Eraser Refills for PaperMate Logo II Mechanical Pencil

Both the Clic Eraser refill from Pentel and the SumoGrip refill from Sakura are acceptable eraser refills for my Logo II pencil. I have to add Scotch tape to make them fit perfectly, just like my original fix for the Logo II.

I like the SumoGrip refills a little better because the eraser material is a little more firm, and it’s cut to length, though the length problem took 2 seconds to fix with scissors.

Last summer I gushed about my favorite mechanical pencil, the PaperMate Logo II here. I’ve now bought 3 cases of them, 12 0.7mm pencils and 24 0.5mm pencils. I use them constantly and love them (read my post for a vital fix to the eraser!).

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  1. Bathesinmilk says:

    Cool. I buy multiple shoes for the same reason- if it works, why go anywhere else?

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