NonyX Nail Gel

I was in a Walgreens today in the footcare aisle. I’ve had yucky toes from a nail fungus for a long while so I was checking out the latest products to rid myself of the yuck. I found NonyX Nail Gel. It claims to get rid of built-up nail keratin, which has been a yucky side effect of the yucky fungus. I was interested.

I noticed that NonyX was by far the most expensive product on the shelf at $25. “Hmm, “I thought,” it must be powerful stuff if it costs that much.” I almost walked out with a bottle. But since I’m such a comparison shopper, I decided to do a little homework first…

Ingredients: Water, ethanoic acid, xanthan gum, fragrance.

Hmm.. What is “ethanoic acid”? A google search says it’s just another name for acetic acid… the main active ingredient in vinegar!

They are selling 4 oz bottles of vinegar for $25. What a country!

I’ve started my toes on $2/gallon vinegar treatments. I’ll tell you in a month how it went.

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  1. Spexappeal says:

    Good call on checking the ingredients! There is a prescription oral med, but my Dr says it can cause kidney damage, is $$$ and the health Ins companies won’t cover it.

  2. Lee says:

    There are a couple prescription meds for the fungus part. I’ve taken several of them over the last several years. I’m getting a prescription for my second round of Lamisil, one of the drugs might cause liver (not kidney) damage on Tuesday. The vinegar/Nonyx treatment has no hope of beating the fungus but if it helps get the dead keratin out from under my nails, it will help make me look marvelous and it might help somewhat in flushing the fungus out from under my nails.

  3. Spexappeal says:

    Wouldn’t the infection not being in the nail bed allow the nails to eventually grow out nice and healthy?

  4. Mary says:

    I was doing some reasearch myself, and found these comments. I thank you for putting the definition to it here, it saved me the small trip of having to look it up. I would like to say as well, it’s not that the prescription drug MAY cause damage to the liver and kidneys. It is WHEN and HOW MUCH damage it will cause. It starts causing damage the minute you take it. Vinegar would be a much safer way of doing things. Give youself a footbath/soak with the vinager, then try some tea tree, camphor, eucaliptus, or menthol oils. This MAY work even better without the side effects!

  5. Spexappeal says:

    My Doctor actually refused to prescribe it for me. She said that the risk was too high…When she said no, I agreed. She is pretty saavy…I am not sure that I will easily find a health care practitioner in SF to replace her.

  6. Lee says:

    >it’s not that the prescription drug MAY cause damage to the liver and
    >kidneys. It is WHEN and HOW MUCH

    That is incorrect. Approximately 1% of users have liver problems related to taking Lamisil. (Product information)

    I assume you’re talking about those treatments to get at the fungus. I’ve tried several prescription topicals. Some of which worked quite well except they couldn’t get at the fungus living in the nail bed. Topicals won’t work for me. The only effective treatments I’ve heard of are:

    1-ripping out the nail and treating topically. The nail likely won’t grow back. Yuck.
    2- oral medication. If you know of a less dangerous oral medicine, I’d love to hear about it.

    I haven’t started my keratin-removing vinegar treatments yet. I haven’t made it to the store to stock up on gauze pads and band-aids. I’ll tell everyone how it goes..

  7. Lee says:

    >It is WHEN and HOW MUCH…

    (Don’t take this as me jumping down your throat… I really do want to have a discussion. I am just cutting to the chase here)

    If you want to argue that the drug causes damage… and that all drugs cause damage whether we realize it or not, I could reply with…

    You say, “Go with all natural”. I say, “Hemlock is all natural too”

    You say, “The pharmaceutical companies are evil.” I say, “Tell me that when you have a serious life threatening illness and opt for a less effective, non-pharm remedy.”

    You say, “Drug companies are just in it for the money”. I say, “Yeah and so is the tea tree oil company.”

    You say, “The drug hasn’t been studied enough.” I say, “I read the clearly stated warnings, recognize the risk and am willing to take the risk.”

    You say, “But there might be unknown side effects.” I say, “I recognize the risk and note that I personally had side effects that no one told me I might have using tea tree oil.”

    You say, “But what about unknown long term health effects of damaging your liver?” I say, “I realize that I am putting some faith in the FDA and the drug company here but know that they probably wouldn’t cause such effects out of malice and I would have some recourse (IE lawsuit) since I wasn’t warned of those potential consequences.”

  8. Bathes in milk says:

    I agree…no drugs are ever studied enough. Topicals don’t get rid of nail bed infections. And natural, well, my example is usually arsenic (same point). My Dr suggests restrictions for other reasons…avoid most drugs & eat dark, leafy greens. Salad probably won’t help nail bed infections. Personally, the greens are a bit of a hardship.. Woman can live on chocolate alone. I am proof!
    Chocolate must help, Lee. I would try it. Three times the amount of theobromine as green tea (your mileage may vary)

  9. Lee says:

    I started with vinegar in earnest 2 days ago.
    I dipped a a small bit of a cotton ball in vinegar and then taped it onto my toe with 2 pieces of clear tape such that the vinegar can’t escape. (I originally used a bandaid but the cotton would dry up after 3 hours)

    After about a day changing it twice a day, I noticed the nail looked as though it had lifted from the bed a bit; under the nail, the keratin was soft. (hey, it worked!) I was able to trim my nail and pull out a lot of keratin.

    I’m going to let my toe rest for a day or two. It started feeling weird and yucky with my toe taped in an acid bath, mild as the acid is. But I’ll try again and see how much better I can get the toe looking and feeling.

    Yes, the vinegar works well to loosen keratin and temporarily soften a toenail for far less than a $25 product from the pharmacy.

    Cost: $1 for 1000 q-tips, $1.75 300 cotton balls, $1.19 1/2 gallon vinegar. And at the end of this, I’ll have enough supplies for another 500 treatments.

  10. sfcruiser says:

    The fact that lamisil is liver toxic is a given, no matter how much you take the liver damage happens. But heh, we are born with 3x’s the liver we really need so go ahead and kill off parts of it and you’ll still have some left.
    The cost of the nonyx is due to the research into a vehicle that is stable in a bottle, sticks to the nail, doesn’t dry out, liability insurance, taxes, shipping, manufacturing; as is the cost of most of the items we buy, along with some profit for the company.
    The nonyx costs $25, you don’t need to mix, bandaid, takes 30 seconds max to apply to all toes.
    Vinegar $1.19, bandaids $5, cotton balls $2, $? time and energy to dilute and moisten cotton balls. ~$10 , I’ll give $15 for the convenience factor over the 3 months duration of a bottle ~$5.00/month.
    If you drink, take tylenol, like grapefruits/citrus, I would avoid the potential for lamisil damage to my liver.
    Hey if you were the only taking lamisil then fine, but there are several thousands of patients on this stuff. 1% gets affected noticibly, but there are those that the long term effect is cumulative with all the other damage/toxins in their life.

  11. Lee says:

    >The cost of the nonyx is due to the research into a vehicle that is stable in a bottle

    Eh. It sits next to many products that cost 1/4 as much that promise the same thing. And since it’s a topical (and doesn’t promise to kill off the fungus), it can’t be much better than the competition.

    >Vinegar $1.19, bandaids $5, cotton balls $2
    I already had everything in the house but the cotton balls.

  12. Lee says:

    Here’s what’s up with my toes..

    I used a full course of Lamasil. The course ended on about 9-1-06. It appears that all of my toes are growing out without fungus :-). Though it’ll be several more months before my big toe grows out to look normal.

    I believe that the vinegar treatments helped in the short and long run. Some of my nails were growing up at a 45 degree angle with the nail bed, I did the following several times: I soaked a tiny-tiny bit of cotton ball in vinegar, set the ball on top of my toe and then sealed it in with scotch tape. I let this sit for about 2 hours. It was sometimes uncomfortable in the same way that having wet socks is uncomfortable. Then I’d remove the tape and find that I could trim my nails to a respectable length and height easily.

    – Removing as much fungus-y nail as possible may help with healing (though I’m sure that the oral Lamasil is what did most of the work there)

    – The nails tended to grow straighter (and not upwards) immediately after vinegar treatments because the keratin that was pushing them upward had been removed.

    – They immediately looked a bit less yucky because discolored and oddly shaped nail was removed.

    – There was less of a feeling of pressure on my toe nails. Before treatments, I could feel that the keratin under the nail was pushing the nail upward. It’s a yucky feeling.

    On the matter of liver damage… I’ve asked doctors and been told that the liver is a most amazing organ. If it isn’t destroyed, when the toxin is removed, it regrows. This is how one can give a child a liver transplant from an adult; the child gets just 1/3 of the liver and it regrows in the child’s belly. (the details are obviously more complex, but not too much). If an alcoholic stops drinking (before it’s too late), their liver will recover. Etc…

  13. phyllis says:

    What’s the status on your vinegar treatment? I don’t have nail fungus, but would like to treat the thickening keratin under my toenails.

  14. Lee says:

    As I had written, the vinegar was good to fight the keratin. The Lamasil has continued to work. My small toes have entirely grown in cleanly. My big right toe is still growing in. It doesn’t look infected but it’s not perfect looking. If I used nail polish, you’d be hard pressed to tell there’s anything wrong with it.

  15. Don says:

    Interested in whether Lee diluted the vinegar or used it straight from the bottle. I assume it was white vinegar – not balsamic! Did the vinegar sting or burn the skin with repeated use? Do your feet smell like vinegar in between applications? In one article I read (Wikepedia- ethanoic acid/acetic acid) it says that acetic acid is able to discourage the growth of fungi. Maybe all the soaking really does prevent the growth or maybe even kill or stunt the growth of the fungus in the nail. Lastly, why do yo think Nonyx nail gel says that thinned nails from acrylic nail use should not be treated with their product? Maybe because it detaches them! Any experience out there?

  16. Lee says:

    >diluted the vinegar or used it straight from the bottle
    Straight white vinegar.

    >Did the vinegar sting
    No, it didn’t sting with repeated use; my toe got wrinkly from soaking for 1-3 hours at a time under the bandage. That would clear up just as quick as it would if you soaked in the tub.

    >Do your feet smell like vinegar in between applications
    Sometimes very slightly. But washing my feet would make that go away completely.

    >Maybe all the soaking really does prevent the growth or maybe even kill or
    >stunt the growth of the fungus in the nail
    Umm, yeah. that’s the idea.

    >why do yo think Nonyx nail gel says that thinned nails from acrylic nail use
    >should not be treated with their product
    I dunno, sorry.

    Best of luck with your toes, Don! Come back and tell me how it goes.

  17. Pete Otto says:

    I would suggest sticking with the vinegar applications. I used Lamasil about three years ago at a cost of around $500 and it cleared up my toe nails perfectly…for about six months. Then back came the fungus. Last thing I want to do is blow off $500 on a yearly basis while risking liver damage. Either vinegar or Nonyx and cleaning out the keratin build-up keeps the nails acceptable looking if used regularly.

  18. Kev says:

    Ive been using the vinegar mixed with listerine in a small tub and i soak my feet in it(this will also kill athletes foot). Then I put tee tree oil and menthol on them before bed wrapped with cotten and tape. I have been doing this for four months and all of my nails are back to normal except my big toenail. I didnt try the Lamisil because i didnt want to risk the liver damage. But if $25.00 is all it costs its worth a try even if it only helps a little bit. Also before i started this treatment I clipped my nail as far down as i could to get rid of as much of the fungus as possible.

  19. dave says:

    My MD, who I trust completely, also refused to prescribne Lamisil as too dangerous for the liver. I can live with crappy toenails but not without a liver!

  20. Nancy Martin says:

    My dad had one toe nail that was yellow, thick and horrible looking. His doctor told him to put vick salve on it. It began to grow out with a nice, thin pink nail. I saw it. Why would doctors recommend something that could damage your liver when something this simple could work.

  21. Lee says:

    Very interesting. I’ll look into trying it. Thanks.

  22. Chris says:

    I have using Nonyx for a few years and it does work. However, it won’t work all by itself if the fungus you have is systemic (spread inside you) When I first used it, it didn’t do anything so I stopped. Then a month after I had been taking some OregaMax capsules I decided to give it another shot. It suddenly started to clear up the nails with daily improvements. (This also proved I had an internal fungal infection)

    If you really want results with your nails using Nonyx then use it like this:

    1. Nonyx on top of the nail (2x day)
    2. Tea Tree Oil dipped on a q-tip allowed to soak under the nail (2x day).
    3. Take an anti-fungal herb such as OregaMax, Candibactin-AR, or grapeseed extract. (3x daily)
    4. Drink lots of water.

  23. Sadie says:

    FYI, I found Nonyx at Target for $15.95; am interested in the vinegar and tea tree oil information. So far the Nonyx has been helpful.

  24. Lee says:

    I’ve been putting vinegar on a cotton ball and covering it on my big toe with a band-aid for a while now. The fungal infection seems to be kept at bay… no new discoloration. But it will take a long time to tell if it’s getting at the infection under the nail. I’ll keep you in formed on this blog.

  25. Nancy says:

    I just started using Nonyx nail gel. I want to thank you for all the information. I will try to get some of the antifungal herbs. I will keep you posted on what happens.

  26. Andrew says:

    I stumbled across Nonyx nail gel last week at Wal-Mart and at 19.95, I figured that I’d give it a try. After a week of use (1-2 times a day), I have seen no improvements but the directions indicate that it will be 3 – 4 weeks before any improvements can be seen.

    As Nancy said, many thanks to those that have provided feedback on this issue. For now, I’ll be the test subject that is only using the Nonyx, with no other herbs or medications. I’ll update this post in the coming weeks with the progress and confirm whether or not Nonyx works by itself.

    My condition is a bit strange as the fungus appears to enjoy my middle and pinky toes (same toes on each foot). So we’ll see how the Nonyx performs.

    One other thing… Pete was right on point about the Lamisil tablets. They work perfectly, but after a while the fungus returns. Considering the cost of lamisil tablets, the risk of liver damage, and the fact that results are only temporary, I would NOT recommend using Lamisil tables at all.

    Til next time, take care.

  27. derelda says:

    Everyone has a lot of information. I thought i would add my 2 cents worth. The nail thickening is suppose to be a fungus that can be from athlete’s foot or vice versa.
    My understanding is if you have one, treat as if you have both. Tea Tree oil has helped me, I followed what someone else tried: Soaked (feet not just nails)in vinegar, dry, file the nails (topically not just the ends)and then apply Tea Tree oil on the toenails. Some of my nails have started to grow back out straight were they seemed to be nubs before.
    My niece works for a foot Dr. she said patients have recommended the Vicks, although they don’t. I have heard of the Listerine, vinegar, Tea tree oil, Vicks, and the different types of internal fungus killers. These are all alternative to expensive solutions and going to the Dr. for RX. I would also like to mention that yellowing of the nails can be symptom of a more serious nature as circulatory problems, diabetes and so forth. I personally plan to have those checked by my M.D. as I continue my soaking, filing, and medicinal applications.

  28. Madison says:

    Where do you buy the Tea Tree Oil?

  29. Diane Martinez says:

    Nonyx Nail Gel Works. Simple as that. All 10 toenails have had fungus for over 20 years. Over that time I have tried everything. Nothing worked until Nonyx. It has been two weeks, using as directed twice a day and I am shocked as to how they look already. Still a ways to go… But the new growth is clear of the fungus.This is a miracle gel. Sincerley Diane

  30. Lee says:

    Diane, please come back in 6 months and tell me/us if it cleared up the infection completely. I’d love to know.

  31. rebelbelle says:

    As a kid, we used to put the “pulley bone” from a turkey in vinegar. After it set for a while, it would turn into a rubber like consistency. Then as it dried out, it would harden again. The vinegar does the same thing to your nails, letting you get at the keratin better without tearing your nails out. Yay. :)

  32. Lena says:

    I just read every single post and want to thank every one that cares enough to share their thoughts on this horrible condition and possible remedies. My doctors say I have a systemic infection because they have tried for ‘nigh on 15 years to treat this condition and nothing works. One cure that I have been unable to try is the “pill” prescription because of severe stomach reactions to ingested anti-biotics and other medications. Recently I gave up hope when my doctor (he used to treat ballet dancers in San Francisco) said that if I did not want to remove the nails, I would just have to live with the condition because he did not believe in Penlac (my most recent prescription) and truthfully the Penlac just barely keeps things in check. I was astonished because he just cannot know how awful it feels when that tingling goes through the worst toes and you want to just rip the toes off your feet, never mind looking at your toe as the flesh darkens and takes over the toe. Well I am about to try Nonyx (I am too lazy to try that whole vinegar soak stuff – I have too much to do in the evening). One thing that made a little difference for me was to soak my feet in an ionizing bath (a couple of times a week) – however I am now going to wipe my toes with a Listerine/water cotton ball before applying the Nonyx. Keep you posted monthly.

  33. Lee says:

    Lena, I certainly hope you (and I) find a solid cure. My vinegar treatment has certainly been keeping it in check. It’s still too soon to tell if it’s curing it.

  34. Becky says:

    Hi, I’ve just read all the posts. Very helpful. I started Lamisal 2 months ago and use Nonyx 2x a day. How long for both fingernails and toenails to grow out? I notice clear nail beds growing out albeit slowly. Hoping to have decent nails for son’s wedding in San Diego in Sept. Any hope? The humiliating this is tho I’m glad to know the reason I couldn’t dig the awful stuff from under my nails and why my toenails looked decrepit. Thank goodness for that little monster getting under nails on the commercials as the lightbulb finally went off over my head. Later…..

  35. Lee says:

    Becky, my fingernails grew out in a few months…2-3 if I recall. My toenails… well, they’ve never grown out. They grow much slower so it will be something like 4-12 months.

    It’s probably a good idea to use both Lamisal and Nonyx (or whatever you dare try) at the same time. If you can knock out those little monsters….!

  36. Bob says:

    I’ve been soaking my fungus toes for 3 months now, once a week for one hour, in…Listeren mouth wash, which kills everything. The keratin build up acts like a sponge and just sucks up the mouth wash and it slowly kills the fungus in the nail bed. One more month and it will be gone. I’ve had it for over 10 years. A couple of times during the week I’ll give each affected nail pure tea tree oil drops, which really dries the keratin out and also kills the fungus. Try it and over time you will see improvement.

  37. Lee says:

    Bob, I’d love if you came back to this site in 3 months with news that the fungus was completely gone. :-)

  38. Daniel says:

    Hello all,

    I just started the NonyX Today so I’ll keep you all posted. I wanted to let you all know….and it could just be me but everytime I use the Tea Tree oil I get an inflammatory reaction to the nail bed. It does help the clearing of the nail very well but the inflammation is slightly painful. So just an FYI, but like I say it could just be me having an allergic reation. Also it seems to be the general consensus, my Doctor also refused to give me the oral treatment stating that if he would not let his son or daughter take it then his patients shouldent either.

    I will also try the soaking, something new you all just taught me.

    To the next of 22 years of treatments that have not worked! Let this be the one…


  39. Lus says:

    Excuse my Engl, is my second language.

    I got a bottle of Nonyx Nail Gel…something like $25 at Wallgreens. It’s been something like 10 days since I start using it and it works.

    Before I aplly the gel I put my feet for five minutes in warm water mixed with backing soda and brush the nails. After that I dry them and aplly the gel, twice a day as prescribed. I trim the nails and the yucky stuff like twice a week and the small nails infected start healing… I will let you know what will be the result after 3 more weeks.

  40. Lena says:

    Lee – Yes, I agree with you that things are now in check.

    Well it’s been just over a month and my feet are doing very well. I say “feet” because I discovered that even the toes that looked good began to look GREAT with the treatment. My normally critical mother, father have made positive comments and I am no longer ashamed to show the “tootsie rolls.”

    Here’s the modification to all your advices that I tried. First of all I just cannot stand Listerine so I bought the Walmart Tartar Protection Mouthwash and just pour the stuff (it’s so cheap) over the toes after showering twice a day (Hey, it did say it kills germs for extended protection) -so why not use it on my feet. I then apply the Nonyx and really try to settle it on the dark affected areas. I try to get at least 15 minutes of drying time before I put on clothes and leave the house. Here’s the upshot of all this –
    1. The darkened skin surrounding the bad toes has lightened considerably – Wow!
    2. The cuticles are still growing out on to the nail but are no longer looking like rubber and they flake off easily (like white flakes of sick stuff when I nudge it with my manicure tool. The skin underneath and the nails look like they are glowing.

    My challenge – Cannot pick out the dark Keratin debris (as recommended by Nonyx) down at the cuticle base now that the nail is growing back (healthy looking) closer to the top of the toes, I have no access.

    Now don’t imagine for a minute that I’m anywhere near cured. The Big Toe on my right foot is very resistant in the inner cuticle area and still looks dark, but it is not blood red anymore or all over dark on the nail. I doubt that this will be gone in just three months but I am realistically hoping that 9 months might do the trick. Let’s see. Talk to you next month!

  41. Lee says:

    Hi Lena and Lus and everyone,

    After a few months of doing the vinegar treatment (part of a cotton ball soaked in vinegar placed on my large toe with a band-aid put over that) things are looking very good. Again it is still hard to tell if the infection is gone but it seems to be growing out well. It just takes so long for the nail to grow. For a while I would do the vinegar treatment once every other day or every three days. sometimes I would go to sleep with it on and sometimes I would leave it on during the day. I went through two boxes of band-aids… that’s 120 applications or so.

    Daniel, yes, after a while I started getting an allergic reaction to tea tree oil as well. :-(

    Thank you all for your comments :-)

  42. Gina says:

    I have been treating my nails with Nonyx for about one month. A few days ago I have broken out in blotches on my trunk, arms, legs, and back. I am not taking any drugs. Could this be a reaction to nonyx? I don’t know if I should stop treatment or not.
    If it is only a form of vinager I can’t see that it is the problem.
    Any suggestions.

  43. Lus says:

    It’s been a month since I start using Nonyx. The nails looks good , very healthy , but the keratin doesn’t go away as fast as I wish, much slower process.

    Overall after a month and 30% of the product gone, following the instructions, I will say that I see anywhere between 8-12% improving of my general condtitions. I will do the treatment another month to see what would happen…I hope I will see more results.

    Lee, I read your vinegar and sounds like it has the same effect as Nonyx, even better. I think I will switch to vinegar after a month to see what will happen. And like you said, Nonyx is based on vinegar, acctually smells like vinegar a little bit.

  44. Lena says:

    OK, so I could not wait another week to get back to all of you. Anyway, today, 28th July is the end of the 2nd month using Nonyx gel. I noticed that several of you are saying that you are only doing your treatments (all types) once a day. I beg to differ and urge you to do your treatments with Nonyx or vinegar twice a day as that is key to getting the results that I am getting. I do that because I remember the podiatrist telling me that the reason Penlac (applied nail varnish medicine) worked at all is that it remained on the toe and liquid medicines did not. So, it is important to do the twice daily treatments that Nonyx gel mentions. My percentage of improvement is huge, almost 65% better looking after years and years of suffering and fighting this. The big news as of today is that the left cuticle point on my right big toe (the big problem area) looks clear and the clarity moves up about 1/4 inch high. Right now the black core infection area has moved up to the middle of the toe on the left hand side. This is phenomenal because it means that I have penetrated the deepest point of infection (the left corner) and I continue to experience flaking cuticle on all toes where I have feared infection. To avoid dry skin around the base of the toes I rub my toes with olive oil before taking showers and that has helped a great deal and does not get in the way of treatment.

  45. Debbie says:

    I started using gel July 29th will post again in 2 weeks with results.

  46. Tony says:

    I tried pure vinegar twice a day for six months and it did NOTHING.

    Fungus is NOT the ONLY cause of thick toenails. Old age is another cause.

    My Podiatrist suggested I try Nonyx, which I am now doing.

  47. Debbie says:

    Tony, I’m only 40 years old and first it was my big toe and then maybe lasy year it went second big toe.I can tell you that I am very hopefull with Nonyx.In just a few days I have noticed how much whiter
    they look.I will keep my fingers crossed.I also tried vinegar and tea tree oil and vicks rub.They all stink and I did not see a difference.

  48. Lee says:

    For everyone posting here, please remember that it takes months to years for toe nails to grow out completely. Seeing improvement over 4 weeks is very encouraging but it’s only a start.

    It’s been several months since I started vinegar treatment and I still can’t give a thumbs-up or down on whether it works. The nail grows that slowly.

  49. Jon says:

    Hi, everyone. Nonyx really works… but, first, some history. I used Nonyx for two years and didn’t have much success with it. I hated looking at my nails (not being reminded of the problem kept me happier), so I treated them with Nonyx once a week. Of course, that did nothing except keep the problem from getting worse. A few months ago, with the bottle running low and wanting to know if I should re-order, I switched to once-daily applications. That, too, did nothing. A month ago, I finally committed myself to the twice-daily applications that the bottle instructs and have now seen fantastic results. So, as Lena said, twice-daily application is crucial. You’re just wasting your money, otherwise.

    I don’t use any other treatments… nothing oral and nothing else topical. Nonyx is the only thing that I use. Here’s what I do: twice a day, I pull the cuticle back on each toe and apply Nonyx there. I think that it’s important to pull the cuticle back because you need to get the gel as close as possible to where the nail grows out. Also, on the big toes, I pull the skin away from the sides of the nails in order to apply gel in the corners and under the sides. Finally, I put a little bit on the rest of each toe’s nail, just in case, though I don’t think that it does much; again, the most important thing is to apply it along and under the cuticle so that new nail grows in clean.

    After all of that, I don’t put on socks for 15 minutes (because the label says to). Usually, I put gel on in the morning and evening, just before going into the bathroom. By the time that I get out, time’s up and I put my socks on.

    As I said, I’m having great success. Every nail is clear at the cuticle. It’s just a matter of time and consistent application before the yellowed areas move all the way to the tip and get trimmed. One nail is almost there. Other nails are a bit more stubborn and slower. For those stubborn and slower nails, I try to apply Nonyx three times per day, just to increase odds in my favor. Afterall, if you apply when you wake up and when you go to bed, that’s only 8 hours apart, leaving 16 hours between applications on the other side, so a quick application before dinner cuts that down.

    I haven’t tried vinegar or Listerne, but Nonyx, to me, is easily worth $25. It really does work… and bottle lasts a really long time. Just make sure that you use it at least twice per day (per the instructions), and pull your cuticles back when you apply the gel there (per my own recommendation). Good luck.

  50. Dominican says:

    WOW, thank you everybody for all the good info.
    Very helpful.

  51. Janice says:

    I just went to the doc last week to be put on the Lamisal, haven’t started yet, did have ??? for my doc about the liver and he stated that he personally hasn’t seen anyone getting liver damage, both PA and foot doc recommends. I am going to give the vingar a try also,foot doc said the more you can remove (keratin) it will help even more. Thanks Lee for all your input.

  52. Toby says:

    I was on lamisil a few years ago and it cleared the fungus from my big toes. But guess what?, the fungus is back. I went back to my doctor and He refused to put me back on lamisil. I’ve been using Nonyx for two weeks and it’s unbelievable! I can already see some results.. I can imagine how it will look in 2 months.
    What I do is soak my feet in hot water with epson salt, then file the nail down ( to ease the gel penetrating) but be careful not to file your nail down too much as it will hurt,, I apply the gel twice a day. I’ll keep you posted on my results!!

  53. Debbie says:

    I agree with you Toby.I have both big toe nails that are thick.Not discolored like some say but just thick and hard to cut.I have been using the gel since the end o July and I swear they look 50% better.I will keep using the gel it is worth the $ to me.I will keep you posted also.

  54. Janice says:

    I tried the Nonyx gel before it came out in the stores found it on line, and it did work just didn’t clear all of, maybe taking the lamisal and doing the gel or the vinagar that Lee suggested will help remove it for good.   I just started taking the pills on Friday and hope they help.   I will keep everyone posted, tired of the ugly big toes……….Thanks all for your input…..It does help

  55. Debbie says:

    Janice,I’m getting both my knees replaced in 2 months and I hope I can keep my feet coveed in the hosptal.I have only used about 1 month and they do look better.I really dont know if I have a fungus
    mine are not discolored only thick.But do know theyare not thin and pretty.I wuld love to go with girlfriends and get a pedicure but would be too imbarressed.Debbie ps I’m only 40

  56. Janice says:

    Debbie, from what the foot doc told me it is fungus, guess I will go out and buy some more of the nonyx gel and start using it again, I did the cotton ball and vinagar last night what a pain in the butt that was, had the whole house smelling. I know what you mean on the pedicure, we are big boaters and I hate it when people stare at my feet, I am hoping the lamasil and nonyx gel will work. keep me inform please……..

  57. Debbie says:

    Janice,do you wear toenail polish?I stopped wearing it and also think this helps.I go to the beach alot and hate for anyone to look at my feet.I always am jealous when I see a woman with pretty red toenails.

  58. Janice says:

    Debbie, No I do not, seems it don’t stay on, Last night I soaked cotton balls in vinagar like Lee suggest, we will see if that helps, I am like you, we are in Florida and we are on the boat every weekend and I hate it when stare at my feet, i keep the buried in the sand.

  59. Debbie says:

    I live in florida too.Where are you?I’m near Ocala.I do the same keep them buried.I go to the beach with really good friends I really dont care when I’m around them.I did the vinegarthing and tea tree oil.But this gel is much easier and I think soaks in better.I’m gonna go file them now.haha

  60. Junior says:

    Wow, just found this site and read every comment. I have fungus under both big toes. Had it for years (first the right foot, then the left) Hate going bearfoot because of the embarrassment of them.

    I am going to take some of your advice and try the vinegar treatment. I will keep you posted. And Lee, thanks for this blog! it’s not a subject that anyone of us likes to talk about, but its nice to know we’re not alone.


  61. Janice says:

    Debbie, I live in Pensacola, went out and bought the gel today, it did work before, so between the meds and gel I hope I get rid these ugly toes once and for all. Hey Junior, good look to you but if you get tired of the vinagar, try the nonyx gel, pricey but works. keep on blogging everyone.

  62. Debbie says:

    I filed mine down yesterday.I swear they look so much better after only 1 month.I hope by my surgery I wont be so imbarressed.Have a good day.Debbie

  63. Excellent discussion!

    Let me suggest that you can safely use lamisil if you get a “compounding pharmacist” to make up a solution with DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) which you swab onto the infected nails daily. The DMSO acts as a vehicle to carry the lamisil through tissue – live or dead – without getting any measurable amount into the bloodstream (and thus, the liver.)DMSO is one of the few chemical compounds which easily penetrate the skin; used in moderation it has no record of systemic damage.

    This worked for me, although it took a year to kill the fungus . . and I’m left with dead keratin debris under several toenails, so now on to a treatment which softens that crud . . and vinegar should to the trick, based on the experience of many who write here.

    Thanks again!

  64. stacey says:

    use the nonyx it is in a thick formula, of course it is vinegar but you dont have to soak your feet in vinegar this works so much easier , the thickener keeps it under your nails and it works, so it is worth the 25 dollars , 20.56 at walmart

  65. Lena says:

    Even more progress with Nonyx. Three month update – folks! Still making progress. The little buggers are being killed – woo hoo! My right big-toe is still battling with them, but I have no shame about showing these toes to anyone anymore. I know the “dark” days are well on their way behind me. What is even more amazing about the Nonyx is that even problems like the dark edges of my toes that doctors said that “all black people or those of color get when they age” is receding. So what kind of nonsense have these doctors been feeding me all these years? In fact, my little toenails which had been black for years (as the doctors say – due to ballet which squashed my toes) have lightened considerably. My toes all have a healthy almost pearlescent gleam that brings joy to my heart.

  66. Lena says:

    Note to Janice – After all you have read here, why are you putting yourself through the trials of the Lamisil? Why take the chance of liver damage etc….All you have to do is commit to a twice a day application of Nonyx to get the results I’m getting?

    Note to Debbie – Don’t forget to take your Nonyx to hospital with you and good luck on your surgery!

  67. Debbie says:

    Thank you Lena, I will make sure I bring to the hospital. I clipped my nails this morning,and now where the nail was like attached with thick white stuff it has come off .They look so much better,the skin around big toes are alittle sore.I think I might put alittle too much around the nail.I am really happy with this product.I think I might just have pretty nails by the spring.

  68. Joe says:

    I’ve been using nonyx for about a month……..maybe a little longer. So far one nail on my middle toe is almost halfway grown out and looking normal. I have two other toes that I still can’t tell if its working on them or not. Those two were the worst off and have been bad for about 14 years. The one that is growing out normal I’ve only had for a few years.

  69. Janice says:

    Month has gone by since I started the Lamisil, doc did liver check, no problem, I will have another one done in 30 days. Nonyx gel is helping to, I notice a big difference already…..It was my choice to take the Lamisil, for one they were pretty bad…Now I have a nail on my pinkie toe, haven’t seen one in years

  70. Debbie says:

    I would like to ask has anyone else had the skin on the side of the nail turn black.At first I just clipped it away and it didnt hurt.But it keeps coming back.Its were the gel gets between nail and skin on the side.

  71. Toby says:

    hi Debbie, I also get the skin black on the side of the nail. Like you, I first clipped it, but then I figured out if you leave it, it just falls off after a week or two. Not sure why it happens. Maybe the ethanoic acid in the gel burns the skin …( just my guess) but I do have to say, after a few months on Nonyx, my big toes are growing out nice and pink!
    One more thing, have you noticed if you put too much of the gel, it actually hurts. I have experienced this at night. I put the gel on, but then a couple hours later, it hurts! Then in the morning the big toes hurt. So I guess don’t over do it!? :-)

  72. tracy says:

    dont forget to treat your shower with bleach and shoes with a spray that you would use for athletes feet wear white cotton socks and wash houseshoes often

  73. toby says:

    good advice Tracy!

  74. Debbie says:

    Toby,yes mine hurt if I use too much. The black is off right now,but if it happens again I wont be too concerned.I do feel that this is the best my nails have looked in years.

  75. Lena says:

    Hello folks….five months and counting on the Nonyx Gel. Toes are looking really good, have proudly gone out without coverups and feel so good about my toes. Note, half my toe has new clean growth nail, the upper half has slightly yellowed nail that is growing out. Yes, Lee, it does take months – so to all you Rush Rush types, cool it, take it easy, it WILL GO AWAY. Coming from me that is big news because I always wanted everything right away, but this battle is well worth the wait to win. Here are my thoughts on a few items mentioned by others:
    1) Debbie, I still have a line of black on the very outside edges of the nail, despite careful application into the creases, I am prepared to live with it if that is all that is left over. Doctors told me that is also an age related thing, particularly in people of colour but not exclusively so.
    2) Tracy & Toby, I have for years used Lysol or (store brand) disinfectant sprays both before and after showers to help save others in my family from getting infected. I also take my small spray bottles with me on trips because I don’t trust hotel bathrooms anymore, and use plastic beach sandals as well as the spray all over the shower in hotels.
    3) Janice, woo..hoo…must be nice to have a pink pinkie toe again – my looks better but it won’t ever be pink again. Remember to have that liver check every few months because of the Lamisil.
    4) For everyone getting the burning feeling – note I used to get the burning feeling even when I used other medications, I think it has to do with the little buggers reacting to medications that we are using. They do fight back…that could be the reason for the burning, Nonyx seems so harmless (and I am allergic to so many things) that it is hard to imagine that I could ever use too much.
    5) Lee, you have the patience of Job to keep using the messy vinegar applications.
    HINTS: I do not always wait the full 15 minutes, but I noticed that putting on socks or stocking is almost like a bandage, it keeps the medication in place and my course of treatment does not seem to have been affected negatively by running out of the house with a sock or stocking covered over fresh applications of the Nonyx!
    Love reading all your posts.

  76. Debbie says:

    Lena what a nice post.I’m so glad you are happy with nails.I am too happy with my nails. I was going to get a pedicure but the doctor said not before my surgery.I go in this Monday for knee replacement.Wish me luck

  77. John G. says:

    Well, I just received my first bottle of Nonyx. Had to go to Port Huron, MI as I can’t get it at Walmart in Ontario or other places. I have not worn sandals in 8 years. My family moved to Florida 7 years ago and I have not enjoyed the beach since as I have been embarrassed by the ugly “Big Toe” as my kids call them. We just booked a trip to Cancun for March Break and I plan on being able to “WALK PROUD” with the kids. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the comments, it has truly been helpful. Soooo, I will give accurate updates on my progress. I’m glad some of you have had certain success, any success is better than none… here goes. Wish me luck and to all of you and great big thank you.

  78. FootCare says:

    I had one diagonal strip of brown across both big toes in the same exact place on both. I have always have very clean looking toes, but at the age of 34 I had to take many antibiotics to get rid of Pneumonia. About a year later I noticed one thin diagonal line on left toe as if it were bruised, then the line just got wider. It was then that I knew my body had failed to fight off the fungus due to a compromised immune system.

    I began a pure (no water added) vinegar soak for about 30 min a day. I just put both feet in a basin, rather than just treating the two toes. Then I would follow that up with Nonyx on all toes. I choose to do all toes because I loved the way the vinegar loosens up all dead skin. The soak made my feet overall look better.

    Just today, where the nail was infected on the left toe, lifted up. This was good, because now I can get to vinegar and Nonyx directly on the nail bed. The other toe is not responding as quickly, because the damage was not as bad. I think instead of losing that portion of the toe nail on that one, it will just grow out.

    I must say that the both the vinegar and Nonyx is necessary, because the vinegar is good for the soak and the Nonyx is good for staying on all day. This gives you 24/7 coverage.

  79. Daniel says:

    Hello everyone,

    Well I first posted in July. I use the Nonyx twice a day with mouth wash rinses twice a day before application after showers. It took six months and I have to admit that I gave it 80% effort….I would forget to do it for days at a time, but my Large toe is about 95% clean. It moved from the nail bed all the way to just the tip! I think very soon I’ll be able to cut the rest off when I do my usual nail trim….I’m very suprised that it actualy worked! No more thick Dark yellow and black nail for me!!!! I think I’ll buy my first(in my adult life ) pair of flip flops soon!

    Glad not to be alone! Keep up the fight Guys and Gal’s!

  80. Digger says:

    You all need to check out this book !

    The War Against Toenail Fungus
    by Dwight Thomas

  81. Lena says:

    Hello all Fungus Fighters-
    Happy New Year to all of you! It’s been seven (7) months and my toes are once again a thing of “beauty?” To all of you expecting that it will look exactly like it did before the dreaded fungus took hold – right away – don’t, but it is oh so much better and very “beach ready.” Where the fungus had it’s worst hold has in fact grown out, that is the area in the inside right at the cuticle,but the area nearer the top of the toe nail (where we trim) is sort of a pale white/slight discoloured colour, it is very acceptable because it has a lovely pearlescent look overall. I am happy with it and feel that I have stepped into what I call maintenance. Here is where I am departing from the Nonyx instructions (what – horror, you don’t say?!). I am applying a good creamy cuticle cream all over the toe when I wear my sandals (I am in Florida) during the day and applying the Nonyx gel at night. That is easier to remember than the Nonyx maintenance instructions that say you should apply three times a week for maintenance. What is nice is that it also treats the flaky skin that sort of accumulates as a result of using Nonyx and vinegar. Here are my notes to other users:
    Debbie: you never told us how that replacement surgery went?
    John G: If you are lucky you might be able to do the beach, but it took me 6 months before I was happy enough to show those feet – what I am saying is “be realistic in your expectations.”
    Tracy: I loved your advice about using the shower spray, but since having this problem I have used Lysol spray or equivalent in the shower after each shower (to avoid infecting others) and use it to treat every hotel room shower or tub before using. I don’t want to ever get this back.
    Signing off for now.

  82. lee says:

    Lena and everyone. Thank you very much for keeping up with updates here. I’m very glad I mentioned Nonyx on my blog.

    The condition of my toes continues to be stable but not cured. Mostly, I suspect, because I haven’t maintained a proper regimen. I’ve kept to using vinegar on a piece of cotton ball held in place with a bandage. But sometimes I do it 5x/week, sometimes 1x/week, sometimes less. Phoey on me. I’ve got to reevaluate how I do this because I’d really like to be rid of that stuff.

  83. Isabel says:

    I am inspired! I have a bottle on Nony gel that I brought at Walgreens. I will start tomorrow morning. I will let everyone know how everything comes along.

  84. Debbie says:

    Hi Lena,Both of my knees are done now.I am back to work and still have pain and swelling.Good news is my legs are straight again and I’m about 3 inches taller.Other good news I lost alot of weight.Toes still look the same I have been putting gel on but Ive been bad about doing it all the time.Thanks for asking about me.Best wishes

  85. Penny says:

    I started using the nonyx gel about 2 weeks ago along with the vinegar soak (when I have the time) and tea tree oil. I dont know which one is doing it, but now when I apply the gel to my toe nails, its stings and burns like it is burning through the toe nail. Has anyone experienced this before? But on a good note, like I said its been about 2 weeks and I can already start to see some improvement. The nails are becoming whiter an are sort of starting to look healthy. But dang I almost want to stop using it since my toes have been burning and its like when i apply it on the nai (not the meat) it just burns like crazy. So I’ll report back in another 2 weeks to let you know if I’ve had more progress.

  86. Ted says:

    I just found this site. It’s great to be able to discuss this horrible condition with others who understand. I have used Lamisil with success but once I stopped the fungus returned. I have used PenLac which eventually softened the nails so they could be cut but it was a pain to use. I tried Tea tree Oil but didn’t stay with it long enough to evaluate, but it did dry up the keratin.

    Today I bit the bullet and bought my first bottle of NonyX gel. My wife and I are looking forward to our vacation in Sarasota in August. I hope by then my toenails (each big toe and right middle) will be presentable. I’ll check in regularly. Thanks for your posts.

  87. Toby says:

    Hello everyone. Well after being on Nonyx for about 6 months, I opted to go back on lamisil. Nonyx cleared the fungus about 2/3rds of the nail. Why I stopped using it, because I couldn’t stand the burning associated with using nonyx. I’m greatful it cleared that much of my two big toes. The skin around the nail turned black and I’m not sure if it’s because I was using too much. The doctor put me on Terbinafine wich is generic lamisil about two weeks ago and it only cost me $4 dollars. I know I threw in the towel and took the easy way out. Thank you all for your comments and good luck in your fight to have “normal nails” once again

  88. Luss says:

    Hello everyone. I had an accident last year and I stop using the Nonyx, after I used for almost two months and I will say I saw some improvements.

    Now I’m ready to start again the treatment but after reading some comments here I decided to switch to vinegar. I read few good thing about vinegar and IN MY OPINION should work better and faster then Nonyx.

    However, Nonyx is worth trying but you must make sure you stick to the instructions. I start using vinegar today thinking it will work faster the Nonyx …if not, I will go back to Nonyx.

    I will just soak my feet twice a day in vinegar, each session 20 minutes, no water added, the vinegar is an acid and that should kill the fungus…this is the theory anyway. Someone on this forum discovered that Nonyx is based on vinegar, so I go straight for the source.

    I will come back in a month and let you know how is working. Bye now.

  89. Kate says:

    Wow! Thanks to everyone for sharing their info and remedies. I’m only 28 but I’ve had horrible thickening nails for over 4 yrs. now….some docs say it’s fungal, others don’t….it’s so frustrating, they don’t take it seriously b/c I’m so young! And it really hurts my toes. I did almost everything OTC except Nonyx…I also did tea tree and even one month of Lamisil, but I think you have to do several months for Lamisil to work and I was on too many other meds. I have used vinegar for many other things but I am SO EXCITED to try it for my nails. Maybe I”ll give tea tree another try too. THanks everyone! I’m no longer dreading the summertime, I have hope for nice nails again.

  90. Crystal says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m 30 and have had problems with toenail fungus for 10 years. I tried the Nonyx gel once before, but only once per day and I stopped after about a month, but I did notice a huge improvement in that month.

    Today I started using it again and this time I’m determined to follow the instructions and get rid of this problem for good! I am applying 2X a day; in the morning just after my shower, and in the evening before bed. I am allowing the gel to dry before covering with socks.

    Once per week I soak my feet in an Epsom salt bath and I clear out what debris I can from around and under my nails, and I also push the cuticles back and file the nails down. When I apply the gel I make sure I get at the nailbed, the sides, and under the nail wherever my nails lift up enough for me to apply under.

    I’ll check back in a month and let you know how my tootsies are doing :)

  91. LENNY says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I started using nonyx-nail-gel today!
    I really hope this product works out for me.
    I have a question though, I have heard that if I
    soak my nails in clorox it will kill tha fungus is this true?

  92. Ted says:

    No Lenny, don’t use Clorox under any circumstances. Perhaps you are confusing it with vinegar. Some folks are using vinegar but the jury is still out on that one. Stick with the Ninyx for at least a month. If it’s not helping at all you might want to try vinegar.

  93. Analise says:

    I was browising the web and when I came across your blog, I found myself reading every single entry. Thank you all so much for your stories, advice, tips, and honesty. My dad has had foot fungus as long as I can remember. Because I’ve seen it since I was a little girl, I never thought anything of it. Well, I noticed a few months ago that my nails were yellowish and before that I realized they were hard to cut. I always get pedicures, so I didn’t know they were hard to cut. Then a week ago my daughter noticed her nails were yellowish. She’s only 10 :( So now I’m on a mission to help us rid ourselves of this. Oh, my daughter’s very tall for her age, we share shoes. I didn’t realize what was going on. Here’s why. We always get pedicures and we sit there with magazine, phone, or book in hand. I never inspect my toes. For a while (or for good) we’ll always wear house shoes or socks around the house till we rid ourselves of this. I will now start spraying the shower after every use with shower spray. Can you help me by answering the following questions?

    How often should I bleach the tub?

    Should I use Lysol instead of shower spray?

    Maybe once a week using disenfecting wipes to wipe down sandals?

    Should I use athletes foot powder in our shoes? How often?

    Also, here’s some info. I found online:

    – Wash your feet daily with an anti-fungal foot wash, preferably one that contains tea tree oil such as FungaSoap. If you have had toenail fungus in the past or work in a moist, humid encironment where you are at a higher risk of developing toenail fungus this is also a good preventative measure.

    – Don’t use a commercial nail polish when you are suffering from nail fungus. Commercial nail polishes will provide a protective, watertight layer over the nail trapping moisture in, keeping topical medications out, and maintaining a perfect environment for nail fungus to grow and fester. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO WEAR NAIL POLISH WHILE TREATING A FUNGAL INFECTION wear an antifungal nail polish such as Dr. Remedy Nail Polish with tea tree oil or Clearstat Antimicrobial Nail Polish.

    – Use an extra strength antifuncal cream such as Tineacide or Mycocide to kill the fungus before it does further damage to your nail enamel. (Although both antifungal treatments are effective, Tineacide tends to be the antifungal product Dr. Hurless’ patients most frequently prefer.)

    – Once the fungus has been eliminated your nails will remain yellow until the healthy enamel replaces what has been damaged. Medical strength nail gels and polishes are available to aid the nail in its rebuilding process to help prevent toenail fungus from recurring.

    – Toenail fungus is very hardy and may recur if it is not killed completely. Be sure to use all tonail fungus products for the full duration directed on the packaged instructions even if nail fungus symptoms improve.

    Can’t wait to hear from the group!

  94. Phyllis says:

    My friend and I were talking about nail fungus because it’s almost that time of year for sandals. She told me about this Nonyx. So I decided to browse the web and what did I find? I have read all the comments and I am going to join in on this fungus fight. I will keep you posted on how it’s going. I just want to say this is great that everyone is sharing info to help fight this battle.

  95. Ryan says:

    I must comment that this is by far the most comprehensive blog on the subject of toenail fungus I’ve seen; I do believe all of your comments and support will make a very big difference to many people. As a 31 year old who has been on Sporanox twice (each time it worked, but the fungus eventually returned), and has tried every OTC solution out there over the years, I wanted to add some advice that was given to me by a local chiropractor / nutritionalist. While I have not found significant information about this connection in many other locations (at least independent locations), two books the chiropractor recommended on the subject are: – The Yeast Connection by Crook M.D., – The Yeast Symptom by Trowbridge M.D.

    The common connection that many of us likely share in the years prior to our toenail fungus infections is that we were on antibiotics, whether over a period of time for things like acne, or more powerful antibiotics for smaller time periods for more nasty infections. As these drugs kill the good with the bad, they also wreck havoc on our digestive tracks killing the good bacteria (acidophilus, or acid loving) that keep the fungus in check (which dislike the acidic environment created by a healthy amount of acidophilus); following the antibiotics, the balance does not necessarily return to normal, leading to symptoms such as toenail fungus. Based on this, what was recommended to me as essential in combination with Nonyx (or any type of treatment) is acidophilus supplements to help return the balance in our bodies to normal. While I am fighting another case of toenail fungus on my big toe, which I had just given up on for awhile, taking acidophilus supplements along with Nonyx seems to really be working at this point (which didn’t before, or it would for awhile and then just turned around). Additionally, I must comment that after I started taking the supplements, my health, GI issues etc haven’t been this good in years (at least for such an extended time). While I apologize for such a lengthy post, if any of you might find it useful it is certainly proves its worth :-)

  96. James says:

    Hello everyone,

    Lee, I am so glad you began this blog to help everyone with this problem that almost seems like society has labeled taboo to talk about. Here’s my story. I am 26 years old and have had this problem since I was 16! I tried the topicals in the foot care aisle and non ever seemed to work. (If you read carefully they don’t guarantee any solution for the nails.) After seeing a commercial for Lamasil on TV I was very excited to have my doctor Rx it for me. After several visits to the doctor’s office and mentioning my problem, the doctor’s would not Rx it for me because insurance wouldn’t cover it. After a while my nails actually got worse and I actually had a nail detach from the nail bed so much it made me bleed. I visited my doctor and told him this was actually causing me pain now. He was able to Rx a medication called Gris-Peg after taking some liver tests. Gris-Peg was awesome! It got rid of the fungus like magic. It seemed like it was going to cure me completely since 9 out of my 10 little piggies were almost completely cured…..but just like the many of you that were ‘almost’ cured it just stopped working, my Rx stock ran its course and the fungus began to come back. I practically had to accept the fungus….until I saw Nonyx @ Target, pulled out the cell phone and googled product reviews. I’m determined to try the vinegar method. I have 6 digits to work on. If it doesn’t go to well I’ll try the Nonyx. I may even try both at the same time…still thinking about it. I will keep you all posted.

  97. lee says:

    Since I wrote this post 3 years ago, I’ve tried 2 different topical treatments, vinegar and grapefruit seed extract.

    Vinegar Treatment:
    It certainly helped get rid of the keratin under my nails so my nails would grow straighter. After on-and-off treatments for over a year it didn’t get rid of the fungus under my nail but it did seem to help keep the infection in check. Sometimes the vinegar would bother my skin, giving a very slight burning sensation.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract Treatment:
    In January 2009, a buyer for Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco recommended I try grapefruit seed extract as an anti-fungal nail treatment. I got a 2 oz bottle of Nutribiotic GSE Liquid Concentrate for about $9.

    For the last 4 months I’ve applied a few small drops of the thick liquid to my big toe and covered it with a 3″ x 3/4″ clear bandage. I’ve done this on average about 1 day in 4. Currently, my nail bed looks about as it did when I started… no better, no worse. This is encouraging because it hasn’t gotten worse or spread to other toes… and discouraging because it hasn’t improved… well maybe it has improved slightly, but I’d hope for better after 4 months of treatment.

    The grapefruit seed extract has kept the keratin in check and the infection in check. It never stings the way the vinegar treatment sometimes does. But it hasn’t eliminated the infection under the nail bed.

    I’ve used only a tiny bit of the bottle so I can continue treatments indefintely if I care to.

    I just saw an ad for Zetaclear ( Do not buy Zetaclear.

    1 – It is just a vinegar treatment like Nonyx ($25 for a 3 month supply) or like the aforementioned bottle of vinegar ($10 for a lifetime supply)
    2 – It costs $30 per bottle, 1 bottle per month!
    3 – Their return policy charges $10 per bottle restocking fee and doesn’t include return shipping. The stuff doesn’t cost $10/bottle to make! So, when it turns out that it doesn’t work, even AFTER you return it and gotten your partial refund, they will have made money on the deal.

    I should note that no one has written in to say that their toenail fungus has been eliminated completely. When you look to products that claim to have a terrific track record, be very skeptical.

  98. […] Undecylenic Acid – That’s a fancy word for “vinegar”. $1.50/gallon at the supermarket. Yes, vinegar helps remove keratin. Read more. […]

  99. Crystal says:

    1 Month Update:

    I started using Nonyx gel twice per day on March 29th. It’s one month later I have seen a marked improvement in the appearance of my toenails. I am also able to see clear, uninfected new nail growth at the base of all 10 toenails. Here is my regimen:

    1. Each morning, after my shower, I apply Nonyx nail gel at the base (near cuticle), sides, under tip, and all over surface of each nail. Let air dry befoer putting on socks.
    2. Every evening, before bed, I apply Nonyx nail gel again in the same manner as in the morning.
    3. Once per week, I use a glass nail file (sturdier, easy to clean/sanitize, long lasting) to file down my toenails, concentrating on any thick parts. I also soak my feet in an Epsom salt bath and then push back my toenail cuticles and trim any old toenail that has grown out.

    I will update again in one month and hopefully my tootsies will look good enough to wear sandals soon!

  100. lee says:

    I just wrote about all my previous fungal treatments. Take a look.

  101. demiedo says:

    does the nail grow back after having a nail destroy by this teribble fungus can somebody tell me if the nail grow back like noyhing ever happen

  102. Jason says:

    yes toe nail will grow back at least mine did

  103. Debbie says:

    I have used gel for almost 8 months now and my nails are not thick at all anymore.But the nail underneath is not attached to the nail bed.Is this from me putting it under the nail?Thanks Debbie

  104. fungusfor20years says:

    OMG, I should have googled Nonyx before buying that stupid bottle at wally world, lol

    I’m trying to treat this fungus once again. Have it in all my toes but one :(
    I’ve had it for over 20 years. It was a lovely present from grandma when I was a kid and used on of her toenail clippers. She passed away, but lives on in my toenails! lol sad but true

  105. lee says:

    There are so many comments here that it is hard to sort through them.

    Please follow this link to Nonyx Nail Gel: Part 2 to see more comments and add comments yourself!