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Farewell Processional: A year ago today, SFMOMA closed it’s doors

From Desiree Holman: A year ago today, SFMOMA closed it’s doors to make way for a new building opening in 2016. I had the great fortune to direct a processional performance that led the massive crowd out and into the imagined future. As it was my inaugural entrée into performance, it was probably one of […]

Sophont Art at the Di Rosa

Here’s an interview of Desiree Holman in about her art. I built several kinetic elements that are going into the pieces :-) Read the original article here   New Frontier Desirée Holman’s latest project looks to the stars BY CHARLIE SWANSON Desirée Holman’s ‘Sophont in Action’ shows May 10–July 20 at the di Rosa, 5200 […]

Come To An Art Opening With My Work

I’ve been working with Desiree Holman over the last year, building electronic kinetic artwork for her upcoming event. Join me at this free event, May 10th 6-8pm (5-6pm preview for members) at the di Rosa in Napa! (yes, the image below is a bit intense. It’s supposed to be, it’s art!) (Facebook invitation) At the di […]

Psionics and Time Travel Experiments: Closeup

Psionics and Time Travel Experiments: Closeup, via Desiree Holman  

More Images of Kinetic Helmets

As I mentioned, I did the kinetic and lighting elements for several helmets made by Desiree Holman for her recent Sophont project. I also just finished the kinetic elements on another piece for the project, a communications helm with choreographed EL wire; I’ll show you pictures and hopefully video of that soon. In the mean […]

My Kinetic Helmets at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Cool news: I told you that I worked on the kinetic elements of Desiree Holman’s most recent art piece, Sophont. The installation, along with my bits are at the Philip J. Steele Gallery at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver until November 23rd! See the whole catalog in PDF here! I’m […]