You Should Go to City College of San Francisco This Spring

With all the hoopla in the news about City College possibly closing because of funding and accreditation, I just want to say:
* both the city and state bills to keep the school funded passed
* re-accreditation is coming along nicely
* They ain’t closing
* At $46/unit, it remains a super duper bargain for a real education
* Their non-credit classes are FREE (and you don’t have to go the whole semester if you don’t want)
* They’ve got a gazillion credit and non-credit classes.

Look See!

Classes start in January, but sign up NOW because they tend to fill up.

PS. The truth won’t set you free. No. It will grab you, shake you, and MAKE you free!

And that is how we roll.


  1. Grace Esteban says:

    Thank you for posting this. ^ . ^

  2. lee says:

    Grace, of course! My City College experience has been really great and I want others to know about it!

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