College of San Mateo is So Pretty I Want to Cry

I started a Library Research class at College of San Mateo today. I took the train and biked up and up and up to get here. Initially I cursed the difficult uphill trip but it is so freaking beautiful here! Water fountains and grand promenades and big windows and great spaces and the view and the view and the view! I was going to ask how I could get on the wifi but it’s all open. They even got the details right: the table I am sitting at right now was teetering, I was getting ready to fix it by shoving a napkin or something under a leg but the table legs have built-in screws to fixing such things!

I was on campus just once before trying to get a class but it was at night and I only saw the registration department. I remember that was even a good experience with their nice people and beautifully laid out space with these big comfy chairs with these awesome fold-out work surfaces.

It’s so pretty here I want to cry!


  1. Beverley Madden says:

    Just want to say thank you to ‘’ for his kind words. It’s pretty up here at College of San Mateo and I hope more of you will come check us out. If I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me at! Beverley Madden, Director, College Business Development, Marketing, Outreach and PR

  2. lee says:

    Thank you, Beverley!

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