Cell phone update: Jabra FreeSpeak earpiece

I got a cell phone about a month ago with Jabra Freespeak bluetooth earpiece… I also got an antenna so I could get reception in my basement bedroom.

The antenna works pretty well. In the downstairs of the house, I get 0-1 bar of cell phone strength, and the sound gets flakey if I move the phone while I’m talking. With the antenna, I get 1-3 bars and it doesn’t get flakey. Of course, I now have a 2′ antenna in the corner of the room and a wire going from my phone to the antenna….

The Jabra bluetooth thingy is great. Sound quality is very good, wearability is excellent, it never cuts out, it’s convenient. I’ve had a little bit of trouble figuring out where the sound is going to go to: the handset or the earpiece. Maybe that was user error.. maybe. Carrying 2 items instead of 1 is a little bit of a bother. It takes a few seconds to put the earpiece on so when a call comes in, I have to scurry to find the earpiece. But hey. Maybe when I become fully assimilated, I’ll just leave the earpiece in all the time. I’d recommend it. Especially since I got mine for free with my bluetooth enabled phone. I hear these things retail for $100.

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