Really Fantabulous Weekend

The weeks fly by too quick!

Originally was planning on spending just a day or so at PPG’s. Spent all weekend. It was a [insert above title here]. Friday night we went out to the movies… but didn’t go out :-). I brought the movies home… popcorn, hot dogs, those awful nachos and gooey cheese-food-product, Yoo Hootm , way too much sweet/salty snack food and soda. Watched “Insomnia”… in the original Norwegian. Creepy, alien, scary, bad people, good movie. PPG’s friend Ci came over and we talked and had fun. During-which I made this chocolate-chocolate-chocolate cake-thing that was SUPPOSED to be an insomnia-inducing agent related to the movie but I didn’t get around to it til Saturday. It was only “ok”, not terrific, but VERY chocolaty! Ingredients: 1/2 lb semi-sweet chocolate, 1/2 lb bittersweet chocolate, 10 tbsp butter, 5 eggs (with soft peaks and folding involved) 1/4 tsp cream of tartar…. and that’s it! Instead of going out Saturday night, we stayed in. HURRAY! We were supposed to go out to this thing in NYC or this other thing in North Jersey to support various friends… but WE DIDN’T WANT TO. So we didn’t. We stayed home and made candles and talked instead! Oh, did I mention that PPG and I didn’t get out of bed until noon on Saturday? :-) Sunday we forced ourselves up by … I don’t even remember… before noon. And went out on fun errands (“BRRR IT’S COLD!”) that turned unhappyish when the reverse-beeper on the forklift at Home Depot was WAY TOO LOUD and just wouldn’t stop. And that Home Depot is BACKWARDS! You walk in and the lighting section is in front of you… kind of, but the rest of the store is off to your RIGHT instead of the left! But even still, there were some little aisles off to the left that weren’t the seasonal shelves. It was very confusing. And someone stole our cart but not the stuff in it! Weird and nose-crinkling bad! GRR! But the fish in PetSmart helped calm us down. And then we went to a Pizzaria where they were nice and it was quiet and the cappuccino tasted like cappuccino and not a mocha-frappe-choco-cara-frotha-ccino. And even though their stromboli was really a calzone, it was a good calzone. And they had home made cheesecake, made by the owner of the place and even though we didn’t have any, it looked really good. Ninette’s Italian Restaurant saved us!

So we went home and did all the things we fetched things to do. Put up an Ikea door pot-top holder, nailed x-mas lights under the counter, formed this steel-sheet-come-blackboard onto a structural pillar (it looks slick!) set up an electric kitty litter scooper-thing (also good) put a night-light in the bathroom (looks good but 4 watts of compact fluorescent is a surprisingly large amount of light!), put up a hanging ironing board, talked about all kinds of fun things and played with her new Forever Flashlight (which works pretty darn good, especially for where we tried using it!).

And then we went to sleep, and got up the next morning and here I am!

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