Net Send * Hey!

This 13 year old kid in Texas got suspended for figuring out how to do a “net send”. That’s not right. So I sent him a letter:

Lee C. Sonko
[address removed]

Vampire & Cowgirl [address from the nightmare candles website]
Po Box 1203
Hurst, Tx 76053


We don’t know each other but I wanted to write you a real ink and paper note to offer you and your family support, and reaffirm your suspicion that your teachers are being ninnies on this whole Net Send issue.

Rock on,

Lee Sonko

And a fax to the school…

Lee C. Sonko
[address removed]

Principal Tommy Rollins [address from the school’s website]
North Richland Middle School
4800 Rufe Snow Dr
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Phone: (817) 547-4200
Fax: (817) 581-5372

Concerning the matter of Carl Grimmer’s suspension for using the “net send” computer command:

I’m sure that you have, by now researched what Carl did in the computer lab and know what his intentions likely were.

If you set the example of severely punishing students for learning independently, you’ll get exactly what you demand of your students.

Thank you for your consideration,
Lee C. Sonko

The original story:
Fort Worth Star Telegram

Other websites:
Dave’s Good Stuff
The Opinion Journal from The Wall Street Journal

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