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Something for You

I received this from Megan. But I think it might be for you.

Oh. My. God.

First, a chronology:

The Blue Marble Image



and soon…

Urthecast: 24 hour, live, streaming, 1 meter resolution . . . . earth.

local version:

Eraser Refills for PaperMate Logo II Mechanical Pencil

Both the Clic Eraser refill from Pentel and the SumoGrip refill from Sakura are acceptable eraser refills for my Logo II pencil. I have to add Scotch tape to make them fit perfectly, just like my original fix for the Logo II.

I like the SumoGrip refills a little better because the eraser material is a little more firm, and it’s cut to length, though the length problem took 2 seconds to fix with scissors.

Last summer I gushed about my favorite mechanical pencil, the PaperMate Logo II here. I’ve now bought 3 cases of them, 12 0.7mm pencils and 24 0.5mm pencils. I use them constantly and love them (read my post for a vital fix to the eraser!).

I Rocked the GRE!

I took the GRE today. I got my score for most of the test back. I rocked it!
The other part will take about 2 weeks to grade, but I think I rocked that too. What does that mean? It means I can apply to San Jose State’s Occupational Therapy Master’s program!

It was a completely grueling test. And the last couple weeks of studying have been really rough. The worst part is now that I know how to pass it, I never have to take it again!

Thank you to everyone who wished me well. Yes, it helped. Thanks especially to Michael Kearny, Schuyler, Dorothy and her caps that made me strong, Jane Davis, Charlotte, my mom and dad who are the greatest, and most of all Megan!

You Should Go to City College of San Francisco This Spring

With all the hoopla in the news about City College possibly closing because of funding and accreditation, I just want to say:
* both the city and state bills to keep the school funded passed
* re-accreditation is coming along nicely
* They ain’t closing
* At $46/unit, it remains a super duper bargain for a real education
* Their non-credit classes are FREE (and you don’t have to go the whole semester if you don’t want)
* They’ve got a gazillion credit and non-credit classes.

Look See!

Classes start in January, but sign up NOW because they tend to fill up.

PS. The truth won’t set you free. No. It will grab you, shake you, and MAKE you free!

And that is how we roll.

Taking the GRE on Friday

The GRE is the test you take when you are trying to get into Grad School. I’m trying to get into an Occupational Therapy Master’s program at San Jose State. The test is hard. I’ll be taking it this Friday.

Please wish me a bit of good fortune.