nails have been getting better. Both my 4th and pinky are healthy pink. They haven’t fully grown out to the full size yet, but are progressing well. I still apply Formula 3 two or three times every day. since all my nails are healthy pink, I don’t file down any more. I am just waiting for them to fully grow out. It seems my fungus is completely gone.

    My nails started to be fully infected from the nail root, but now the fungus seems all gone. from my experience, I want to reiterate again that regularly filing and removing as much bad nails as possible is essential in this battle. also you need absolutely to be persistent to apply the topical stuff everyday.

    Will follow up again in the future. Good luck, everyone.

  21. Mike says:

    Here’s an update:

    Today was my last visit to the clinic as part of the clinical trial. The study ends in December, and they report findings to the FDA in March, 2013.

    I entered the study 1 year ago, left big toe was 50% infected (top half, and the lower half to the cuticle was clear), my right big toe was 100% infected from top to bottom.

    They used the left toe during the study, but gave me enough meds for my right toe, too.

    Here are the results: Left toe nail is completely clear, right toe nail is 75% clear, but there is still an ugly yellow streak from top to bottom in the left side of the toe nail. The study doctor said they have been finding that when the toe nail is infected all the way down to the base cuticle, it is almost impossible to cure with topical meds. Since I had been a good study participant, hadn’t missed any appointments or treatments in the protocol, he offered to blast the remaining infection in the right toe (non-study toe) with the Laser treatment. We talked about possible side-effects, such as “will the laser kill the nail bed?” He said that most cases of nail bed death have occurred with first generation lasers that are too powerful, combined with no heat detection system. The nail death is caused by the buildup of excessive heat during the laser treatment. The current generation of laser treatment machines have fine-tuned the power to just what is needed, plus they have an infrared heat sensor built into the wand instrument that automatically shuts off the laser it too much heat is detected under the nail. He showed me how to use it, and how to read the heat output. Then he treated the nail. I have pretty good confidence that everything will be ok…. but hey, I am still a study participant, only just for this forum! :-)

    So I highly recommend getting into a study if you can. There are lots of very valuable fringe benefits. It was a pain in the *** to have to adhere to the protocol daily for a year. Having blood drawn every six weeks, EKGs, blood pressure. But hey! I have a detailed medical record for a year of my life now, had free access to foot specialists for a year, met some great nurses and medical students, and in the end, got a $1200 laser treatment at no charge. Life is good (today). ;-)


  22. lee says:

    Mike, thanks so much for updating your progress here! For our readers, here is the study Mike got into. I wish you had better news, something like “I was completely cured of my nail fungus in a month!” but it’s true that this is the best medicine has to offer us. It also shows that all those topical medicines that promise the world are liars.

    Thanks again Mike!

  23. blue says:

    @Mike, can you update us how the laser goes as soon as that nail grows out and what laser they used? There is a doctor that suggested cutera nail laser but it is $800. Is the doctor going to do follow up laser on that one big toe? Or was that a one shot deal? Boo, I was excited to think the study you participated in worked, oh well.

    @everyone else, I am starting to think certain people are susceptible to fungus. I noticed that my moms older sisters have toenail fungus too so it got me thinking that some people might have a vulnerability to fungus because of genetics. I also have a friend who said her dad has it (they used the same shower) but that her mom and her never got it. I think would be fascinating to find out why some get it and others never do!! I also think it is interesting to read that by the time everyone hits 70 years old, half the population of 70 year olds will have it. Is it because it take some longer to get than others, or is it something to do with age? I wonder.

  24. JC says:

    Great site, Lee. Thank you. I just read all 4 parts. :)

    I’m a 58-year-old male, have had toenail fungus for probably 14 years now. The right big toe has always been the worst.

    I’ve tried a bunch of stuff: Lamisil pills (had to quit after 6 weeks I felt so bad), Tea Tree Oil (didn’t do anything noticeable), Vicks Vapor Rub (same, though my sister says it works for her).

    The most amusing was probably the Guinness Dark Beer plus Vinegar plus yeast. Back in 2006 I took a 5-day business trip to Berlin, Germany. My colleague was aghast when I brought with me a six-pack of Guinness and a bottle of Vinegar. The Germans must have thought I was cuckoo bringing in Irish beer to GERMANY of all places.

    Anyway, I got tired of all the fussing with soaking your feet in beer and vinegar twice a day, so I dropped the beer and just used straight white vinegar. It definitely has an effect (great for athlete’s foot too) — it seemed to “make things better” and maybe even cured it in minor-infected toes, hard to say. But it definitely if nothing else kept the fungus in check.

    But I got tired the twice-daily soak, went to a once-daily soak, then a year or so ago just said to heck with it.

    Guess what? It’s BAAACK! :)

    So about a month ago, I was googling and found a reference (where? I can’t remember, I think to something with the oh-so imagination title of “Nail Fungus Killer” from “Florida’s Best” — which also makes some other homeopathic remedies (the actually company’s name is “JLT Industries”). On a whim I ordered it and a companion but separate product called “Nail Fungus Soak” for soaking once or twice a *week*. I then forgot all about it until it arrived.

    The “Killer” makes a some pretty bold claims. From the label:

    A special blend of oils and herbs formulated to kill finger and toe nail fungus. Kills the fungus and promotes healthy, natural looking nails.


    … The lotion will penetrate the fungus causing it to wither, and eventually peel away. Fungus will begin to disappear in 7 to 10 days. New nail growth should begin within 30 to 90 days.

    You put one or two drops on, twice a day.

    Hmm, 7 – 10 days (I think that’s got me to buy the thing in the first place)? That sounds pretty suspect, but should be easy enough to test.

    Well, about 8 days after I started, the left-most “fungus-y” side of my big right toe had lifted up off the nail bed, now dried and flaky. I trimmed it off. Every several days, more would lift up and I’d trim it off. Now, almost all of the fungus-infected part of the toe — the entire left half of it — is gone, the only thing left is the healthy right-hand side.

    I started this *about* three weeks ago (wish I’d kept a diary now). I’ve never seen *anything* work this fast or as dramatically. It’s like it wages thermo-nuclear war on my toenail fungus…

    When you look at the ingredients, they don’t like anything *that* special: Wintergreen, Peppermint, Camphor, Aloe-Vera, Caw-Water, V-E-O Ext. #4 & Flaxseed Oil, Olive Ext., Grape Seed Oil, RosemaryeX.

    The aloe is probably for healing, the camphor is in a lot of other remedies (probably why Vicks works for some folks), but *something* in this kicking some serious tail, I mean toenail.

    I’ve also used the soak now three times. It claims to have the same ingredients as the oil “Killer”, but it’s water-soluble (go figure). It reminds of when I first started the Vinegar regimen way back when. Since I haven’t used *anything* for many, many months, maybe a year, my athletes foot must have come back as some skin has started “cracking” and peeling between my toes, and there’s redness on some of the skin around the toes. That’s the only negative so far. The rest of the feet seem unaffected.

    I’m only 3 weeks into using this, so I have some months to go before I can pronounce final judgement. But so far, this is been the quickest and most visibly dramatic remedy I’ve used to date.

    I can’t find much on the web about it, some mentions back a year or two on eopinions, a promotional video, that’s about it. Certainly nothing like the delightful discussions of NonyX here. Has anybody here tried it?

    One final note, when I started reading this site today, “NonyX” rang a bell. I have a little drawer where I had put a some topical fungus remedies I had briefly tried and was keeping around for who-knows-what. I went and looked in it, and one of them was CVS’s “Healthy Nail Gel”, with the same ingredients as NonyX (and probably a good bit cheaper, but I don’t remember). Due to the comments here, I think I may use that in addition to “Nail Fungus Killer” (NFK). Can’t hurt. :)

  25. lee says:

    JC, I’m really looking forward to you saying “I’m clear!” in 3 or 6 months. I certainly have my doubts since modern science hasn’t found a definitive cure for nail fungus and there are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there.

  26. blue says:

    I found this video super helpful and honest. Lee has some excellent info on his blog and I noticed this Podiatrist also says similar things to Lee. I was going back and forth on whether to do the lasers and this really made me realize, maybe they work, or maybe they don’t. Anyway, I hope it is okay to share this video Lee (thanks for your blog).

  27. lee says:

    Blue, that’s a great video. Thanks for finding and posting it. Everything this podiatrist says is what I’ve heard as well. The video is well worth watching!

  28. lee says:

    For the past few months I’ve been using Selsun Blue anti-dandruff shampoo on my hands and toes once or twice a week when I’m in the shower. Did you know that dandruff is usually fungal? It seems to work as well as any of the other topicals to keep the fungus at bay. It hasn’t cured my one big toe’s fungus but nothing else has either. It’s inexpensive, works well, and convenient (I’m in the shower washing up anyway). The biggest downside is that I have to be careful that I don’t slip in the shower when I have soap on both my feet!

  29. Brian says:

    There is a lot of good information here. Thanks. I was wondering if you have tried Pythium oligandrum. I tried it once, but I don’t think I gave it a fair amount of effort. On the website they say the “messy method” can kill toenail fungus in 3 days. Check it out I am interested in your assessment.

  30. lee says:

    Hey Brian,

    I don’t have any specific knowledge about Pythium Oligandrum, “Vampire Fungus”. Maybe someone else here does. I was going to say that the site is a scam but in reading the site closely, my response is that hmm, yeah, it might work on under-nail fungus. But why hasn’t it been researched well enough yet? It looks like her product is pretty experimental but probably safe. An 80% success rate at athelete’s fungus is nice but is there any (even anecdotal) evidence it works on nail fungus?

    The testimonial on the site is pretty suspicious “Sarah, Hi! — I have used your marvelous “vampire fungus” to cure my severe case of toenail fungus and thank you very much! I ordered another shipment of the spores and they arrived a couple of days ago…” If it cured their fungus, then why did they order more? It takes a year or more to know if you’ve been cured of a “severe” case of nail fungus; this letter just doesn’t sound correct if it came from someone with “severe” nail fungus.

    There are two “testimonial” photos on the site. But.. ummm…. it looks like a “Before” and another “Before” image. What am I looking for here? My spidey sense is tingling.

  31. Brian says:

    Pythium Oligandrum will work on under-nail fungus if one can get it underneath the nail. Do you agree with that? If so then the only question is if her prescribed “messy method” would work.

  32. lee says:

    Sure, it’d work if it could get to the fungus but that is exactly where all topicals fail. And this stuff is applied topically…

  33. Brian says:

    The difference being that this is an organism and can spread on its own. It didn’t seem that difficult for my athletes foot to get under my toenail and then spread to multiple nails. Theoretically, this vampire fungus could do the same thing.

  34. Lee says:

    Brian, it certainly is possible that it might work. I’d rather see some evidence before buying it. I mean, if it works, it’s a billion dollar product; you’d think the creator would want to show off proof that it works.

  35. Brian says:

    Fair enough. You make a good point about her testimonials. How does one know they are cured before the nail grows back? I’m going to go ahead and try the messy method. Largely its appeal is that it is different than any other nail cure I can find. It amounts to taking a 10 day break from my regular regiment which now includes Nonyx. If a miracle happens I will let you all know.

  36. lee says:

    Cool. I hope it goes well! I hope you write back in 3 months with grand news. Take before and after pics!

  37. blue says:

    Lee, did you ever try GSE; just curious because I sort of remember you posting somewhere about it? I have some so I thought I would try soaking in it. I was curious what dosage you used? thank you! Happy Turkey day soon.

  38. blue says:

    Hi, so I have been using the GSE for a few days now and the fungus that lingers on the skin is almost gone!!! I use lamisil too but somehow I think the GSE is inhibiting the fungus from growing. I wonder if it would clear toenail fungus??

  39. blue says:

    Hi Lee, I see you did try Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), which brand did you use? I am finding good results with it! For some reason it seems to help the lamisil work better and the toenail (Formula 3) become more effective.

  40. lee says:

    blue, I use NutriBiotic “GSE Liquid Concentrate” Grapefruit Seed Extract. I got it from Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco.

  41. rk says:

    I happened upon this blog quite a while back, maybe a year and a half ago if I had to guess. I decided to try Nonyx. My left toenail was extremely and totally infected, very thick and yellow and painful. I never showed my feet to anyone. I decided to spend the money on the Nonyx, and used it as directed. I put it on in the morning and at night. There were times that it hurt so bad it would wake me up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t go back to sleep until ibuprofen kicked in. It burned! But I wanted to get rid of the fungus so bad, that I stuck with it.

    Along with the Nonyx, I used a pedicure kit with an electronic file. About once a week, I would take a bath (I was showering the other days, haha) to soften up the toenail, cut the toenail down as far as I could, felt like I was getting closer to the root of the problem so to speak. I’d file away the crap under the toenail as much as possible. Again, I used the Nonyx religiously, every morning and night.

    If you looked at my feet now (and I’d even let you now), you’d never know how nasty that toenail was. It did take a long time. Nonyx is expensive, but the bottle lasts forever. I still use it once a day, and I think I’m still only on my second bottle. It was totally worth the investment. My toenail appears to be 100% cured.

    Anyway, I was just thinking about this blog and figured I owed to everyone here to come back and tell you how it worked for me.

  42. Megan.A. says:

    I have been battling nail fungi problem for a long time 3 months ago i had the laser treatment. My prescribed Nonyx to clear out the debris which i am only just now getting around to buying it. Comments on this blog has given me great confidence and i am looking forward to starting Nonyx.

  43. blue says:

    Megan do you mind telling us how the laser treatment goes? I have heard lots of pros and cons so it would be interesting to hear more. Lee has a section about lasers. was it all your nails?

  44. Linda Weir says:

    Though I haven’t been to this Nail Gel site in some time, I thought you should know…Have had bad toe nails for more than 25 yrs – to say the least it’s troublesome. Tried 2X prescription w/o knowing I could be doing liver damage (young and foolish). Since being here and reading back aprox 2 yrs ago, I have tried the NonyX, vinegar soaks (relentlessly – more than 6-9 months). Gave up AGAIN. Then tried looking up poultices – tried a few – gave up. Started using Aloe Vera plant gel (from a LIVING plant) and I’ve seen the Very Best Results than with anything else I’ve done. Use gel and wrap in gauze and tape – that’s it…been using w/o any real commitment and even the redness of the skin around the toe is no-longer tender!
    I can actually place my leg down to sleep when toe touches blankets :) :)
    I can only imagine someone who would be diligent might be able to beat this sickening malady! My best to all!!

  45. blue says:

    Wow Linda that is great!

    Well, Lee and friends I saw this, it was a medical Residents journey with having his (her?) toenails Permanently removed, all 10 of them which is drastic but here is some info from beginning to end. I am debating whether to do that or not?? just based on the below comment and I also do get ingrowns often, so I figured why not stop the ingrowns.

    Also I wanted to mention this because I began googling and I have had athletes foot off and on where I need to use antifungals daily (I now have fingernail fungus too, geez :() but one doctor told me I couldn’t have athletes foot that it must be eczema but this doctor mentioned that the toenails cause the fungus spores to stick around which does make sense. I actually found this doctors blog rather helpful for diabetics/foot issues.

  46. blue says:

    I just want to say Lee is really kind for letting me post this info and I am grateful he has this blog for all of us to chat about this, thanks!

    I found this doctor talking about his own battle with toenail fungus and how he has dealt with it for years and then cleared it but yet he is prone to fungus. He is a well known doctor. He also talked about alternative medicine and how he found tea tree helped slow fungus but didn’t stop it for his case.

    I also found something about whey some people can’t get rid of fungus or are more suseptible to it. thanks Lee!

  47. Gail D. says:

    Just found this site tonight and read many of the posts, but certainly not all of them. I was using grapefruit seed extract on them with some success. I will be trying the Nonyx tomorrow!

    One thing I’ve always hoped for – and that is a spare $700 to have a laser treatment that is supposed to kill it completely. That makes the most sense to me. However, since I never seem to have that much disposable income, I’ll try the cheap stuff first.

    Anyone out there try the laser treatment?

  48. Fungus (original fungus) says:

    I noticed another poster also posts under the name “fungus” so I added the last part just to make it easier to keep us apart.

    Blue: I have thought for some time that luliconazole looked interesting. When I was struggling a lot I read about it and went all over the internet to search for it, back then (3 years ago?) it was sold by a company I believe was called Pola Pharma and only in Japan. I was talking to a japanese guy whom I wanted to get some for me and send it for a profit, but lost contact with him. From my conversations with him I got that it is being sold in Japan but reports on forums and blogs regarding its efficency are mixed. So, not super-poitive but not negative either. I would still try it out if I could get my hands on some or participate in a trial. =)

    Those here who have the opportunity to be in trials, make the effort and join them, and make sure to update us all on the progress.

  49. blue says:

    Original “Fungus” are you the Podiatry student? Wow it must be interesting what you are learning. I know the other Fungus was in Europe and he has a blog so I am guessing you aren’t him. I really wanted to be in the Luliconazole study; I found this info on the govt website which sounds promising I didn’t qualify for the study because one of my big toenails was ingrown and I had part of it removed last year so that disqualified me; I didn’t realize they sold it in Japan? I tried looking online but I can’t find any info on it in Japan. I guess for some reason my body doesn’t see fungus as a foreign invader, a nurse suggested that it is because of the change in peoples hormones that happens? I don’t know. I am going to try to be in another study for Nafitin 600, that is similar to terbinafine since it is a allylamine. Right now I am using Lamisil Once 2x a day for fingernails in hopes that it helps me like the other Fungus Poster. I did try Cureanail which is amorolfin but did nothing positive for me.

    Gail, GSE does help, much better than vinegar for me.

  50. Gee says:

    Hello Lee.

    I see you have had toenail fungus for a time. I also see lots of info here on your blog going back some years now, have you had any of your nails cured…? and if so, what was your preferred medicine or method? Thank You!

  51. lee says:

    There isn’t a definitive cure. There’s a lot of snake oil out there. Some things work on some infections, some don’t. My nail fungus hasn’t been cured. Sorry I don’t have better news.

  52. blue says:

    Lee, even though the oral Lamisil didn’t bring a cure, do you notice if the fungus isn’t as strong? just curious if it has any effect on fungus at all? I wish they would figure out why some people are prone to fungus and others not but I guess that has a lot to do with the immune system and genetics? I just keep thinking with the aging baby boomers and cost for fungal infections, that they really need to come up with something.

  53. lee says:

    For me, oral Lamisil eliminated my nail fungal infection from 9 toes down to just my right big toe. Pretty good, but not fully cured.

  54. blue says:

    thanks Lee, I appreciate your response.

  55. blue says:

    re : Study’s.
    Okay so this is the 2nd time I wanted to be in a study. Twice I was disqualified but I just wanted to bring this up in case you are thinking of it since there medicines and free care with the studies. I don’t have the typical atheletes foot, peeling of the toes, just the heel peeling (sorry tmi) and they disqualified me for not having the typical toe peeling. Then we talked about a toenail fungus study and he said I had to have my toenail 20% effected. Okay so my whole toenail is effected but I file them down so they don’t looks so bad, so there again I am disqualified (sooo annoying) so I guess before going into the study and making a trip ask what are the specific requirements. I asked but for some reason they failed to mention the peeling toes, super annoying. Sometimes they can email a person the requirements. just an fyi.

    @ FUNGUS, the study doctor was saying luliconazole is working really well in Japan and that he can’t wait until they get it in the US. I wonder how long it will take to make it to market or at least by Rx? the cream is suppose to be faster acting than Lamisil cream and the nail paint works well he said. I would buy it online but I see nothing.

  56. Original Fungus says:

    Lee, although it sucks that one toe looks horrible I must say it is awesome that you were able to get 9 of them back in order (90 % success rate is not awful, many have zero success). From your posts it seems you have not tried oral lamisil again, right? Who knows, it may go all the way if you try it again. Maybe you could try applying topical lamisil while simultaneously having oral treatment, although no doctor would ever recommend this.

    I was in contact with a guy who really went full blast after a few years, he would get a 3-month subscription of lamisil, save it (where I live doctors have an online system that makes it impossible for different doctors to prescribe “double” medication), get a new prescription after a few months and eventually have 9 months of oral lamisil, devouring it over almost a year straight. He also desinfected his house and threw all his shoes away, he went at it with an energy I would never muster. I could link his posts but he does not write in english.

    Either way, if it worked for you once and cured 9 toes it might get one more if you go at it again.

  57. lee says:

    Original Fungus, did your friend’s yearlong Lamisil binge work?

    I’ve done 3 courses of oral Lamisil. It’s now been a while but I’m reluctant to try again. I’m waiting to see how a new topical works.

  58. blue says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about the Coco nails; I am guessing the product has coconut in it? I know coconut is a natural antifungal; I tried the raw coconut oil but it didn’t work for me but if it has something else in it, then it may work? keep us posted!

  59. Blue says:

    Hi Lee, how is Coco nails working?

    I found something interesting on nail fugus or fungal infections found by the govt when doing the Human Genome study. The is a Human dectin 1 deficiency in people who cannot or have a reoccuring fungal infections. I think that is cool they figured it out so hopefully knowing that, they can figure out something to fight fungus?

    oh and I found this super helpful doctor that hates the sales of products but wants to empower people with info; I found his youtube videos useful and interesting.

    I hope everyone is well!

  60. rrenee9 says:

    Hello all – I ended up with toe & fingernail fungus after a trip to a newly opened nail salon in my neighborhood several years ago. It was the first time I’d ever gone to have my nails done because I’d always done them myself. Needless to say, I ended up with a bad case of fungus on my hands and feet. I can’t take the Lamisil (liver issues) and the podiatrist I went to see said topicals will never work. I saw a commercial today about Nonyx and after reading all the mixed reviews from the beginning of the blog, I figure it couldn’t hurt. I’ve also tried pure tea tree oils (which are expensive) from the health food store and I can tell you it does help. My middle finger had a nail that looked like it went through a blender and a few drops in the morning and at night for a few weeks gave me my natural looking nail back so it does work! I’ve also done the listerine and vinegar foot soaks, not regularly, but I have tried them. I think I’ll do a combo of many of the suggestions mentioned previously and will keep you updated on my progress. Here’s to happy feet!

  61. Original fungus says:

    Lee, I have not met the person I mentioned, according to him it worked. He was very vocal about how well it worked and that nothing else did, just like all the others who have struggled with nail fungus and finally found something that helped them so I believe that was what did it for him. For some it may be easier than for others and most importantly, what works for a couple others might not work for you and vice versa.

    This is generally a difficult problem to get rid of and I want to remind people reading this that there is no end all-be all cure yet. If a couple of drops of vinegar on your nails for some time was effective 90 % of the time everybody would be doing it by now because of how words spread. And when a company markets a product online that is “guaranteed to cure your nail fungus” you must take into consideration the fact that if that were true, this company would already by know be a multi-multi million dollar company and would rule the business. It is so extremely easy to prove the efficacy of products like these, all it takes is one scientific trial where your product cures everything and kills all opposition and all eyes will be on you.

    That being said, a vinegar soak or some listerine may very well work for you, you don’t know until you tried it. What I’m saying is that you should be somewhat critical and do some research before you spend money and time on a treatment that lasts several months, because the only thing we know for certain is that it will take months. Last words: when you look at a website that markets a medication, the grander their claims are, the more suspicious their claims are.

    Good luck to all

  62. Tony says:

    After seven months of of using NonyX nail gel on my right big toe, it is pretty much looking normal again. I am no longer embarrassed of it and once again i can wear flip flops. I just started applying it on my right foot. Four toes to be exact. I am hoping since these are smaller nails it will not take as long as the big toe did. I am VERY happy with the results. Patients is a MUST!. I applied it twice a day and three times on weekends.

    I would like to post a link of the before & after if i can.


  63. lee says:

    Here is Tony’s image:

  64. Tony says:

    Oops.. I meant to say I just started applying it on my left foot.

  65. Linda Weir says:

    Lee – Hello again, Linda here…just found a product called emuaid…haven’t tried it – but sounds like the real deal. Will let you know results in just a bit :)

  66. lee says:

    Good luck, Linda. The Emuaid website says that it is a homeopathic remedy. I don’t hold a lot of stock in homeopathic remedies, here’s a (scathing) post I have on homeopathy.

  67. Linda Weir says:

    Lee, thanks again for letting us all vent a bit about our toe nail circumstances… Lee, has anyone ever done any research or posted here about psoriasis being the culprit behind the nail issues? Thx.

  68. lee says:

    Linda, I’ve never heard of any connection between psoriasis and nail issues.

  69. Allen says:


    I posted a few years ago. I will update. I started using Nonyx about 5 months ago.
    When I started, 8 of my ten toes were badly infected. For both big toes, 2/3 of the nail
    was disconnected from the nail bed.

    I sanded them all down using #220 wet sandpaper wrapped around a popcycle stick, and I resand them every 2-3 weeks.
    They need to be kept thin so the Nonyx can penetrate.
    You may want to use a nail polisher to ensure the sides of the nails are filed down too. (The $10 nail polishers simply don’t work. I spent $40 for the one I now use.)
    Each morning, I have applied a thick Comet paste on the toes for 2 minutes, then rinse and apply the Nonyx – twice daily.

    At this time, the left big toe is now 95% grown out and the right big toe is about 70% grown out.
    The nails look pink for the first time in over 20+ years.
    The middle toes on both feet are 3/4 grown out and flat like a normal nail.

    My little toes still need work. I recently resanded one of them because it grew back thick.
    It had the black streaks (fungus) under the nail when I sanded it thinner.
    I have found it is important to keep the nails sanded down. I also keep the ends of the nails
    very thin so the fungus can’t start from the top.

    I am not embarrassed to wear sandals at this point. The nails almost look normal.

  70. lee says:

    Allen, thanks for sharing! I would like to share that over the last year I’ve been using Selsun Blue and generic CVS brand Selsun Blue to keep my feet and hands in good condition. My right big toe is the only one that’s still infected and I haven’t been able to shake it. Selsun Blue contains selenium sulfide, a powerful, inexpensive, and safe topical antifungal. It has kept the infection limited to 1 toenail. Moreso, it promptly eliminates what would otherwise be my chronic atheletes foot, and it softens the skin of my hands and feet in a very profound way for several days. I suspect the softening comes from the infection load being reduced. I rub the Selsun Blue on my hands and feet once or twice a week when I’m in the shower.

    I’ll try thinning my nail with sandpaper and applying antifungals. I’ve read in literature that having “moderate” success. I’m glad you are part of the successful treatment groups!

  71. Tony says:

    @Allen- doesn’t it feel great to wear sandals and not have to hide in shoes anymore.

  72. Rob says:

    Great site Lee. Like others, I have tried many remedies to cure my fungal toenails. I even went through laser treatments on my toenails that included a regimen of lacquers and utlra violet shoe trees to kill fungus in shoes. After $1200 and six months, there was literally no difference. Upon reading through many comments here, I started using Nonyx. This has been the only product that has improved my condition on all 10 toes. I do thin my nails once a week with emery board to promote penetration of Nonyx. I don’t believe this will cure the nail completely since its not a fungicide. Recently, I have read about a newly approved FDA topical toenail drug, Jublia. I am curious if anyone has tried this new drug– if so I’d appreciate the feedback.

  73. lilie says:

    I tried Jublia. It does work, but is extremely expensive. I’d rather go with the Nonyx and exercise a little bit more patience instead of Jublia.

  74. There’s a Fungus Among Us says:

    So, I’m 33. I’ve been plagued with nail fungus for 2 yrs now. It was on my toes then, spread to every single fingernail. This has been the most upsettting emotional experience that seemingly…has no end.. But, I’m not going to lie…I’ve been lazy and not been very aggressive with a healing regimen..until recently.
    I did try oral meds for about a month…and it just made me feel awful, so I had to stop. I make my own colloidal silver water, and I use it to soak my nails. What I have recently discovered is borax. Since I started incorporating borax into my regimine about (2 weeks ago)…my nails look like the nails of a normal fungus free human being!!
    I like to alteramate between things that I use…but, the basis of my fungal concoction is: Collodial Silver Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax and Florida Water..(.oh yes I have gone voodoo hoodoo on this sh**).
    I have never seen such a break through in my nail health since I started using borax, and I’m about to incorporate baking soda.
    So, I put all of my desired ingredients into a container, where I unravel cotton balls and allow them to soak. Then, I take the unraveled cotton balls wrap them around each nail and cover it. I use the fingers of latex gloves to cover my toes and finger condoms for my finger nails. I soak over night or up to 4 hrs. (Longer the better I think,)
    After soaking I thing that’s when the fungus is most obvious…my fingers used to look like monster fingers! The skin was all white and the puffiness was so exaggerated…. I would get so ocd and try and trim it all off…I don’t recommend, because I broke through a lot of healthy tissue and put myself at risk for infection…I do recommend because I think it helped. So…idk do at you’re own risk.
    I also use Oregano oil, lavender oil and coconut oil with a latex glove on I let my fingers absorb for about an hr or so….sometimes.
    And Nonyx I use Nonyx daily. Which really helps getting the dead skin out of every nook and cranny.
    Constantly clearing out debris….today is actually the first day (since I can remember) that I didn’t have any visible debris!! (I’m positive the fungus is still there, but! at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.)
    Oh! I have been extra diligent on cloroxing my bath tub after every time I shower or bathe.
    And constantly sending out affirmations into the universe that I will be fungus free soon.
    I read that nail fungus has recently been found to have become asexual…and when something becomes asexual it means it’s on its way to extinction!!! I thoughrouly believe nail fungus is the root or underlying issue to many health problems.
    I hope we all heal, and no longer need to live in the closet with our nail issues. Healthy Nails For All <3

  75. Lee says:

    Fungus Among Us, I’d love to hear about your treatment when it’s done in 6 months or so. All the best luck to you and us!

  76. Lauren says:

    Hello. I just found this website and would love to share a product with you; I believe it’s already been mentioned here but not explained in detail. I just hope this info helps somebody. Anyway, I’m 16 years old right now and have dealt with ringworm, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, and pretty much a severe skin fungal infection all the way to my torso for the last 2 1/2 years. I was normal way back before all this happened, until I caught what started as athlete’s foot and started to spread like wildfire on me. I’ve dealt with really bad self-esteem issues because of it and tried everything under the sun my pediatrician could prescribe or I could buy; Terbinafine topical cream, Clotrimazole, Miconazole, Tolnaftate, Lamisil pills, Itraconazole pills, OTC antifungal liquids – everything! Some of these produced a temporary cure but nothing that lasted more than a few weeks. After going through such mental trauma of not being able to cure this, I was borderline paranoid about it spreading to my hands and face… I knew I had to do something fast. It’s really easy to feel hopeless in that sort of situation since I had tried everything, until I discovered a type of fungus that is sold in Europe, over the counter, and is used to treat several types of parsitic human fungal infections. This type of fungus is called Pythium Oligandrum, or it also goes ny its nickname “Vampire Fungus”…and it is completely harmless to humans and mammals and everything other than other fungi. Most Americans and doctors don’t even know about it though, since there’s a patent for it solely in the Czech Repulic. My theory is that it can’t be marketed in the United States I guess. Pythium Oligandrum is a predator only to other fungi and eats them to acquire nutrients. I’ve read that 83% of all athlete’s foot cases were permanently cured (permanent meaning no recurrence within a whole year after treatment) and the other 17% of patients improved drastically. There’s never been any adverse reactions to it in the medical studies done, and I just finished the treatment with it without anything bad happening. It’s too soon to tell if my skin will recover, since the fungal infection I had ate the keratin in my skin and left scales/cracks, but I’m really hopeful it’ll imorove soon. The itching I had has subsided a lot so far, so that’s good news. All the scientific stuff is a lot for me to explain, but I encourage you to look at the information on the website where it’s sold online: — I’ll reply back with any progress I’ve made in case it can help anyone! Fingers crossed this does the trick.

  77. lee says:

    Lauren, Pythium Oligandrum seems a bit scammy but I’ll let readers decide. I haven’t found any human trials with the stuff and the website you mention looks “iffy”. But stranger things have happened.

  78. Saporica says:

    I successfully got rid of nail fungus in 3 days! In the last several years, I tried tea tree oil, vinegar, epson salt, baking soda, prescription liquid drug, Nonyx Gel etc and none of them worked right. After reading this forum, I ordered Pythium Oligandrum, tried it out for 3 days and finally got rid of all the nail fungus completely. Pythium Oligandrum is harmless fungus to human but love to eat toe nail fungus. They keep eating nail fungus until it’s all gone then they die from starvation. One order comes from 3 packages of powder of Pythium Oligandrum and silica. You can get the instruction at I used the messier way and used all 3 packages in 3 days. This is inexpensive, quick and works. I used it in this way.

    1. Mix one package of powder with 50 cc of water.
    2. Soak cotton with the water and wrap it up around the affected toe.
    3. Soak the toe sock with the water and wear it.
    4. Wrap the foot with a plastic bag.
    5. You may wear regular sock over the plastic bag if you wish.
    5. Use the remaining water to keep your toe moist or pour it to your shoe if you want to wear it while treatment.
    6. Eventually your toe nails become soft and permeable. Remove the debris as much as you can.
    7. Use this method 3 days in a row either day time, night time or even longer.
    8. repeat it another 3 days if necessary.

    After 3 days, my toe nails had normal color and grew healthy. If it recur, I will use it again.

  79. Lee says:

    Saporica, I believe you are not telling the truth about pythium oligandrum. “After 3 days, my toe nails had normal color and grew healthy” Umm, it doesn’t work like that. After a little googling, I can only find the product in two places, as one of the ingredients of a herbicide at my local plant nursery and your website. Hmm.

  80. Saporica says:

    I got rid of toenail fungus in 3 days. I saw the video then decided to try it: You can fast forward it for about 50 seconds to save your time. This is a pretty inexpensive product patent in Czech but sold from England. I purchased 2 packages for 6 days treatment for $38.

    I cut my toenails really short to the cuticle line and removed as much debris as possible during treatment. After 3 days, I saw no debris growing, but continued the treatment another 3 days just in case.
    They show 2 ways to treat. I recommend the messier way which is more effective.

    Lee what you found on google was for plants. Right now, You can buy one for human use only from England.

  81. Lee says:

    Saporica, your second comment looks to be 3/4 spam, 1/4 personal response. :-(
    Can you supply any proof from anyone in the world besides you that it is effective? The more respected the source the better.

  82. Saporica says:

    You can see the Czech’s TV news reporting the effect of Pythium Oligandrum on youtube or European Patent description on google patent.

    TV news:
    European Patent:

    Here is the extract from EP patent: Pythium oligandrum also suppresses symptoms of other diseases than dermatophysis, namely also microbiological settlement of proboscis, other inflammations of buccal caxity, psoriasis, haemorrhoids, varicose ulcers, bed sores, “diabetic feet”, atopic eczema, acne, cold sores, sore spots, nail fungi, falling hair, dandruff or old-age itchiness. In the veterinary section, this solution can be newly used for suppressing mycotic infections and putrefactive processes on paws, cloven hoofs, hoofs, hair, skin, eyes, shells, in mouth, scales, mucous membranes and auditory passages of animals or in the body of animals.

    I won’t try to prove what scientists have already proved. I just hope more people will try Pythium Oligandrum and post their experience here.

  83. Lee says:

    >I won’t try to prove what scientists have already proved
    – A single video with 1,000 views on a Czech news & variety television show from 8 years ago doesn’t constitute “proof” of anything.
    – A patent means that the product is unique, it doesn’t mean it works.

    If your product worked, it would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars (or Czech korunas). Please stop trying to scam people into buying your product.

  84. Miki Colgate says:

    Lee, your comments encouraged me to do more research and here are what I found.

    BARD (Bio Agents Research and Development) produces microbiological products. They obtained the patent of “Antifungal mixture with fungal organism pythium oligandrum” worldwide including the US. The product name is “Clever (Smart) Fungus Pythie Biodeur Nail.” You can online order and wire transfer the payment.

    BARD online order:

    But I bought it from a different website.
    Vaughter Wellness:
    This product has a different name, “Pythium Oligandrum skin/nail fungus treatment.” and it came from London.

    BARD’s customer service said Vaughter Wellness is probably a fraudulent company, so Lee is correct in a way. They maybe reselling the BARD’s product.

    For those who may not understand how patent works, patents are granted for new inventions, not for the idea of new inventions. The patent law specifies that the subject matter must be “useful.” This means if antifungal mixture with Pyshium Oligandrum is not effective to toenail fungus as described on the patent application, it is not useful and therefore would not be granted patent.

    If you are interested in hard science article, you can visit NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

    If you want to try, I recommend to visit BARD. Vaughter Wellness worked on me, but the mixture may not be as effective as Bard’s product and the website looks iffy just like Lee said.

    Good Luck!

  85. Lee says:

    Miki, the journal article you cited (here) is VERY interesting! Thank you!

    My read of the article is as such:
    – Plus! – The research article was accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal, Mycopathologia
    – Plus! – The article spells out what looks like easily reproducible results in petri dishes and possibly in people
    – Plus! – It looks to be a highly successful treatment in humans (80%) with no side effects seen yet
    – Minus! – The research was done by the company that created the product.
    – Minus! – A google scholar search for “Pythium oligandrum onychomycosis (ie. nail fungus)” turns up only one result, the one mentioned above. For reference, the efficacy of something called the Wilbarger protocol is being debated in my field, occupational therapy. Searching for “Wilbarger protocol” in google scholar finds at least 50 articles.

    I see that Saporica is promoting one vendor and Miki Colgate is promoting another.

    I am hopeful that this is an effective treatment. It’s far too soon for me to try it myself, but I’m intrigued! It is possible that this could be a new, good treatment for nail fungus but the evidence is much too thin and possible side effects not researched enough for me to try it.

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