Antiseptic Smell on BART

I just wrote this to BART:

I’m riding on a BART train with what I’m guessing is the new seat design… train #1773, April 30th, 6pm. They are very nice. But the seats and the whole car smells like antiseptic cleaner. Could you try to find a cleaner that doesn’t make the car smell so “antiseptic”? It kind of hurts my nose the same way that breathing Lysol fumes does.

I’m assuming the car received a “normal” cleaning and not some special bubonic plaque wipe-down.

Lee Sonko

Update: Michael M from Bart replied 5-2-12 at 2:58 PM

to Lee
Thank you for the message which I will share. We’ve had a very positive
reception to the new seats.
I believe the scent is just because the seating is new and the material
will “break in” after a very brief time.


  1. Wladyslaw says:

    Would you consider a “smell” category for posts?

  2. lee says:

    What do you mean?

  3. Wladyslaw says:

    I’m thinking of making an aggregator site “Smell Planet” — discussions for people interested in smells. Some reject the term “smellie” but others see it as the new “foodie”.

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