A conversation overheard on the internet with my ex-housemate Scott

(darn it, I missed a party at my ex-housemate Scott’s house last night. I get tooo much email to sort through it all… [frowny face])

This was part of the party invite and it sounds right-on. That creepy old shack is…. creepy!

“Scott, what’s in that dilapidated wooden shed in the back of our elaborately landscaped but forebodingly overgrown backyard?”

“Oh, ha, that! I’m not sure what’s in there, how about we check it out together and I’ll show you?”

“What are these.. tiny skulls?”

“Looks like, looks like, yeah, I’m not sure what kind of animal would make a skull like that!”

“These look like ISO-standard necromancer candles, and I think someone’s gotten some use out of them.”

“Yeah, I guess those have probably been chilling out here for a while.”

“And what’s in these jars? It’s sort of chunky? Was someone doing some canning?”

“Oh ha ha, hard to say, hard to say.. it does look organic, in fact!”

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