Psionics and Time Travel Experiments: Closeup

Psionics and Time Travel Experiments: Closeup, via Desiree Holman



  1. Michael says:

    Is he a pastafarian?

  2. lee says:

    Ya know, I see a connection there! Noodly appendages abound!

  3. Johny Radio says:

    where did you find these?!

  4. lee says:

    Johny, I helped make them! Desiree Holman is the artist and she commissioned me to built the kinetic effects. We had a lot of fun designing them! The effects don’t show well in the images but there’s a lot of subtle pulsing lights and movement in them!

  5. Johny Radio says:

    They’re fantastic! Any gifs? Maybe you can photoshop in the kinetics. It’s getting some likes on FB

  6. lee says:

    Thanks very much!
    I don’t have any video or gifs of them. You can see some of them moving and lighting in her Sophont videos on Vimeo :-)

  7. jon strongbow says:


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