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Nonyx Nail Gel: Part 4

Here is yet another followup post for my very popular and very useful “Nonyx Nail Gel” post. This topic has so many comments that it’s hard to sort through them, so here is another post.

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Thanks for everyone’s continued comments!

RIP My Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Drove it off the lot: September 22nd 1998
Drove it to the junk yard: April 20th 2012

Aged 13 years, 6 months, 30 days. 135,840 miles.

Man, I loved that car!

The day D and I brought the car home, September 22nd, 1998!

As part of the CAP program, the state of California bought the car for $1,500. I think the program exists because the state “feels bad” that their emissions standards are so high that they’ll buy cars that run OK but don’t pass smog test. Actually they have money for two related programs, one where they’ll take any car, and one where the car fails smog. This year (like most years) the “regular” program ran out of money but the “fails smog” program still had money.

At Burning Man 2005

The Check Engine light on my car kept coming on, giving a code of “random misfire”. 2 mechanics and $1,400 couldn’t fix it, and I really needed to sell the car since I’m tightening my belt and going back to school. So…

1998 CHRYSLER SEBRING JX Convertible, bright red
VIN: 3C3EL45H9WT315270
V6 2.5 liter
AC, power windows, power locks, cruise control, power steering, tilt wheel steering, powered driver’s seat, nice aftermarket Pioneer DEH-P6700MP stereo & Premium Sound System, powered soft top convertible roof

Other extras

Just before the drive to the junk yard, parked at Megan's in Kensington.

alloy wheels, dual air bags, automatic transmission, double wishbone independent suspension, full size spare tire, intermittent wipers, tachometer, reading lights, vanity mirror & light, anti-lock brakes, keyless entry, powered side mirrors, original owner, no accidents, complete maintenance records

Parked just down the hill from the continental divide, moving to California. At this peak, water rolls west the the Pacific and east to the Atlantic.

Issues with the car:
* Check engine light
* Fuel gauge doesn’t register properly below 1/4 tank
* fan only works on high or off
* due for a new timing belt soon
* Oil pressure light sometimes comes on, revving engine slightly fixes. One guess is the Oil Pressure Sending Unit
* cloth top is worn
* when filling gas tank, fuel stops before tank is full. A new gas tank vapor check valve is needed
* some scratches in the paint
* electric rear window defroster not functioning
* needs alignment
* brake rotors are worn
* wheels need balancing
* previous owner loves it very much

Single owner. I’ve got all the repair and oil change receipts.

What a convertible is made for! Cruising Yosemite, winter 2011-12.

The Chemistry of Cheese, Gromit!

Today’s Chem 32 lab was delicious!

We’re extracting casein from aqueous bovine lactiferous nutrient products with glacial acetic acid at elevated temperatures. In other words, We made Queso Fresco!

A couple weeks ago we were doing acids and bases. Tell me that does not look like Science with a capital S!

Crackhead-Proofing My Bike

In hope of keeping my bike seat out of some crackhead’s streetcorner sale, I have applied polycaprolactone (AKA Shapelock plastic or PCL) to the vulnerable hex-head bolts. I covered the top bolt on the seat (pictured), the seat post bolt, and the headstock bolt. It is impossible to remove by hand but can be removed in a few seconds with [redacted]! Then all you need is a bucket of hot water to reapply it.

Just last week, my neighbor Laurie had her bike seat stolen by loosening of the bike seat bolt :-(

If there is no update to this post, you know the PCL has done it’s job!

Coreyfro got a huge quantity of “CAPA 6800” at Tri-ISO and Noisebridgers split it up. I got 2 kg at $18/kg. I’ve made a couple things so far, over the door coat hangers that I use often, a headphone holder (Trebor’s idea, I expounded on it) that is awesome, a little plastic shield for a wire that goes through my window sill…

Great fun!

Installed CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and website optimizer.

Dreamhost invited me to a free CloudFlare subscription. So far, it looks like it’s really improved website performance on both my blogs and wikis. I’m not sure how it works under the hood with the caching, CDNing, and threat protection, and that bugs me. But hey, faster website!

Midterm Grades


CRN Subject Course Section Course Title Campus Midterm Grade Credits Level
30302 ANAT 25 002 General Human Anatomy Ocean A


Credit Classes
32533 CHEM 32 353 Intro to Medical Chemistry Mission A


Credit Classes
33367 PE 200C 001 Fitness Center Super Circuit Ocean P


Credit Classes
31746 PHYC 10 551 Conceptual Physics Mission A


Credit Classes
31747 PHYC 10L 601 Conceptual Physics (Lab) Ocean A


Credit Classes