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Today’s Kink: Stuck in the Mud

I was at a party a while ago. Things were getting a little racy and we were talking about the kinds of sex we were into. One guy got overly bold/eager/green and said,I’m open to pretty much anything.” Jumping right in, I asked him with deadpan inquisitiveness , “What about catheterization*?” It took a moment for the image to fully form in his mind of what I was suggesting. Then he laughed nervously and said, “Umm. Err. Well, maybe not ‘anything’.” The whole room laughed. It became a big/funny subject for the evening. “Hello, my name is Lee. And no, I’m not into catheterization.”

* The practice of putting a catheter up your urethra for pleasure. (Yea, it squicks me too.)

That vignette brings up today’s kink… Girls Stuck in the Mud. My sister told me about this web site and… ooo eee, it got me hot.. or maybe it wigged me out… or maybe it’s such a taboo subject that I don’t know WHAT to think. Or maybe it’s just so messed up that it short circuited my brain into thinking that it was a bucket of delectable flax seed.

Check it out:

Click on each thumbnail:

I’ll go ahead and ask the obvious question: who buys such videos?

  • Highway stalker wanna-be’s?
  • Members of the towing industry?
  • Rookie policemen?
  • Tired do-gooders?

And why did I grab so many thumbnails? Maybe I like flax.

Snow Globe Madness

Molls sent this to me before xmas. I stole it from this site and pulled it local for posterity. Click on the picture to play this shocking Shockwave.

Ambient Orb

I reallythought this thought this Ambient Orb thing was a joke when I first saw it. But then I saw that it’s really sold in Brookstone and uses the Airmessage pager network to receive updates! Cool.






Incredibly large numbers.. Seti at Home

I just thought this issue with scale was kind of cool. Lifted from SETI@Home.

There’s a third type of incorrect result that occurs, too. Sometimes, very rarely, a computer will get the wrong answer to a calculation for no apparent reason. This appears to happen about one out of every 3,000,000,000,000,000,000 calculations. If you let your computer run SETI@home for a thousand years, it would get the wrong answer once. (Of course by then your computer would have failed for some other reason). But since SETI@home gets a thousand years of CPU time every day, we see one or more of these failures per day.

Robot Stories

I saw the tail end of this movie at Arisia 2 weeks ago. It’s fantastic. As I told the writer/director after the show, “It really pushed a button.” …. “I didn’t expect to cry at the con. Thank you.”

I wrote to a couple indie movie theaters, asking them to show the film.

You should see Robot Stories.

Cell phone update: Jabra FreeSpeak earpiece

I got a cell phone about a month ago with Jabra Freespeak bluetooth earpiece… I also got an antenna so I could get reception in my basement bedroom.

The antenna works pretty well. In the downstairs of the house, I get 0-1 bar of cell phone strength, and the sound gets flakey if I move the phone while I’m talking. With the antenna, I get 1-3 bars and it doesn’t get flakey. Of course, I now have a 2′ antenna in the corner of the room and a wire going from my phone to the antenna….

The Jabra bluetooth thingy is great. Sound quality is very good, wearability is excellent, it never cuts out, it’s convenient. I’ve had a little bit of trouble figuring out where the sound is going to go to: the handset or the earpiece. Maybe that was user error.. maybe. Carrying 2 items instead of 1 is a little bit of a bother. It takes a few seconds to put the earpiece on so when a call comes in, I have to scurry to find the earpiece. But hey. Maybe when I become fully assimilated, I’ll just leave the earpiece in all the time. I’d recommend it. Especially since I got mine for free with my bluetooth enabled phone. I hear these things retail for $100.