Come See My Time Travel Hats at SFMOMA on June 2!

What? Time Travel Hats? Yes, time travel hats!

I’m working with an artist, Desirée Holman, on part of a piece she is presenting at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

My name is down there at the bottom, next to “time travel headgear” (tol’ja so!)

Special Event
Sunday, June 02, 2013


Date + Time
Sunday, June 02, 2013
5:30 p.m.
Begins on the rooftop, then moves museumwide
As SFMOMA exits its current building to make way for the upcoming expansion, artist Desirée Holman conducts a series of movements that bridge our present potential to our future tense. Drawing on eccentric histories of time and space, from New Age culture and extraterrestrial encounter to paranormal powers, Holman mobilizes extraordinary characters, costumes, and objects that can make the museum’s and our own futures happen now. Help us bid adieu to our building by joining the processional as it winds its way from the museum’s rooftop down to the atrium and into the world outside.

Four columns of agents will conduct our journey. The Indigo Children, a living and evolving humanity whose emotional and intellectual intelligence outstrips our own, lead us through sound from our current place. Ecstatic Dancers demonstrate how our focused present can always lead us to a visionary space. Time Travel Captains sport empowering sculptural helmets, built by Holman, that open portals to where we want go. Our visitors are invited to join us in a final column populated by your visions of time travel, goddess worship, spaceships, aliens, druids, additional dimensions, and alternative worlds. We all have a key to the future in each of our traditions and fantasies.

Holman’s The Indigo and the Ecstatic: A Motion to the Future is commissioned by the Live Art program at SFMOMA. We are happy to invite back many of the performers from our 24-hour live art variety show, Future Countdown Live, for this important finale.

Co-presented by Boing Boing.

Featuring the Young American Patriots Fife and Drum Corps as the Indigo Children (director: Jason Giaimo; percussion instructor: Anna Cucciardo; fifers and drummers: Aditya, Anjali, Elizabeth, Jainam, Joshua, Mahika, Mayank, Nikith, and Surya; flag bearers: Jainav, Ishan, Namrata, and Nischay), Ecstatic Dancers (Dance Sanctuaryâ„¢ with Valerie Chafograck, a Soul Motionâ„¢ teacher, featuring dancers: Brittany Barrett, Maya Batki, Art Busse, Robert Carroll, Cas Casados, Joshua Cross, Ajay D Dave, Effie Dobbertin, Jacqueline Duhart, Timothy Earle, Byron Kawaichi, Teresa Lesko, Shana LoPresti, Alexis Miller, Samuel Shin, Ah Yavorsky, Natalie Zeituny, and others), and DJ Joshua Kit Clayton.

Admission + Ticketing
Museum and program admission are free and open to the public.

Image: Desirée Holman, Channeling Aura 2, 2012; gouache on paper; image courtesy Desirée Holman

Costumes for the Indigo Children designed and produced by Job & Boss.

Dancers’ costumes designed by Desirée Holman; fabric printing by Standard Flag and Banner, sewing by Golden Guild.

Time travel headgear designed by Desirée Holman with assistance from Lee Sonko and Malia Rose.

SFMOMA thanks our associate producers Christina Linden and Malia Rose.

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