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Ouch, My Knees Hurt

Last week I rode to College of San Mateo, careful to be kind to my knees. But yet again I injured my knees riding my bike. Ow, it hurts. It’s this horribly nonspecific pain, more like a tingling gone horribly wrong. When it’s in full swing, it feels more like a “worry” that at each […]

College of San Mateo is So Pretty I Want to Cry

I started a Library Research class at College of San Mateo today. I took the train and biked up and up and up to get here. Initially I cursed the difficult uphill trip but it is so freaking beautiful here! Water fountains and grand promenades and big windows and great spaces and the view and […]


An Obituary for CELLspace (via) Go to the original site for pix and other good writings! CELLspace, community arts center, closed its doors at the end of 2012. During the late 90s and early aughts, there was no better place to see the Mission District’s artistic, multicultural vibe than CELLspace. San Francisco prankster Chicken John […]

My Commute

Here’s a photo from my commute last week. Nice, eh? I’m commuting on the SF->Sausalito ferry to my Occupational Therapy Center volunteership. I’m upping from once a week to twice a week starting next week. Right now I travel: Home –> Bart to Embarcadero –> Ferry to Sausalito –>bike to office. It takes about 1 […]

Recent Good Things

I helped a friend connect with some new passions. – D. writes “Seriously, it’s funny how I’ve been stumbling around in my own little world on how to do music-light-flame art that can be interactive, rather than a passive audience, and here you’ve shown me a whole community working on PID (Physical Interactive Design) for […]

Some Nice Adventures with Megan

A chronicle from back in early June: Thursday I biked to Fort Mason, we met up and saw an outdoor exhibit in Fort Mason Center called “Seat“, which was exactly what you think it might be… seats as art. Which you’d think was kinda dumb but after seeing a couple of them and “getting it” […]

Another Semester of Strength Training

September thru December 2011 I beefed up my body a lot working out at CCSF. This semester I didn’t make nearly as much progress. On a lot of fronts I just kept things even. Here are the highlights: Everything I do is 2 sets of 10 reps. On most machines I stayed even from last […]

The Science of Art Event at the Crucible

This Open House is really going to rock. There are a LOT of fun sciencey demos going on, with fire and sparks and pretty shiny things, and darn-it, it’s free! Spring Open House “The Science of Art” April 7th, 2012, 12pm-4pm Free Admission. Join us for the “The Science of Art” at The Crucible. For […]

Biking Around

Having a good bike is amazing. Last week, for the first time, I was able to keep up with the uphill 13.5mph green wave on Valencia… with ease! And today I rode to CPMC Pacific Campus (where I’m doing my hospital volunteering for school and such) in 30 minutes… less time than it would have […]

About Motorcycles

Update: You should get 3 things out of this post: Cars are dangerous. Motorcycles are 35 times more dangerous than cars per mile driven. There is no riding “safely”. 2/3 of motorcycle deaths are not the motorcyclist’s fault. So maybe drive a motorcycle as a pleasure-craft or occasional-transportation, but don’t make it your daily vehicle. […]