Bring it to the People

I’ve been thinking about what kinds of technologies have been extremely effective in the last several years. I had also heard some things about this on a couple podcasts… I can’t remember which.

The kinds of things that do well are things that “bring it to the people”.

eBay – sell it yourself

Amazon – trusting in the recommendations of other purchasers

blogging –, boingboing – indivuals and little guys as news & entertainment sources and sources of discussion.

music file sharing – people exchanging popular music freely (of course, saving money by stealing is also a factor here)

podcasting – Adam Curry Daily Source Code – individuals as audio program sources

video podcasting – Rocketboom, Michael Verde – written by individuals and little businesses

social networks – Friendster,, Tribe – people meeting people

Craigslist – The newspaper classified ad killer… written and edited by its users

wikipedia – written and edited by its users

Open source software – written and modified by its users

XML – “extensible” is in its name. It’s designed to be added to.

Direct to consumer advertising of pharmacuticals

I suppose an obvious omission is Google as a search engine. That’s the tasty school glue that holds loose collaberation together… and when Googlezon gets going, it will be all about the people again.

So, our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to find or create the next “take it to the people” application. It doesn’t take a billion dollar company to make this happen. Actually, taking a look at all those trends above, I noticed that none of them existed 10 years ago. So, what do you say? Wanna brainstorm?

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