SFMOMA Headgear

Here is the headgear I added kinetic elements to for the SFMOMA closing show last week.

Back row starting at left (sorry for a lack of creative names!):

  • Bright flickering and pulsating illumination on top
  • Machine-like pulsing illumination in the tea strainer
  • Colorful glowing kaleidoscope in the top-hat
  • Nervously rotating crown
  • Communications dish searching for a signal
  • (no kinetics)

Front row starting at left:

  • (no kinetics)
  • tubes jerking suggesting fluid flowing through them
  • (no kinetics)


I didn’t get a good shot of the best headgear:

Two lights pulsing out of sync with one another, illuminating the face of the wearer



A great shot of Desiree:

A shot of  the performance:


(view in 3D wigglevision)

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