Update 2-15-12: Read my full review of Fungavir.

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I had written a scathing post about Fungavir, calling it a scam. I’ve removed this post. I now think I was a little too aggressive in my wording. I spoke with one of the owners of Fungavir a couple days ago and they  have begun rewording their web site and changing some of their practices to be more realistic. made a couple tiny changes to their site but the vast majority of the weasel words and scammer language remain. The ingredients in Fungavir are somewhat effective at fighting toenail and fingernail fungus, but there is absolutely nothing special about it. They charge 10 times the price for ingredients you can already find at your local pharmacy.

I was introduced to Fungavir by a comment spam that appeared on my site, which is not an auspicious start.

The wording on their site had some is full of scammer language:
* testimonials that seem too good to be true
* lies. For example, “Fungavir has double the amount of Undecylenic Acid than any other nail fungus treatment”. It does not. 25% is the legal limit for non-prescription strength and they have 10%.
* vague promises with meaningless copy like “double action” and “killing the fungus while working to heal the affected area” and… well, most of the words on the site.
* product images such that look like product only exists in Photoshop
* Site icons with no substantiation like “Green Certified Site”, “GMP”, “Made in an FDA Registered Facility”, and “Google Checkout” (they don’t use Google Checkout)

The ingredients appear to be just a collection of all the topical anti-fungals mixed into one bottle. Yeah, that might work, but I’m guessing it’ll work as well as well as any other topical, which is to say, “It might work but don’t hold your breath.”

The guy at Fungavir has said he is going to change their website. I’m going to give him the chance. But if he doesn’t since he didn’t come up with more realistic language on his site in a month or so, I’ll be reposting my original article and then some.

For more info on nail fungus, read the several posts and followup comments on my blog about nail fungus.

Here is the Fungavir homepage on 10-9-11:

There are many discussions about nail fungus going on on my blog. Search my blog for the word “fungus” for more.


  1. Melissa Young says:

    Greetings, Iceman,
    I bought Fungivir for use on an alarming case of 5-toes-and-spreading,-whatthehellisthis!? and have been using the Fungivir as directed for going on 5 months. I can see no improvement. I debride every week, and apply twice a day, taking care to allow the Fungivir to dry before going about my business, usually in open toe sandals or barefoot. I am thinking I just wasted $100 on this worthless glop. I live in the Pacific Northwest, but on the eastern front, so it is quite dry year round and hot in the summer.
    I have heard about a medication available OTC in Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and of course third world, but prescription only in Canada, and not available at all in the States — it is called generically Amorolfin. I can make it to Canada easily enough and will probably guinea pig myself with it next as I have not heard anything bad about it. Have you heard of this stuff?

  2. lee says:

    >using the Fungivir as directed for going on 5 months
    5 months of twice a day applications is a lot of effort. I feel for you.

    All I know is that another commenter mentioned it here. Take a look, do some research and if it works, (or doesn’t!) come back and tell us!

    I found this study that says, “Using it along with oral itraconazole was a bit better than just oral itraconazole”…

  3. Joyce says:

    I am soooooooooo glad I saw this before I made a purchase. My husband had nail fungus several years ago and the only thing I could find was Nonyx in a Carol Wright catalog. It beat the heck out of the Lamasil pills for over $100/mo. Well, in case you are interested it worked! His nails have been clear for over 7 yrs but see some starting again and thought I would see if there was anything newer. Saw the Zeta which has a nail-polish like topical and an oral spray(?)! Not sure I want to use something like that. The prices on all these products are quite expensive I think!

    Anyway the way he used the Nonyx was to use a harsh (usually black in color) emery board. After reading up on this it is best to remove slough that layer (which should be done with some regularity anyway) twice a day and apply the gel as directed. You need to keep your feet uncovered for 20 minutes after doing this. But the end result was great and the price is right! I saw it on for $17.

    Hope this helps anyone looking to find a good product and still have grocery money!

  4. Catherine says:

    Fungavir is now selling 1/2 oz bottles for the same price as the previous 1 oz bottles. They say it is more concentrated but the undecylenic acid is only increased from 20% to 25%. I think it is a scam. Does anyone have any more information on why they have doubled their prices.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Don’t bother buying Zeta Clear. It does not work.

  6. Tina says:

    Sustained injury to thumbnail in March 2012. Cleaned litter box and thumb got caked with urine clay litter. By April 10th saw a doctor that put me on antibiotics, which is a no-no for fungal infections as you all know. It brought my high temperature down but did nothing for the thumb besides make it more pron to fungus. That is the chance you take when you go on antibiotics—fungus. In intense pain I went back to the doctor that sliced it open but only blood flowed, no pus. They referred me to someone else. Not going for more pain, thank you very much. Used a comfrey poultice to knit the skin back together then started with ingesting garlic 3x’s/day & a 50/50 vinegar & hydrogen peroxide soaks 3x’s daily. It didn’t clear up but it kept my temperature down. At my wits end in pain I found Fungavir online & fell for it hook, line & sinker. The pressure was unbearable. It took my pain away using it 3 to 4 x’s daily after a few weeks of it’s use. I made a hole close to the cuticle & squeezed till junk/pus came out after soaking in vinegar once/day. It’s been 56 days now and I’ve had to cut the nail several times–seems to be growing out normal, meaning—the nail is no longer bowing up towards the end with a yellow tinged nail. I will keep posting awaiting the end of this adventure in fungus land. Extremely helpful posts people : )

  7. Tina says:

    I neglected to mention that since the injury in March 2012 I did use tea tree oil 3x’s daily application to no avail.

  8. billy says:

    This stuff is a scam! I bought 1.5 years ago and have been using it everyday exactly as stated in the instructions – twice per day, everyday, for at least 1/2 hour. It does not work! What a waste of money. If you really want to know if this stuff will work or that any topical treatment will work, go to your local drug store, buy some foot fungus liquid and try that. Save your money.

  9. kisa says:

    Fungavir does work. It works for my mother’s toenails, and works for mine. It takes about 4 months to see the results of improving nails.. but it works!

  10. hans says:

    Wish I would have found this blog BEFORE I bought Fungavir. Anyway, it has been about 4 months. The nail separated a bit a little while after I started using it. I was hopeful when the nail separated, thinking the fungus was “letting go”, which is to say I was dumb. Say my doctor today for a physical and basically he said he has seen many a patients try topicals and has not found one that had a success. He said the only option was a nasty oral anti-fungal that required regular blood tests to check my liver for damage.. I opted to live with the fungus for now. I will continue using my scammed solution since, well, I have no reason other than I paid for it. If I find success, I will post.

  11. Jerry says:

    The question before even start to evaluate a proposed herbal treatment is: are any of the ingredients of sufficient concentrations to have the desired curative effect?? Ancillary question is why aren’t the ingredients listed and their concentration? If they are not then there is a 9 out of 10 chance that the product is a scam. Over and over again you will see a long list of ingredients, the kitchen vegetable soup approach to treatment. It is likely that the different ingredients aren’t additive in their effect. Save your money.

    I do have a treatment: daily application iodine after bathing to the fungus area. It penetrates tissue. It took about a year for the fungus portion of the nail to grow out. I have been fungus free for 2 years–sort of. I saw a suspicious corner of the big toenail last year and used iodine for a month.

    PS. I have an eye opening, scientific evidence-based website on health–no potential profits ( There are very important analysis of health and treatments and prevention. It is technical, not a “trust-me site” with many links to journals to prove claims. Yet the average person can gleam through the technical and follow the main point.

  12. Melissa says:

    I have had sever toenail fungus since I was a child, passed down from my parents. I mean sever as in every toe was thick yellow and super gross and if clipped to far they would begin to bleed. The fungus had spread to 9 toes (how 1 survived is beyond me). Since I’m a girl I had always used nail polish to cover it up but have always been self conscious and envious of pedicures. About a year and half maybe 2 years ago I stumbled upon fungavir – in the beginning I was religious about the directions but summer would come and I would start with the nail polish so I could wear sandals. It was February of this year that I finally had enough and started using it again as it states (twice a day and file with emery board about once a week to 2 wks) since then I have seen results and am getting so excited for
    clear growth. I now have a whole nail that is 100% clear with visible results on the other 8 toes, the nails are thinner and as clear as my 1 (now 2) heathy nails. My doctor did say that on average with my sever fungus, treatment would take about a year but now I believe my toes may be cleared by Christmas. I think the most important part of the whole process is using the emery board (or dremal if you have it) to clear away the gross stuff so the new growth can come through.

    I will be also be honest and mention that in conjunction to the fungavir I also scrub my toes with a nail brush and FungaSoap (which I found on Amazon- a tea tree oil based soap) in the shower every day and then apply the fungavir to sit for 10 mins before I put on shoes or socks.

    This stuff works (or at least for me it did) All I can say is for someone who has suffered from fungus for as long as I could remember I am so excited for my clearing toes and find myself staring at them everyday smiling and I’m also counting the days til my very first professional pedicure!

  13. lee says:

    Hi Melissa, it’s exciting to hear that your nails are on the road to being clear. Can you tell me, had you tried any other treatments before Fungavir?

    And I hate to suggest this but don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. I need to caution readers by saying that Fungavir seems to work about as well as any other topical out there, which is to say “it might work, sometimes, and about as well as vinegar soaked cotton balls” despite that their website promises the world (they are lying) and it’s much more expensive than other products with no special ingredients or special results to show for it.

    So please, tell us more! I want to believe.

  14. Bryan says:

    I purchase fungavir about 6 months ago think and hoping this would work .
    I only had three toes that had fungus just before three months I emailed them that this product did nothing and wanted a refund they told me they will mail me to free bottle at to try for two more months.they said sometimes it take longer and they told me about a certain that it took six months for it work so as a fool I said ok.
    Well six months later not any better so I emailed for a refund and they said sense it’s been over 3 months that I don’t get a refund. So that’s why they gave me two more bottle so my refund will expire very wrong.
    This product is a total rip off and I would tell anyone they are getting ripped off

  15. Jules says:

    Yes, I tried Fungavir too. It worked after about 6 months and I had 3 nice nails, one big toe and 2 little piggies. So I stopped using it for around another 6 months or so and guess what
    Fungus is back. I noticed it in January after I had been wearing nail polish for a week.
    Oh well…. Someone told me about soaking the toes in Listerine for 30 minutes each day. But you may get Blisterene…

  16. lee says:

    Jules, congrats… and my condolences…
    I don’t have any quick fixes but here’s one to try: apply Selsun Blue, the anti-dandruff shampoo, topically on your whole foot while in the shower a few times a week. I’ve been using authentic Selsun Blue and CVS brand for a few years now and they keep the infection at bay. It’s also crazy inexpensive and cleans your feet ;-). Good luck. Tell me how it goes.

  17. Bryan says:

    I tried this product and did not work so I emailed them and they said give it more time and they shipped me to more bottle big mistake
    So I tried two more weeks nothing so I emailed them I would like a refund and them said it was over the time limit
    Big rip off

  18. lee says:

    Bryan, I’m sorry the Fungavir people scammed you.

    May I recommend you always click on their ads when you see them online. Each click costs them a buck or so.

  19. Lee says:

    Bryan, may I also recommend that you tell them you will call the Federal Trade Commission and the BBB if they don’t allow you to return their product.

    Go ahead and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission here. Their job is handling scammers:

  20. Bryan says:

    Thank you so much for your time

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