Burning Man 2013 Resource Guide

Presenting the Burning Man 2013 Resource Guide!

From the Jack Rabbit Speaks, “We’ve compiled a list of fellow JRS readers who are offering you their bits, bobs, wares, services and suchlike (and often special discounts for Burners) to help you prepare for the playa.”

This is a simply spectacular listing of burniphenalia. Enjoy!

(Find the original list here)



Table of Contents


Lights and Electronics

Acme Playa Supply
Decorate your body, your bike and your camp. Look Fabulous on the Playa! – Glowing Flowers, – Light up Tutus, – Battery powered glowing Bike decorations, – Night glowing decorations, – Sparkling earrings, – EL Wire, – Glowing Fiber Optic hair extensions – Body art, – Crystal Eye Makeup strips – Fabulous clothes
+ Battery powered + re-usable
Burner owned business. Playa tested gear.
Use the code BURNBABY for 10 % off!
patti (at) acmeplaya (dot) com

Astral Hoops
After being gifted with our first hula hoops at the Arizona Burning Man Regional, TOAST!, in 2007, we quit our corporate jobs in pursuit of making cutting edge LED hoops and flow tools. Burning Man changes lives you say? If you’re not familiar with what we do, swing by our website for pictures and videos of what we’ve been creating. Our hoop and flow tools are entirely designed and hand built by us in our Denver hoopshop and are some of the most technologically advanced in the world. Save $15 on the purchase of any new LED hoop or flow tool over $100 using coupon code: BM2013. Offer expires August 15th to help give us time for our own BM preparations.
info (at) astralhoops (dot) com

Tired of the same old blinky blinky? Want more out of your LEDs?
Hire AudioPixel to outfit your project with powerful software that has enabled next-generation experiences at hundreds of stages and art installations around the world. No need to invest in proprietary media servers and software that doesn’t do everything you want, when AudioPixel can program custom solutions that fulfill your visions. Check out AudioPixel.com to get an idea of what’s possible, and contact our team to discuss options for your interactive project, art installation, mutant vehicle, or dj/stage.
Burners receive a free consultation, and software purchase includes custom 3D pixel mapping for your project.
About AudioPixel: Initially started as a Burning Man project in 2008, AudioPixel has grown into a specialized production team, designing and lighting immersive projects around the world. Some event highlights include lighting the Boom Festival 2010 in Portugal, NeXus at Burning Man 2012, and joining the legendary producer Tipper to present an exclusive audio-visual tour: The Tipper Sound Experience.
info (at) audiopixel (dot) com

A ready made 10′ electroluminescent bike kit!
Made by burners, improved over the years by burners to withstand the playa while keeping your bike lit at night. We judge that lighting your bike at night on the playa is VERY important, as such, we gift as much as we can to burners by giving you the code “burningman2013” to get you the whole kit for $12.50. That’s cost. We love you.
We’ve stocked up for another burn so get as many as you would like. Use the code at www.bikeglow.com at checkout. We do this with Love to help you all have a durable, yet cooliostio bike light all week. See you out at the burn…
chris (at) bikeglow (dot) com

Blinky Belts
Blinky Belts have LED lights that flash when you move. They come in many different colors and styles.
blinkybelts (at) gmail (dot) com

Burner Prep
Look cool, stand out, and get ready for Burning Man! Burner Prep sells body and bike lights that are essential, fun, and stand out on the Playa. It also has goggles, dust masks, and costumes. Furthermore, there are video guides explaining the products, a survival guide, and a Resources page that has links to other sites to help you get ready for one of the best adventures and most meaningful experiences you will ever have!
rishirmalhotra (at) gmail (dot) com

CooLight has helped Burners light up the Playa since 1999. Playa Moon Phase this year will be going into 3rd Quarter and Waning Crescent. No lights? No good! CooLight provides the highest quality El Wire to help you light up yourself, your bike, your art, art cars…. Be seen, keep safe!
Burner owned and operated. We are offering free shipping (domestic only) on orders over $35.00 (use coupon code ‘freeload’) OR 10% off entire order, no minimum. (use coupon code ‘johnfrum’). Only Florida residents pay sales tax.
Need help with your project? Email us or call us 407-654-2660.
support (at) coolight (dot) com

Cool Neon/Funhouse Productions has been lighting the playa’s coolest projects longer than any other company. Whether you’re creating a cutting edge light art installation or just looking for enough light to keep from getting run down in deep playa, we are the company you can depend on. If you’ve shopped with us before, please tell your friends who to shop with; if you haven’t please ask your friends about us.
We have Cool Neon EL-wire, pre-soldered and ready to go on your costumes, bicycles and art cars, and on spools for larger projects. Our Total Control Lighting pixels have changed the lightscape of Burning Man. Visit our website for details and to see our complete line of beautiful and energy efficient LED products manufactured exclusively for us. We eagerly take on the most tech advanced projects. All of our lighting is Arduino controllable.
This year’s soldering parties are Saturday, July 20th, August 10th, and August 17th 4 — 9 PM, and annual tradition since ’99, always free. While there, you can test ride our Social Revolution, the 2-3 person playa tricycle. Other special events yet to be announced.
Order pick-up and in-store shopping Tuesday — Friday 11 AM — 4 PM. We are conveniently located near the base of the Bay Bridge in Oakland.
Burners’ online specials: 20% off in July, 10% off year round (type ‘TCL’ in coupon field during online checkout). Most orders go out the same day.
Call us, Benny, Karen, and Gian anytime with questions.  510-547-5878
We can’t wait to see you and your projects glowing on the playa!
info (at) coolneon (dot) com

Custom illuminated clothing for rock stars (actual or aspiring), and anyone who seeks increased visibility at night (for fun, fashion, safety, etc …). We are mostly focused on creating completely original pieces, which can require a lead time of 4-6 weeks, so planning ahead is helpful!
Enlighted is owned an operated by Janet Hansen, playa participant since ’99.
inquiry (at) enlighted (dot) com

Extreme Glow
Portable Lights, EL Wire, Costumes, Chemical Glow, Rechargeable LEDs: Find it all at Extreme Glow!
Grab a paper bag, breathe into it and calm yourself down. You’re hyperventilating because you ain’t never seen a deal like this before. That’s right, 10% off of your ENTIRE purchase by entering the Coupon Code: BM26EG13.
Why 10%? Because we’re a wholesale company and we’d like to be around in 2014. Seriously though, we’ve got rock solid prices, awesome delivery, and amazing customer service. Plus, we’ve been servicing Burning Man customers since before you guys had Gmail accounts.
This amazing deal runs through August 26, 2013 and applies only to online orders.
info (at) extremeglow (dot) com

Beautiful rechargeable lights for poi and staff spinning, and personal, bike and camp lighting! Bright, durable and rechargeable, Flowtoys are also sustainably designed, and come with a lifetime warranty. If you are looking for inspiring props for creative self expression like poi, staff, toroflux and levitating wands, check out Flowtoys. We also produce awesome playa-ready hipsacks and action pants. We design and produce our products, and do not resell novelty items. Flowtoys treads lightly in our productions and operations, and are committed to sustainability, donating a percent of profits to e-Stewards, a non-profit focusing on electronic-waste management. We have a take-back program, diverting old/broken products from landfill, upcycle parts towards art projects, and donate toys to non-profits. Flowtoys does not merely sell products – we promote conscious mindset and lifestyle through our offerings. Located in the Bay Area, Flowtoys has grown with roots in Burning Man culture – our first prototypes were tried and tested on the playa!
info (at) flowtoys (dot) com

We stock a massive range of glow in the dark camping gear, as well as stoves, eco lanterns and cycling glow supplies.
We’ve recently developed a resource (linked below) based around our Glow Camping Guide, which is what I recently reached out to you about linking to on the Burning Man site.
We’d warmly welcome the opportunity to be associated with such an all-encompassing community, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know the next steps.
Kind Regards,
nathan (at) queryclick (dot) com

Hokey Spokes
The classic lights for Burning Man! Each year the presence of Hokey Spokes at Burning Man enlightens the desert night with colorful LED lights that attach to your bicycle spokes. Six different pre-programmed images rotate at 10 second intervals using IR to coordinate signals for images. Plus, program up to 16 characters of text independent of a computer.
Burning Man participants pay only $19.95 each ( Usually $29.95 ! ) plus get ONE $10.00 seven stage Really Red Tail light FREE with each Burner order. (Please note on the order page that you are a Burner! and your FREE Really Red Tail Light will be shipped with your Hokey Spoke order!
This Really Red Tail light can be attached to your bicycle seat, your knapsack, your belt clip, to keep you visible and safe. Requires two AAA batteries (not included).
Enjoy Burning Man and lights from Hokey Spokes!
hokeyspokes (at) yahoo (dot) com

Holy! Bike Lights
Holy! Bike Lights
Waterproof – Color Change LED Setups for Bikes and all sorts of Burning Man vehicles. Special $85 Price for Burners! See www.holybikelights.com for more information and photos of our kickass LEDs. Includes: Waterproof LEDs, Battery Box, Bike Bag, Wireless Remote, and everything you need to get LIT! Choose from 16 Colors, DIY Programmable Colors, Flash, Fade, Brightness Controls and Strobe available! “So bright you’ll think you saw Jesus!” Light it up Burners – Holy! Bike Lights Crew.
holybikelights (at) yahoo (dot) com

Light up your camp, art cars, bikes or chill space with soothing and dazzling Laser Starfield Projectors! Watch laser beams appear as three dimensional bands of light when dust storms illuminate projections. Find battery-powered or low-energy use lighting effects to enhance your playa celebration, including handheld BlissLights Laser Wands, high powered Portable Laser Starfield projectors, weatherproof LED lighting and more! Visit www.lasersandlights.com Use coupon code “burners”. Contact: shop@lasersandlights.com We will see you beaming on the playa!
shop (at) lasersandlights (dot) com

Light ‘N Wire Productions is an art-technology Lightwire (aka el-wire) resource center that provides Lightwire materials and consulting for the custom design and decor of Lightwire for illuminated costumes, masks, art sculpture, signage, theme camp markers, bicycles, art cars and theater props. (limited only by your imagination)
– We offer custom-fitted STICKMAN costumes – We also provide ready-made, already soldered Lightwire driver and sequencer kits http://www.lightnwire.com/kits.html
– Our consulting is FREE! louismbrill@gmail.com
louismbrill (at) gmail (dot) com

Light Fantastic
Light Fantastic is a small, one-woman company, the brainchild of Portland, Oregon-based artist Alysia Dynamik. The goal of LF is to provide beautiful, eclectic light-up accessories to eccentric individuals who frequent events held in darkness or low light. Each Light Fantastic piece is lovingly handmade and, as such, one-of-a-kind. There is no mass production; all pieces are sewn, soldered, and assembled by hand, and all are lit by bright, efficient, long-lasting LED lights. Batteries are easy to find and replace, allowing you to treasure your unique piece of wearable light art through years of use.
emaillightfantastic (at) gmail (dot) com

I supply the brightest, best quality patented Lytec EL wire and electroluminescent tri wire. The newest unique and burner friendly LED toys, gadgets and hats. I have all kinds of quality light up toys at great prices for your bikes, baskets and wearable purposes . I offer a supply of rage sticks keeping burners together on the playa. I offer unique laser projectors. Fringe light up FUR accessories, scarves, vests, tutu’s, pockets and unusual handmade light up hats at the best prices.
Our Goal is to illuminate the danger that Dark Wads cause by not having lights at night. This creates mega dangers and it can lead to injuries by an art car or a bicycle. This is 100% burner owned and burner friendly business for the past 12 years.
I offer wholesale prices to all burners. Email me and ask for the burner price or the burner coupon.
For your last minute orders, we have a pick up location at the Empire store 9 miles from Burningman. Request pick up and save on shipping plus receive a small playa swag gift.
I LOVE this burner community. Don’t be a Dark Wad!
lightupwire (at) gmail (dot) com

Lites On Bikes
We make customizable LED light kits for bike tires. Special deal*- 2 for 1 for burners. Share them with a camp mate or use them both yourself!
me (at) vickiwinters (dot) com

Live Wire Neon
El Wire Fairy Lights (LED Strands) Light Up Poi Balls and Glove Sets Goggles and Faux Fur Designs
Mention code : Jackrabbit Receive a free El Badge necklace and 10 percent off your phone order!  (818) 422-8013  (818) 601-0189 Pickup location in North Bay near Santa Rosa , Ca
Livewireneon (at) gmail (dot) com

Magic Matt’s Brilliant Blinkys
10% Burner Discount for Blinkees, Trip Toys, Illuminated Accoutrements, LED Accessories, EL Wire, Light Show Gloves, Flashing Fedoras, Playa Lights and more. Blinkee.com – Almost as bright as your smileâ„¢
Matt (at) Blinkee (dot) com

Light up your bike! Year after year, sparkle ponies and art cars all over BRC enjoy the glow of Monkey Light bicycle wheel lights. They’re Playa-proven, durable & waterproof. Our full color, LED lights display hundreds of trippy colors & pattern combinations.
* 2 year warranty * Dual sided display * Made in the San Francisco Bay Area * 3 AA batteries = your ticket to Camp Blingtown
20% discount
on our M210 and M232 lights using code MLBURN at http://store.monkeylectric.com/
Peep our patterns–they’re rad: http://www.monkeylectric.com/m210-user-guide/ http://www.monkeylectric.com/m232-user-guide/
info (at) monkeylectric (dot) com

One Step Timer
Special discounts on string lights with built in timers. Lights come on automatically at the same time each evening. Great for lighting up artwork, plants, tents, costumes, bikes, etc. Look for our Playa Lights page to get to Burning Man discounts. This page will only be active in July and August.
onesteptimer (at) gmail (dot) com

This is the newest revolution in the bike lighting industry. PBLights give all the advantages of a super lit bike while offering them at a cost effective price point. This company has only even around for a short period of time but has seen great growth in all markets especially the burner community.
Hartman.edwin (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Cracks
Light up your Body, your Bike, your Camp! ++Hand made light up flowers that run on one AAA battery. Last for many years, look beautiful, make you visible at night with style. ++Colorful EL Wire and Streamers to make you Glow at night! ++Streamers for your bike handlebars that light up! Find your bike easily in a crowd. ++Fun Tutus, booty shorts, and clothes to help you look amazing! Discount for Burners, use the coupon ESPLANADE to get 10% off your order. Burner owned, and Burner artists
glow (at) playacracks (dot) com

Sandy’s Electronic Parts
We are a Retailer of Electronic Parts, Computer Hardware, Cables/Wire, and Tools. We carry LED Lighting, Resistors, Meters, Electrician Tools, Audio/Video Wires, Heat Shrink, and MUCH MUCH MORE!! We, !also, carry a large variety of Cables and Wiring….both Pre-Cut AND by the Foot! We are locally owned and have been serving Northern Nevada for 30 years!
Come in to the Store and let the Cashier know that you’re part of the Burning Man Event, to receive 10% off your purchase!
Also, make sure to stop by the website for specials offers for Burning Man Participants!
darren (at) partsandcables (dot) com

Seattle’s source for EL wire, drivers and accessories! Light your bike, light your costumes, light your camp, light your art. Don’t be a darkwad – stay safe while looking awesome!
We also stock 12VDC and 120VAC rope lighting in a wide variety of colors – perfect for lighting art cars and art installations without a generator!
Save 10% on orders over $100 using the coupon code: Burn2013
sales (at) seattlelumin (dot) com


Miscellaneous BRC Gear

ABC Pendants
Born on the Playa in 2007, we help fellow Burners create pendants, swag, pins or patches for “gifting” or camp swag. Whether individuals or a camp, let us help you turn your special design into a “Playa Gift” or pick a design and we will customize it for you. Made from acrylic, wood, leather, bone, metal or cloth using our high-tech laser engraver, we can make one or hundreds. Create “Member Camp Swag” for food lines or identification. Or make special “Thank You Gifts” for your Kickstarter.com projects. And our kinetic designs make for those ultra gifts as well. Come see our art display at Center Camp. Visit us NOW at www.ABCLaserPendants.com OR NOW see us at www.PlayaPendants.com Thanks for thinking of us.
info (at) PlayaPendants (dot) com

Action Wipes
Action Wipes www.actionwipes.com We’ve been supporting and keeping the burner community clean and refreshed since the inception of Action Wipes in 2007. Action Wipes are full body wet wipes created for when you don’t have time or access to shower – like the playa! Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, Action Wipes are infused with tea tree, eucalyptus, frankincense and ylang ylang essential oils . Their natural sudsiness removes dirt, sweat, odor and Playa dust gently and effectively. No rinse and no residue — they leave your skin feeling soft and smelling great. Bonus – the premium cloth wipe can be rinsed and re-used as a dishcloth, bike rag and doo rag (among other things!). Plus it can be burned in a hot fire without leaving a trace! And yes, they’re large (10″x9″) and safe for “every inch” of your body! GET 20% OFF entire online order. Use code ‘PLAYA13’
info (at) actionwipes (dot) com

Asterisk Poi LLC
Sock poi made from up-cycled materials.
Burner Discount Code for 10% off all orders (active after July 4th) – ILOVEBRC
Weights (also up-cycled) and shipping included, with prices ranging from $20.00 – $30.00 per pair. Poi lengths from 17″ to 24″ and custom sizes available. Due to the use of up-cycled materials, most items are one of a kind or limited edition.
Want Poi made from your favorite shirt or pants that are no longer wearable? Send them to us and we’ll make you custom poi for $35.00!
suziegofast (at) asteriskpoi (dot) com

BarSyl Bazaar
The BarSyl Bazaar in Gerlach has it all for your party supplies. There are, BIKES, pallets of beer, pallets of cold ice, cases of goggles and Burningman Calendars, HOT FOOD and SEXY PLAYA WEAR. Dude, we have everything you forgot right here in Gerlach, And the best part is all the sexy burners willing to help! We’re 2 blocks North of Bruno’s. Stop in for a PARTY HAT! Happy Burning!
JB (at) ArtCarSupport (dot) com

Bicycle Safety, Inc.
Third Eye Mirrors for bicyclists.
shela (at) thirdeyemirrors (dot) com

Carousel Consignment SF
Carousel Consignment SF is a new store in the Mission that features furniture, decor, oddities, and art for the home as well as locally made jewelry, accessories and upcycled goodies perfect for the playa! Many of the artists, designers, and jewelry makers featured in the store, as well as the store’s owners themselves, are veteran burners who know just what you need to make this year your best burn ever! Mention that you are a burner and get 10% off (some art excluded). Virgins and vererans welcome!
info (at) carouselsf (dot) com

Cashman Equipment
We rent power generators of all sizes from 15kW to 2000kW, including distribution boxes and cables. We can do delivery on-site to Burningman and after event pick-up, OR equipment can be picked up in Sparks. Other construction equipment can also be rented for large art projects. We have been providing generators to Burningman since the beginning. 600 Glendale Ave, Sparks, NV 89431 Contact is Rebel Hooper or Sarah Shields at  775-332-2438  800-937-2326
Rebel_Hooper (at) cashmanequipment (dot) com

Welcome Burners! All of your adult toys, sexy gear and kinky playa wear at an exclusive discount for burners. Use the code: BM2013 at checkout at get 25% off your order! (our prices are still some of the lowest on the net!) There is no limit on this discount code use, so please pass it along to your burner friends. Also, if you need anything in bulk from our catalog for your art project, shoot us an email. We may be able to help you out with wholesale pricing. (need a million Buzzy Bunny Silicone G-spot Vibes for the million bunny march??!!) Also willing to provide camps with a super special discount code where a portion of sales will assist camps in raising money to fund their projects. Contact us quick. Can’t wait! Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the Playa! We are not just common sense, we are Common Sensual!
burner (at) commonsensual (dot) com

Geodesic domes available in Reno, NV. Custom made with specialty tools. Available in all sizes. 16 foot diameter 1/2″ metal conduit pipe~ $200 3/4″ metal conduit pipe~ $420 *Alternative sizes available, prices available upon request. Mention you are a fellow burner and receive a 10 % discount.
Domkukulica (at) gmail (dot) com

Dr. Cory Enterprises
Dr. Cory’s Party Pax: Highly Effective Party Recovery Nutrients
Cory Reddish, ND aka Dr Cory is a purveyor of all things Good, Healthy and Fun. Her signature Party Pax- Virtuous Nutrients for your Vices-originally developed at Burning Man have been preventing party burnout and helping revelers for over 10 years!
– Take care of your health on the Playa – Boost Energy, Mental Clarity and Stamina – Sleep Better – Reboot your Brain and Protect your Liver – Get back to work more easily when you return to the “real” world

Choose from 3 convenient Pax:
-DAILY MAINTENANCE PAX: Full Throttle Desert Maintenance- Everything you need to stay healthy on the Playa and Festivals. Contains Multivitamin, Anti-oxidants, Magnesium, Fish oil, Liver Detox & Brain Nutrients, Vitamin C and Electrolytes all in one easy convenient packet. For partiers and non-partiers alike!
-EXTREME PARTY PAX: protects the brain, enhances detox and restores depleted nutrients and neurotransmitters. Formulated to minimize untoward effects of: all-night parties, stimulants, extreme substances.
-BOOZE PAX: Formulated to minimize untoward effects of: spirits, beer, wine and big nights out. Supports alcohol detoxification pathways in the liver to prevent hangovers.

She also has a host of other great high-quality natural remedies to treat and prevent common Playa ailments, like Throat Mist, Herbal Cough Elixir and Extatic Energy Elixir.
Party Pax make great Burning Man gifts or order in bulk for your whole camp and save some dough!
For more details and to order go to www.drcory.com
*Mention the Burning Man resource guide with your order and she’ll include a Playa Natural Health Survival Guide! Field-tested, doctor approved!
info (at) drcory (dot) com

Duffy Studios
20% off for any Black Rock City Citizen
mondrianmobile (at) hotmail (dot) com

Foam earplugs are for sleeping, EarBuddies are for partying!!!
When you’re in a loud environment and need to protect your hearing without compromising on sound quality, you need these earplugs.
Reusable: Durable high-quality comfortable silicone earbuds that last for years. Effective: Sound is ‘turned down’ to a safe volume, but still comes through clearly (unlike foam earplugs). Handy: Easy to clean and hard to lose with their included keyring case. Affordable: Similar technology as custom molded earplugs, but a fraction of the price. Different models priced from $33 – $50 US.
Get 20% off by using the special Burning Man discount code on our website: “BM”
deb (at) earbuddies.co (dot) nz

Goggle Doctor
Goggle Doctor Burningman special… $10 GOGGLES! Yes, you read that right. We simply have the best selection and, clearly, the best prices anywhere for your goggles. Please stop in and buy our goggles. Besides, you certainly forgot something anyway that you can get from these guys. We are presenting at the BarSyl Bazaar, 305 Main Street, 2 blocks North of Bruno’s in Gerlach. Join the party on your way through.
sturgeon1 (at) hughes (dot) net

Hi! My name is Jesse (the Hippie) and I was inspired to start making custom hammocks at Burning Man last year. The responses to my custom hammocks have be so positive that I’ve started a website to show them off and sell them. As a veteran burner and festival-goer I’ve learned that a nylon hammock is an indispensable part of any festival-goer’s kit (in fact you’ll find me sleeping in one every night at Burning Man, and lounging in it during the heat of the day too!) Now, thanks to a special process involving heat and acid, I am reproducing complex and classic tie-dye designs on hammocks with the strength and comfort of nylon. This is no simple task and we are the only company in the world tie-dyeing 100% nylon hammocks.
My website is called HippieHammocks.com and to celebrate its launch I am offering all burners a 10% discount. Feel free to share my website and the coupon with fellow burners. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming ‘Burner Series’ hammocks and t-shirts…
To receive the 10% discount enter “burner10” at checkout
Hippie (at) HippieHammocks (dot) com

In sTone
I sand-carve (sandblast) ancient art and symbols into natural stone slabs, river rocks, pocket stones and pendants. I always bring the BM logo on small beach pebbles as my giveaways, and usually drill and string them for pendants for my campmates. I can carve just about any design into just about any stone. I make thankyou gifts that really work! I live in Sonoma county, CA and sell my wares at a craft and farmers market in Santa Rosa on Wednesday evenings, all summer. Stop on by to check out my Big Sur Jade nugget Bman pendants. No website yet, but feel free to email me with your ideas. At least 20% off civilian prices for Burners. On the Playa, visit me at Eyeland Oasis. Peace, Jim (Olskoo)
symbolsimon (at) comcast (dot) net

JADED MINX is the pioneer creator of cutting edge, avant garde, steampunk, apocalyptic, and futuristic, trend-setting GOGGLES, GAS MASKS, RESPIRATORS and related ‘ARTWEAR’.
We specialize in pushing the envelope and breaking boundary restraints in industrial and urban SURVIVAL fashion.
Our goggles have shatterproof UV-400 lenses and adjustable elastic straps. We also offer several styles of ‘OVER-SIZED’ GOGGLES that fit over prescription glasses.
Our fully functional ‘EDGY’ RESPIRATORS and GAS MASKS aid in eliminating symptoms of toxic exposure, hazardous chemicals, and pollutants, which include coughing, irritation of the eyes and lungs, rashes, headaches and nausea. They are perfect for protection from the Playa’s ‘at times’ unpredictable conditions. We also make gas masks that are strictly a ‘fashion statement’.
We’ve been supplying ‘BURNERS’ with affordable SURVIVAL GEAR for a number of years now, going out of our way to make your BURNING MAN experience both pleasant and safe.
So if you’re looking for originality and edge…look no further, you’ve come to the right place.
SURVIVAL WITH ATTITUDE!!! info (at) jadedminx (dot) com
info (at) jadedminx (dot) com

Jungle Supply Co.
Bamboo plants and poles in all shapes and sizes.
zjdelaney (at) gmail (dot) com

Keeper Lit Designs
Keeper Lit Designs creates functional art, a space where utility and imagination combine into one.
The burn barrel serves as a portable fire source, stove, discussion piece, and glowing beacon of flames licking metal. Each is intricately designed, allowing backlit fire images to glow through the steel barrel in a 360 degree piece.
Let us create with you a fire art piece that transforms your camp into a welcoming, warm space throughout the nights of Burning Man and beyond.
rangerkeeper (at) gmail (dot) com

Lost Unicorn Island
Burner with a very specific item… the best antilockout/can’t loose your keys item. Portable Locker with built in security cable. Put your keys in it, lock the cable to the frame of your car… no loosing your keys on the playa!
Store price $44.95 Price for Burners: $20/each or 3 for $50!!! + $12 shipping. (local SoCal pick up OK!)
I will try to have a web site for this by the weekend.
goldunicorn (at) hotmail (dot) com

Mad Propz
At Ruthfull’s Mad Propz, you can find an assortment of decorated ashtray tins for the LNT smokers in your life! Are you tired of smelling like an ashtray after a long night on the playa? If you’re not a smoker, are you tired of finding butts in your camp’s recycling or, worse, on the ground? These tins solve this MOOP dilemma with style! They contain the mess and the smell, and will stay firmly shut in your bag or pocket (so long as you empty it regularly upon returning to camp). I have many more in stock than what is shown in my Etsy shop, and will post more soon! Custom tins also available (choose your phrase, colors and shoe picture)!
See y’all when we all get back HOME! )'(
treasure.de.trash (at) gmail (dot) com

Burning man Pendants. I have been making pendants for the last several years most are designed around the theme. they are made in silver bronze and pewter. This year I am designing a new pendant for Cargo Cult and am very excited to extend this offer to a wider community. This year when you buy 1 sterling silver pendant you will get 5 pewter copies to gift on the playa.
me (at) mileseastman (dot) com

Missaiyas New World Water
Water bottles and containers of all sizes,pure H2O done on site, art, dust scarfs,Elec.wire bike kits, blinky things,water filters,crystals,plus you never know what.
jtobin6921 (at) aol (dot) com

Fermentation Composting. Compost your food waste in a 5-gallon bucket with our microbe inoculated bran. Easy way to deal with your food waste on the playa or at home in the default world. Starter kit for Burners will be discounted to $45 from $60. Additional bran is also available. (depending on amount of bran available, each batch takes about 3-4 weeks to ferment and dry for storage) Each starter kit will include one mobokashi fermentation bucket and one recycled bucket, 2 pounds of bran, one gamma seal air tight lid, pressure plate to compress the food waste, and lastly an instruction booklet. Our commercial starter kits includes only one bucket, one lid, and all the other items.
mobokashi (at) gmail (dot) com

Nutrivize is a website that sells products that are alive and organic, similar to supplements. As a long-term Burner, next year will be my 10th year in a row woo hoo!, I have a personal history of illness that I will not get into here. My sweet Burning Man helped heal me, which seems counterintuitive but perhaps I’ll share that story with you all one day over drinks! Through that experience I developed a kit that helps support the synergistic healing of our body’s natural immune system. I’ve been giving these out to my Burner friends for years to take before, during and after Burning Man. There are a number of sensitivities that people experience because of the harsh conditions. By feeding the body what it needs to heal and support itself, we can support a person’s overall experience and health. This supports every type of participant, including those who build our installations and art to those who simply volunteer in the coffee café. Being on this list would be such a great honor and in keeping with our mission statement. You can check it out on our homepage but here it is: We’re on a mission to build healthy, energized, vibrant communities…starting with you! Through offering the highest education and knowledge you too can achieve a better way of living for you and your family. Thanks so much!
Adleradvocate (at) earthlink (dot) net

Playa Bike Repair
PLAYA BIKE REPAIR is both a service, and a theme camp. Buy or rent a bike via our website. We transport your bike to the playa. Claim your bike at our camp!
Details …
PRE PLAYA: – Lightly used hybrid bikes are $200. It’s your bike! You own it! Not a rental! (MSRP $550!) – Bike Rentals are $150. – Bike Transport is $50 from SF to BRC, round trip. Open to everyone.
IN BLACK ROCK CITY – We run a “Bike Lounge,” with a bar, mist, music, shade, and tools. – Mechanics drop in. Friendly, nurturing, and supportive, they will help anyone fix any bike, free. – Last year, our first, we fixed over 2,000 bikes!
AFTER THE BURN: – Bike Transport to SF. – Bike cleaning, maintenance, and/or 12 months storage. – Bike Transport to Burning Man 2013!
YOUR SUPPORT enables us to offer free bike repair on the playa.
PlayaBikeRepair (at) gmail (dot) com

Playatech offers the playa’s most complete line of benches, bars, beds, tables, couches, and just about anything you need to furnish a rockin’ camp or art installation. Coming soon in our new web site: performance stages! A sweet one-sheet dining table. And even a magic playhouse for the kids.
Since 2005, you’ve experienced Playatech from Media Mecca to Animal Control, Playa Info to Earth Guardians, and a hundred other places you sit, drink, dance, work, sleep, or chill – if you haven’t made some yet, it’s time to get off your duff and gift the ultimate cargo to your campmates!
Our designs kick butt on IKEA, ship flat as 4×8 sheets, assemble/strike in moments with no fasteners, and prove that your garage beats China – plus, participating in Playatech embodies all 10 Burning Man principles. But only if you DO it!
Just download plans for a $5/ea donation to BRAF, and all the camp furniture you’ll ever dream of is Done For You!! Well, you’ll need some power tools. We define playa posh, so shop till you drop and build early before our annual server crash mid-August. It’s the best playa gear money can’t buy – except the spoof items. Go on, open the crate and look inside…it isn’t as scary as it looks!
Playatech – Burying The Cult In Cargo Since Branding Art For The Psyche
sunshine (at) playatech (dot) com

** BURNER DISCOUNT: 10%-20% off Belts, Pods and Sets!
GOT CARGO? We make the modular utility-belt system designed specifically for playa: by burners, for burners, since 2002. Keep survival needs secure, accessible, and without weight on your shoulders. Choose from 20+ pouches, utilities and accessories: add function to your existing cargo belts & gear, mix-n-match to create your own custom PodBelt set, or pick one of our starter sets. Discount set prices $50 & up, and many accessories under $10.
** NEW THIS YEAR: Some of our classic pouches are now available in Brown, Khaki, Army Green and/or Camo print.
** ORDERING DEADLINES: Until Mon July 15: Your choice of “Early Bird” gift Until Mon Aug 5: Burner discount prices + guarantee pre-BM delivery August 5-24: LAST CALL: no discount + may require rush shipping
** TO GET THE DISCOUNT: Visit http://podbelt.com/buypod.html Click the flame icon at the bottom Enter password: blackrockbelt You MUST order from our BRC page. Retroactive discounts cannot be given.
** IN LA OR SF: Get your Pod gear in person! And try limited-edition Pod prototypes, Rubberwear jewelry, and one-of-a-kind upcycled fashion: SF: Beyond the Fence, Aug 4 @ Mighty, 119 Utah St. LA: email for an appointment to visit us @ the Brewery Arts Complex
Thanks for your continued support!
pods (at) podbelt (dot) com

Pope’s Brand Media
PLAYA SWAG PACKAGES!! Stickers, T-shirts and Patches for your camp or Village. All Made my Seasoned DPW veteran! Don’t let that scare you… really!
And Signs for your camp front end.!! http://seattlesigns.biz httpo://popesbrand.com
Email for quotes: pope@popesbrand.com
pope (at) seattlesigns (dot) biz

PraxAir Distribution-Sparks, NV
We offer all kinds of welding gases and safety supplies. Welding Gases Masks Goggles Dry Ice special at $.50 LB for all Burners.. Call or email for more info on products that we can possibly help you with.  775-355-5882
kent_leslie (at) praxair (dot) com

Howdy Happy Citizens. Propville is a resource designed for film, photo and event production but SO applicable to Burning Man, even we were surprised. What’s extra cool? We have live phone support for questions from creation to transport. We are real people with real life production AND playa experience . (Plus we love to help!) Camera gear to coconut bras, we have sources for it in Nor Cal.
teri (at) propville (dot) com

Rafaels Tools
Burner specials on tarps heavy duty silver or heavy duty white tarps 10 x 20 20.00 20 x 16 32.00 20 x 30 60.00 bungee balls .20
rafael (at) rafaeltools (dot) com

Real Paper Books
Tired of sleeping in your dusty car, missing your blown away tent? Maybe this year it’s time to settle down and participate in the fabric of BRC by creating your own landmark.
BLACK ROCK CITY, NV the first book about the ephemeral architecture of Burning Man presents hundreds of solutions for living in style (or not) on the Playa. Complete with a satellite image of the city and its map (2010) showing the basic layout of the streets, it will help you navigate and (re)discover BRC. It goes deep into a broad typology of shelters, camps, solutions and one-of -a-kind creations made of camouflage nets, tarps, fabric, metal or pvc tubing, insulation board, plywood, even parachutes (if you choose the right one, see page 51). Four pages of resources will help you find sturdy tent poles, heavy duty tarps, shade cloth, domes info, hexayurts blueprints, teepees, metal frames, tents for extreme conditions, bikes and lightings info, bricks & mortar and online camping stores: 115 reliable web sites ending with some Playa fashion addresses, hey! it’s Burning Man after all.
A must-have with your first-aid kit.
BLACK ROCK CITY, NV, from 1996 to 2010, 196 photos, 112 pages, $29. Visit here: www.realpaperbooks.com.
contact (at) realpaperbooks (dot) com

Rocket Science Books
Your first resource for unusual, hard-to-find, out-of-print, and historic information about rockets, missiles, propulsion, space, pyrotechnics, and explosives safety.
Order any three or more books from our catalog (available on our website) and we’ll send them postpaid–free postage–to any address in the USA. Overseas customers: order any five or more books and we’ll pay your postage. Offer ends 30 August 2013.
RSIbookprinting (at) gmail (dot) com

Simply Waterproof
Use Coupon Code BurningMan2013 to get 25% off all orders. Valid through Sept 2, 2013
Greetings fellow BRC residents! I make a line of waterproof sleeves for electronics that are perfect for Burning Man. My products may be better described as liners due to their lightweight, but durable nature. All are completely immersible, which means they’re also playa-proof. Sized to fit cell phones all the way up to 18.4″ laptops, these sleeves are well suited for anyone using portable electronics at burning man: DJs, light effects, fire effects, anything you can imagine that needs a computer, these sleeves can help keep your equipment playa-free. See you on the playa!
martin (at) simplywaterproof (dot) com

Sky Saddle Wines
Organic, biodynamic, dry farmed wine, Sonoma County, small mom and pop operation, don’t own winery or grapes, just make killer wine. Award winning Zinfandel, Red Blend and Chardonnay. Burner Special: $20 bottle (retails $24-38).
skysaddle (at) earthlink (dot) net

Snowflake Hoops inc.
“Fun, unique, whimsical, and crazy, handmade exclusively for you!” Snowflake Hoops features a line of funky customizable day and fire hoops, as well as costumes, playa ware, and artwork. I love love love doing custom orders, so if you have a special idea and want me to make something for you feel free to e-mail me.
SnowflakeHoops (at) gmail (dot) com

Southbay Canopy
Best prices/selection for playa-sturdy sunshades, shadecloth, rebar, bungees, lots.of.tools, industrial.sized.propane.cookers & stoves, much more!
Need a custom sized sunshade that won’t fold in the wind? Bring your sketch and we’ll create it for you. Best prices, check yelp… burners love us, and we love them!
Southbay Canopy Hours:M-F:9am-5pm, Sat:10am-4pm 647 Tully Rd #8 San Jose, CA
vicky.du (at) yahoo (dot) com

The Fur Traders
If its in Stock we have it !! Great collection of materials of Deerskin, Rabbitskins and Leathers to make those amazing Costumes we love to see on the Playa. Bring your Costume designs to SwagMart on the Playa and receive one of our cherished Burning Man Pins, Necklaces, Earring or maybe a beautiful Trouphy. The Fur Traders extensive Collection of Hats, Steam Punk Collection,Unusual Masks, Leather Halter Tops, Playa Boots, Led Lighting, Jewelry, Sheepskin Pelts and NEW this year Tall Straw Top Hats. The Fur Traders, 233 & 319 Broad Street Downtown, Historic Nevada City, California Open 7 Days 10 To 6 See Ya on the Playa. for Burners is here.
info (at) furtraders (dot) com

The Lung Cleaner
Dr. Klear’s lung cleaner is like a steam room in your pocket.
The first, only and all natural inhaler for the lungs. Made with wildcrafted eucalyptus oil, water and salt this is a burner developed product.
Klear, a 10 year burner, runs the burner principle business with this DPW, Ranger, ESD and Gate approved product !
Why wear a gas mask when you can have a steam room after a dust storm anytime of day or night?
Stop by the Steam Bath project or Nectar Village to visit Dr. Klear on Playa!
info (at) thelungcleaner (dot) com

The Urban Farmer Store
Graywater evaporation supplies, pumps, 12v LED lighting, PVC pipe and tubing, shade cloth, misting equipment.
info (at) urbanfarmerstore (dot) com

Trips for Kids/Re-Cyclery
To find LOTS OF VERY affordable, recycled bikes for Burning Man visit Re-Cyclery, a bike thrift store operated by Trips for Kids. Re-Cyclery is located at 610 4th Street in San Rafael, CA and is open Tuesday – Friday noon – 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. Each year Trips for Kids takes hundreds of inner-city kids from the Bay Area on guided mountain bike adventures, many of whom have never been outside of their urban neighborhoods. In 1999 Trips for Kids became a national program. There are now 80 chapters from coast to coast, with more in the works.
sales (at) tripsforkids (dot) org

Truckee Meadow Herbs
We have a full selection of herbal supplements, bulk herbs, teas, Mat’e, herbal extracts, tinctures, homeopathics, Chinese herbal formulas, essential oils, books, salves, bottles and more.
tomstewart2000 (at) gmail (dot) com

Tzipora Hoynik
For the past 6 years I have been providing Burning Man camps with custom designed pendants, I use lead free pewter in my designs. They have a handmade look as opposed to a CAD CAM, laser cut look. Please email me for pictures as I don’t have a website for these.
Thanks Tzipora
tzipora (at) anet (dot) net

dance hoops and particulate fun.
beginner Hoops * travel Hoops * kid Hoops * twins Hoops
whoopkat (at) gmail (dot) com

Zone West
We’re an embroidery company specializing in embroidered patches. Misty, our head artist, is a 7 year veteran of the burn. You may even have one of her BM patches in your collection! Here is a link to a few samples of past Burner artwork from our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=245804495440588&set=pb.131769276844111.-2207520000.1370013335.&type=3&theater
misty (at) zonewest (dot) ca


Playa Preparation Events

Acme Playa Supply
..Fabulous TUTUs, for Tutu Tuesday! ..Leg warmers ..Self adhesive body art ..Booty shorts ..Wigs ..Hats ..Night glowing flowers and body art. ..Tutus that glow at night, battery powered ..Glowing fiber optics to add sparkle to your hair and outfits ..Sparkling streamers for your bike …Make yourself look FABULOUS on the playa! Burner owned business, some products made by Burners 10% discount, use the code BURNBABY at checkout.
keira (at) acmeplaya (dot) com


Playa Wear

Aqua Lupa
Festival wear, one piece fringe body suites and high waisted bottoms, fun prints, up cycled fun clothing.
Peri.dltn (at) gmail (dot) com

Ashley’s Reincarnations
Hand made clothes out of upcycled t shirts. super comfy and eco conscious. mostly yoga shorts and skirts.
biggmuney (at) yahoo (dot) com

Vintage, Accessories, Costumes, and more~! Uniquely divine; crafted with care: everything hand made by Auyer is designed for strength, excellent fit, and elegance. All items are made in the USA.
And for your Halloween, Playa, and other Cosplay needs: email me with your ideas and photos and we can get started! Every year my custom designs enhance someone’s Burn, Convention, Halloween, or Renaissance Faire (to name a few!) through expression of their own personality in clothing. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to help someone tap into that hidden desire to imagine and watch it bloom.
What’s your desire? Email me to realize it today!
cynthia.herteg (at) gmail (dot) com

BeastWares is a small-but-spunky, whimsy-punk clothing line embodying quality, functionality and wild abandon. Hailing from the Bay Area, all our pieces are made by just 2 pairs of hands.
We make clothes for the weird kids, the space-rockers, and those not afraid to live boldly while having a good laugh. Come to us for holographic hoodies, glitter britches, and creature hats. We also do Costume Couture, with unique headpieces and other one-of-a-kind creations.
From now through July, use coupon code “BurningMan2013” to get 10% off your order, because we love you.
info (at) beastwares (dot) com

Bella Bottoms
Bella Bottom Jeans are a mix of style, funk and sas. Each pair of jeans is made with upcycled jeans and material. My goal is to have a woman feel amazing when she wears her Bells.
ginabean2010 (at) comcast (dot) net

Do you hate carrying backpacks? Not enough pockets on your pants? Need the perfect accessory for your spandex pants on the Playa? Boy, have we got the solution for you! Leather and non-leather belts with pockets, in designs like nothing you have ever seen.
mitchell (at) beltswithpockets (dot) com

Berkeley Hat Company
Come visit the Berkeley Hat Company!
We have a HUGE variety of hats, goggles, fur vests, fur leggings, claws, tutus, masks, wings, wigs, gloves, top hats, mini top hats, bowlers, fedoras, sun hats, coolies, sunglasses, fascinators, Tilleys, straw hats, pirate hats, steampunk hats, pimp hats, fuzzy hats, animal hats, western hats, sequin hats, light-up gloves, light-up skirts, light-up wigs, spirit hoods, crowns, bow ties, mustaches, beards, ears, noses, whiskers, tails, makeup, Pink Fuzzy Gorilla Suits, and much more!
We sold Burning Man tickets for over 10 years, and Burners have faithfully been coming to our store for twenty-five years. Check out our website at www.berkeleyhat.com or come into our store, 2510 Telegraph Avenue, four blocks south of the UC Berkeley campus!
berkeleyhat (at) gmail (dot) com

Bites On Bikes, Lites On Bikes, Verspertine Clothing
Haute Réflectureâ„¢ by Vespertine ® integrates luxurious fabrics, exquisite tailoring, bright colors, and the most reflective materials into head turning designs. Passionate about fashion and the planet, all of our designs are made in NYC from sustainable and earth-friendly materials, like Eco Circleâ„¢ 100% recycled and recyclable polyester.
Will be giving 25% off to Burners….
me (at) vickiwinters (dot) com

Blue Moon Designs
Blue Moon Designs by Katherine the Great specializes in fashionable utility accessories and illuminated clothing. I make all of my products by hand, in my Oakland studio, out of recycled and reclaimed materials. A decade of attending Burning Man has taught me lot about creating lovely and useful accessories for the Burn!
My Fancy Pocketed Toolbelt for Ladies & Gentlemen will complement your outfit with glamorous yet functional pockets, with a fit that flatters any size and shape of waistline. Snap on a utility bustle to add that extra swish and flip to your hustle!
My line of illuminated LED accessories (high-quality handmade Light Up Jewelry, Hair Fascinators, and Utility Bustles) will help you look great AND stay safe at night.
Ready-made items are available for purchase in my Etsy shop; or by searching for myself and other members of the Etsy Black Rock City Team — find all member artisans by searching “etsybrc” on Etsy.com. Use coupon code CARGOCULT for a 10% discount, good through August 20th!
Custom items are available through Etsy or Blue-Moon-Designs.com – please place any custom orders before August 1st!
~ Proud member and outfitter to the crew of the Neverwas Haul ~
katherine (at) blue-moon-designs (dot) com

Cinder Garden Designs
UPCYCLED Steampunk Clothing, Boots, Hats, Goggles and Accessories
As an Earth Guardian, I was inspired from making blue-jean MOOP bags. My playa wear is made from repurposed materials like bedsheets, tablecloths, curtains, pre-owned clothing/boots and found objects. Because the materials are upcylced, every piece is one-of-a-kind and affordable.
My entire collection can be found at Lottie Ballou Costumes, 940 Tyler Street #16 in Benicia, in the East Bay (Bay Area). I can ship anywhere in the world so shop feel free to online.
Burners that mention Jack Rabbit Speaks get 10% off.
jmoralesgibson (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dazzling Dusties
Customized clothing and accessories for “burning” extravaganzas, raves, concerts, and festivals.
Burners who enter “LUVBRC” in the NOTE TO SELLER on their PayPal checkout will receive a FREE burner hat clip (of seller’s choice).
dazzlingdusties (at) gmail (dot) com

Desert Rogue Designs
Desert Rogue Designs offers unique handcrafted leather designs such as burner utility belts, funky skirts, vests, bags, fanny packs, holsters, and more. These practical leatherwear and accessories are perfect for music festivals, casual dress, travel, and expressive lifestyle.
And everything is under $100!
Anyone who sees this message can use this 10% off coupon: BURN2013
desertroguedesigns (at) gmail (dot) com

Diva Bella Designs
Beautiful Playa clothing…Sexy and unusual ‘ Booty Shorts ‘ Fabulous TUTUs, ‘ Fur ‘ Leg warmers, boot covers ‘ Self adhesive body art ‘ Wigs ‘ Hats ‘ Night glowing clothing and accessories reusable and battery powered including: … flowers and body art … Tutus …Glowing fiber optics to add sparkle to your hair and outfits …Sparkling streamers for your bike Be Gorgeous! Owned by Burners 10% Discount for Burners, use the code PLAYAFUN at checkout.
patti (at) divabelladesigns (dot) com

both handmade furry outerwear *and* leather pocket belts and holster bags…all awesome for running around on the playa being a bad-ass mofo! two online shops depending if you want handmade or not: etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/dwanjabi ebay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/dwanjabi/m.html?item=320783377767&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&var=&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&_trksid=p4340.l2562 Brought to you by a dedicated burner since 2001! with love and weirdness!
info (at) dwanjabi (dot) com

Specialty large gauge tunnels/plugs/gauges in holographics, metallics and other bright, blingy styles.
Emphasis is on the feminine (but not exclusively) with a range of special occasion styles but many more that are playa perfect!
All handmade by a Canadian Burner. Website will be up by mid July. Until then I sell through my Artfire shop “eargear” Would love some of my jewellery modeled on the playa so contact me if interested and we could work something out.
bry (at) eargear (dot) org

El Wire Illuminated Purses and Neckties perfect for the playa. Light up the night with fashions that dazzle.
lenny (at) lennyjones (dot) net

***** 25% Discount on all in-stock ElectroFur***** ElectroFur wants to thank you for all of your support overs the years. This is the most generous discount we have ever offered for online orders!
ElectroFur is the most luxurious, handmade, illuminated faux fur gear you would ever want to wear on the Playa. We have perfected the art of illuminating fur and selecting the softest fabrics for the cool desert nights. ElectroFur started as an idea during Burning man 2006 and has continually evolved with technology, durability, and fresh designs ever since. Make this Burning man your year to get some ElectroFur and light up the night. To receive this generous discount, you must use CARGO CULT as the code at checkout. Order early while we have stock – we will sell out as we do every year…
info (at) electrofur (dot) com

Ellko is a burner owned company that creates high quality leather products and one of a kind designer clothing for men and women. Our fashion line includes leather belts with pockets, messenger bags, cuffs, and holsters. We also have dance clothes, circus inspired fashion, sexy hand crafted embellished bras and tops, jewelry and more. Come and take a look and use your coupon code: BURNINGMANFASHION for a 10% discount on any ellko creation.
ellkosales (at) gmail (dot) com

Embody Clothing & Accessories
EMBODY is a line of funky Eco-friendly clothing and accessories that fuses elegant and edgy style with function. The designer Tara White creates unique garments out of recycled materials with the mission to make women feel confident, comfortable, and to bring out the wearers individual personality. Our latest projects are zero waste products and having a triple bottom line in which all business practices encompass social and environmental goals. 100% of used textiles are reclaimed from non-profit organizations. Every pattern, design and end product is made by the designers own hands in Canada. She challenges consumers to rebel against cookie cutter fashion and choose their own identity by buying one of a kind, eco fashion. Tara has been Burning since 2004 and is one of the core designers of the DISCO FISH mutant vehicle. Free Shipping to Canada and the US if you enter the code DISCOFISH2013 at checkout!
tarawhite (at) embodyclothing (dot) com

custom tie dye and artistry : I work with you to make your dye dreams come true!
whether it is a unique item that you wish to have dyed (business shirt, utilikilt, scarf…) or a particular pattern that you would like to see on a large banner or tapestry – I can manifest your wishes. I can dye any mirror image [within a certain level of detail depending on the pattern] or a ‘radial’ mirroring – such as a mandala/lotus with 4, 8 or 16 petals. A large tapestry is useful and beautiful way to distinguish your camp while utilizing your group’s color palette or identifying symbol.
burner-specifically: I have dyed ‘the man’ shape before and am confident in my abilities to dye the ranger logo and city outline !
I have also taught classes on the basis of how to tie-dye in addition to advanced techniques (hearts, peace signs, custom shapes) and enjoy teaching others the methods I have developed over the years.
I am also a whiz at lettering, poster-making, mural-painting, singing (especially of the traditional Lithuanian variety), and dance.
look forward to working with you. be well. peace and love, alexa
x (at) alexarazma (dot) com

Ezmars specializes in making jewelry using gold, silver, and copper wire to mount gemstones and found objects to create pendants and earrings. You’ll also find cold-connected belt buckles, pendants and earrings made out of brass, copper, nickle, and silver.
ezmars11 (at) gmail (dot) com

Faabrika Creations
“If you can Hallucinate it, I can Create it…”
I specialize in Custom, One of a kind, Wild and Wonderful…
From the 8 armed Psychadelic Pope-dopus, the Queen Bee’s luxurious cape and crown, or a Playa Bride’s glowing rose petal gown… to a mushroom-wearing, wonderland Caterpillar, a Ranger’s reversable multi-hued-blue extra armed faux fur coat(with ears), or a school of giant bicycling fish…
Unique ceremony garments and Playa wedding garb lovingly created. And I can do environments as well…
Fur, fuzz, mesh, stretch, hard, soft, warm, light-weight or even light-up, you name it…
I believe in transformation beyond the material: bringing what ever it is inside you that craves to be on the outside, out onto the Playa and into the world…
I look forward to creating something with you.
Costumerrily yours, Faabrika  310-597-3727  I’m located in Los Angeles but I work with folks all over.

p.p.t.s. Pre Playa TrunkShow Sales: I also team up with other designers for some sales of goodies we’ve made throughout the year, for events or for shows… Do let me know if you’d like to be on my mailing list for that as well.
faabrikacreations (at) yahoo (dot) com

Fantasyland Costume Co.
We are burners and love burners! We are always on the look-out for fun, bright, light-up costumes, wigs, hats and accessories to look just right out there on the playa! Since we go to the Playa ourselves, a lot of our choices stem from the want to look great and terrific. And then we offer them to you! Check us out! Use code 1-10 for a 10% discount.
thecostumer (at) comcast (dot) net

Farout Furrier
Want to look fabulous and stay warm on the playa this year Cargo Culters?? You need custom faux fur, at affordable prices! Custom shouldn’t mean over priced, it means made for your exact measurements with your exact specifications.
With 2 lines Farout Furrier is available to offer affordable fury attire for ALL events/usage, from Burner wear to alterations we are your on stop shop for apparel needs.
Farout Furrier presents re-FUR-bished, a line of recycled clothing with a touch of fur and style. Each piece is Dry Cleaned, then fur’d -to specifications if custom, and some stylista touch to finish it off. Before you know it the garment has undergone transformation from an average piece to a furry, classy, stylish, fashionable one-of-a kind that is affordable!
Farout Furrier specializes in Faux Fur apparel providing pre-made unique designs or custom wear for your every desire. This years hot items are: hood scarves with pocket hands, Muppet friend’s bag packs, monster hoods, vests, crop vests, glovelettes, fuzzy boot covers (above and under the knee), Raver kitty costumes (fun fuzzy bra tops with short fun twirly skirts), coats, full length coats and knee coats, reversible jackets, wings, wings with a shrug, shrugs, hair pieces, mini hats, hair tendrils, kitty ears and cuffs (optional tail)- your imagination is your only limitation :)
Our company prides itself on customer satisfaction- besides providing made to order pieces, we stand by our products and will fix/repair any damages done to an original Farout Furrier Creative Creation piece.
We are currently working on expanding to “Rocken-Fashion,” apparel that incorporates crystals, crystal healing and lighting up custom etched crystals. Light Meditation Robes are in the demo phase as well as other meditation/healing designs to incorporate your fashion into this alignment era and your own personal cognitive awakening. This is an effort to calm the ego and bolster the inner beings searching for balance.
Farout Furrier enjoys bringing light to the people through fashion- most of our pieces are bright, colorful, soft and inviting.
Please contact if you are looking for something special for someone special- this includes yourself :D pamper yourself daily!
businesssavvy (at) charter (dot) net

Fiberia — “Nunquam Vietus, Nunquam Pallidus” (never shrink, never fade)
— costume design, repair and construction — accessories, hats, garments, quilts and wallhangings — silkscreen production (with your art, you print it, I’ll show you how) — graphic art services, photography and image manipulation — imaging and surface design for silk and cotton — fiber work of all kinds including digital embroidery.
toiledjouy (at) yahoo (dot) com

Five and Diamond
A cross section of alternative clothing, Five and Diamond carries over 100 lines made in small batches by independent designers from all over the world. Five and Diamond has a store front boutique in San Francisco’s Mission District and can also be found online. They cater to Burners by providing stylish goggles, dust masks, party bags, and unique, high quality costume items that are not only perfect for the playa but can also cross over into everyday style.
contact (at) fiveanddiamond (dot) com

Fox Treasures
Get your Playa Finest here and remember all the items here are unique and made specially for you. Catering to the community since 2009.
foxtreasure (at) gmail (dot) com

Foxy Monster
Handmade faux fur reversible bear hoods. Customize your own bear hood from fabric choices on the website. literally 1,000’s of possible combo’s! $10 off discount for BURNERS with check-out code ‘firefire’ Deadline for custom bear hood orders August 12th
Foxy monster is dedicated to the mission of spreading love, smiles, & goofiness while keeping heads and necks warm. Increasing cuteness by 400%! W/love, Foxy Monster
smashleywyatt (at) gmail (dot) com

Funk & Flash
Funk & Flash | West Coast Festival Fashion
Activated clothing for men and women that exemplifies the lifestyle and vision of the west coast festival culture. We are a Burner run, Burner focused clothing store serving the Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lake County vicinity providing rural Burners with paradigm busting fashion and Playa stomping necessities.
Located at 228 South Main St Sebastopol, CA 95472 10AM to 7PM everyday  707-829-1142
shane (at) funkandflash (dot) com

Furlicious Hats
Furlicious Hats sells unique hats, costumes and accessories that are made out of high quality synthetic furs and fleece for men, women, and children. Each piece is custom made and functional on the playa day or night. Our products do not MOOP!
Furlicious offers free color customization for any product, sizing, and free ground shipping to burners located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain. Please use coupon code: Burn2013
Furlicious was started by a 14 year Burning Man Veteran and Volunteer. Furlicious is proud to offer unique products and top notch service to burners for over the last 8 years!
cpreston916 (at) gmail (dot) com

GeekStar Costuming
The owner, sole creator and boss lady of this geeky business is Claire, and she has been a Burner since 2004! Burning Man has highly influenced her life, driving her to be as unique and passionate as possible, and to pursue crafting as a full time self employed job. She is a huge geek and pursues that love through her craft fearlessly. From hand-designed lasercut jewelry to hair bows to clip-on cat ears, there are tons of nerdy themed accessories to choose from!
The newest addition to the shop, the rainbow LED Glow Flowers with a slow-color changing rainbow LED would be perfect for late nights on the Playa. They are bright, mesmerizing, handcrafted and fun! They can clip to anything, hair, clothing, backpack, loincloth, stilts, thong? Claire plans on being there giving them away herself again this year! There will be many more colors listed between now and the Burn as well.
Use code GLOWGEEK13 on checkout to get FREE shipping on ANY non-international order! Woo!
GeekStarCostuming (at) gmail (dot) com

Happy Hatzs
Faux Fur and unusual fabric hatz. Perfect for those cold festival nights. Use coupon code FAVE1 for a 10% discount during checkout.
tzipora (at) anet (dot) net

Happy Pantz
I make small, one of a kind, upcycled leather goods. Each item is unique as I use only leather scra[s coming from the garment, shoe, handbag and furniture industries. Cell phone and tablet bags, pocket belts, tool belts, custom orders welcome! I have just about any color of leather you can imagine.
tzipora (at) anet (dot) net

King’s Royal Robes, Light up Coats and Faux Fur accessories are some of the finest made Faux Fur items on the market. All hand made by King and most are one of a kind. Custom work is what I do best but I have a store full of faux fur wearable art that I have made on my down time over the past 5 years. I have the largest selection of hand made faux fur items in the world. I have made over 250 royal robes and light up coats so I have it down now. I have over 150 types of faux fur and over 300 interiors to choose from in my studio. If you can think it the King can make it. Check out this documentary (King , chimp and the playa) , it explains things. Thank you for the interest. King http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJilLGhqgVY
king (at) lightupcoats (dot) com

Infinite Edge
Custom cyberpunk fractal fashion crafted in a Blaze of Vibrant Colors and Love-Laced Innuendoes – black light sensitive mini-backpacks (her & his sizes), bikinis, purses, water/dust proof tech pouches (for camera/phone/electronics), watches, eye masks, & more! Art themes also include steampunk, zen & sacred geometry. Fractals abound in nature, from tree branches to the human heart beat. Science continually discovers exciting new ways that fractal geometry both shapes nature and is fundamental to its core. 10% discount for Burners w/code :BURNER

Intergalactic Hobo
Leather hip bags, leather and feather accessories and clothing that are built to stand the test of time and elements… Custom work requests are welcome!
I make quality leather hip bags, utility belts, and holster bags made with passion and love, many from up-cycled materials. Everything is hand sewn with durability and long life in mind. I also feature some jewelery, leather accessories and clothing.
Need something you don’t see here? Want something for a special event or costume? See something you like but want a different color or size? Just ask! I love custom work, just drop me a line and tell me what your needs are!
Use coupon code SHIP1 for free domestic (US) shipping, contact me for discount on international!
intergalactichobo (at) gmail (dot) com

InVisions by Crystal Tara
Celebrates Visionary Art by offering an authentic, expressive Apparel Line for Men and Women; Featuring High Quality screen printed T~shirts, Dresses, Jackets, Leather Hip Belts and much more! InVisions collaborates with the world’s most renowned Visionary Artist’s such as Alex Grey, Jen Delyth, Carey Thompson and Mark Henson, to create a conscious Line of Apparel that is colorful, edgy and fun.
In addition to our Eco Friendly T~shirts, we offer an exciting and eclectic Leather Artwear Line that will make the Playa Jump for Joy! This line has it all, including Sexy Skirts, Boleros, Vests, and Gun Belts, which are as intricately detailed as the Temples on the Playa. To our amazing community of Burners, Artists, Dreamers and Thinkers: Delight your senses and Celebrate Body, Art and Soul with our exceptional, Artistic Apparel!
We will be showing our Apparel this Summer at these great Burner inspired events: Lightning in a Bottle (July 11-15) and Beyond the Fence (Aug 4). If you can’t make it to any of these events, please visit our Web Store at: www.crystaltara.com
orders (at) crystaltara (dot) com

IOB Arizona Burners
Just a design to show pride for your Arizona regional community.
droidgeek (at) wprservices (dot) com

JADED MINX is the pioneer creator of cutting edge, avante garde, steampunk, apocalyptic, and futuristic, trend-setting GOGGLES, GAS MASKS, RESPIRATORS and related ‘ARTWEAR’.
We specialize in pushing the envelope and breaking boundary restraints in industrial and urban SURVIVAL fashion. Our goggles have shatterproof UV-400 lenses and adjustable elastic straps. We also offer several styles of ‘OVER-SIZED’ GOGGLES that fit over prescription glasses. Our fully functional ‘EDGY’ RESPIRATORS and GAS MASKS aid in eliminating symptoms of toxic exposure, hazardous chemicals, and pollutants, which include coughing, irritation of the eyes and lungs, rashes, headaches and nausea. They are perfect for protection from the Playa’s ‘at times’ unpredictable conditions. We also make gas masks that are strictly a ‘fashion statement’.
We’ve been supplying ‘BURNERS’ with affordable SURVIVAL GEAR for a number of years now, going out of our way to make your BURNING MAN experience both pleasant and safe.
So if you’re looking for originality and edge…look no further, you’ve come to the right place.
SURVIVAL WITH ATTITUDE!!! info (at) jadedminx (dot) com
info (at) jadedminx (dot) com

JENTRIBE is a small custom clothing company based in Reno Nevada. Here you will find a collection of items, handcrafted from various materials including faux fur, fabric, metal, leather, clay and feathers. They are each inspired by the stark and spare beauty of the desert landscape, and carry within them the deep heart of the wild west. The Burning Man collection features one of a kind faux fur jackets and vests, many with additional LED lighting options. Located at the BarSyl Bazaar, 2 blocks North of Bruno’s in Gerlach.
jentribe (at) rocketmail (dot) com

We are a family operated little outfit that designs vest with battery powered LED and EL wire. We initially started creating these vest for children so we could keep an eye on them at festivals, but soon the adults wanted one also. So we make personal lighted apparel from vest to Top hats to Monster Fur Fluffies with LEDs. We will custom create whatever you like, we are just that crafty and personable. It’s al about having a great time out on the playa and being safe too! Look us up on face-book, KidLit out of Elk Creek Ca. There you will find examples of our work and the colors of lights we offer. Get your order in by the end of July and get free shipping we do give discounts for multiple orders. So what are you waiting for get your entire camp lit! You can email us at kidlitapparel@gmail.com. Thanks for your time and see you at BRC!
kidlitapparel (at) gmail (dot) com

KineticBliss Designs
Artistic, custom made fleece coats! Perfect for the Playa! 20% off if ordered by July 1. 10% off if ordered by August! Orders pile up very fast-I can make only 5 before the Burn so order yours today!
kineticblissdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com

Kreations by Minxie
Upcycled Sweater Koats inspired by the lovely Burner, Katwise. Perfect for chilly nights on the Playa. Made from gently used sweaters, blankets and fabrics. Mention “Burner” when placing your order and receive 10% off your order. Prices start at $195….. See you on the Playa. :)
miayoua1 (at) aol (dot) com

Loca Design
Psychedelic, handmade wearable art, flapper jewelry, customized goggles, sunglasses and accessories
lalindaloca (at) gmail (dot) com

Lost Boys Rags
Lost Boys Rags is a Burner owned and operated clothing company specializing in hand made outerwear for men and women. You can see our 2013 retail line at LostBoysRags.com and specials and customs at etsy.com/shop/lostboysrags. From hoodies to holsters, pants to pocketbelts, and even LED clothing, LED pendants, and LED sunglasses, our outer wear is playa inspired, tested and approved! Special deals for Cargo Cult participants!
Lost Boys Rags are designed and created by Michael Eakin in Ashland, Oregon. A locally minded company, Lost Boys Rags have spread into stores in Portland (Metro Boutique, Steelo) Eugene (Redoux Parlour) Bend (High Desert Lotus) and at Lithia Art Market in Ashland with an aim to weave into the fabric of local art and music communities. Coming to Northern California and the Bay area!
lostboysragz99 (at) gmail (dot) com

Lotus Luxuries – Wearable Art for Radical Self-Expression
Custom and ready-to-wear one-of-a-kind year ’round Burning Man artist seamstress/tailor/designer since ’06 specializing in faux fur, spandex, e.l. wire, men’s playa fashion, vests, coats, dance pants, hats, arm bands etc in the genre’s of Glam, steampunk, mad max, burner, Renaissance, Edwardian, and mixing all of it up and making it look great. 35 years of quality/couture sewing experience. If you don’t see something for sale on my website that you are looking for…ask me to make it! Be sure and check the portfolio section for LOTS of ideas of all the hundreds of previous custom commissioned orders I have created. Dusty love to all you costume lovin’ freaks!
LotusLuxuries (at) yahoo (dot) com

Lotuscircle is a shop on etsy.com that is filled with handmade headdresses, wigs galore! Every piece is one of a kind. I use many recycled materials in my headdresses, and put a lot of love in each one.
seidl.leah (at) gmail (dot) com

Made by Julianne
Don’t wear your heart just on your sleeve–wear it all over your body!
You may have seen my color zipper dust masks on the playa, for they are truly eye-catching and unforgettable. I also make leggings perfect for dancing, fabulous body suits, snuggly coats, and many other trippy accessories.
I specialize in the fabulous and colorful. Each item in my shop is handmade, often using recycled materials. You can be sure that your piece will last for many burns without a single MOOP incident! I also love collaborating on custom designs, so let’s make your fantasy wardrobe a reality.
Use coupon code COTTONCANDYKITTEN to get free shipping within the US.
juliannemd (at) gmail (dot) com

Mikaela Holmes
Unique garments for extraordinary environments. Sophisticated custom playa wear incorporating lighting, technology, and leather.
mikaeladawnholmes (at) gmail (dot) com

Moldavite Plus
I sell Sterling Silver jewelry featuring Moldavite and other natural tektites & gemstones. Email me aaron@moldaviteplus.com for deals before ordering.
aaron (at) moldaviteplus (dot) com

Handmade faux fur hats, ears, tails and accessories. We use high quality faux fur that will keep you warm on those cold nights! Many items in the store can be made in a range of colors and combinations. Just send me a message and we can discuss the customization of your order if desired.
Disclaimer: Items may cause spontaneous bouts of climbing structures, chasing bunnies, or chewing on sticks
Morphe4 (at) gmail (dot) com

Nevada City Traders
Greetings, We offer a huge selection of Playa Wear including Boots, Hats, Masks, All kinds of Blinkie Lights, Boot Covers, Steam Punk Stuff, Amazing Jewelry Check out our store Nevada City Traders, 219 Broad Street, Downtown Historic Nevada City, California. Open 7 Days 10 To 6
info (at) nevadacitytraders (dot) com

Noralina Freedom Designs
Noralina Freedom Designs is an independent fashion company based out of San Fransisco. I specialize in hooded clothing for mythical beings from Egyptian high priestesses to sea nymphs and all the deities and goddesses in between. I use upcycled fabrics for a lot of my designs and offer many bright vivid colors and dark mysterious looks. I have about 19 all unique and original pieces of women’s hooded garments all designed by myself. I’ve received incredible response to my work and would love to bring my stuff to the Burning Man community.
noralinarobinsong (at) hotmail (dot) com

OffBeatWEAR specializes in quality fur coats, vests and accessories for both men and woman. We offer playa pickup as well as UPS ground shipping. Our Burner special this year is 5% off with the coupon code “burner5”.
sunkist (at) offbeatwear (dot) com

P-KOK for Black Rock.
We have all Playa outfits cover from head to toe. Hats, Goggles, Utility belts, playa boots, Kilts, LED wire. Custom outfits with LED also Available. All burners check-in with FB get 10% off.
www.facebook.com/PKOKonHAIGHT 776 Haight @ scott, 1445 Haight @ Ashbury, San Francisco, Ca 94117

415 431 PKOK (7565)
pkoksf (at) gmail (dot) com

Peacheserratica Playa Knits & Dreads
I love making things. Sitting in the sun, knitting and felting and playing with colors and textures and fibers. Though I began this shop as a way to make and sell unique items for fellow Burning Man folk, my clothes and dreads are great for anyone who wants a one-of-a-kind, handmade piece to wear with joy at festivals, parties, the beach, the bedroom, or anywhere you want to express your own wonderful style.
I choose the materials and fibers I use not only for their looks, but also for their feel on the skin. The seductive softness of silk and bamboo, the prickly-tickly roughness of synthetics, I want all of my creations to please not just the eye, but the skin as well. Dressing up should be a whole-body experience!
Each of my knitted pieces takes anywhere from 4 to 12 hours to make, and everything I knit is something I’d love to own myself. All of my dreads are hand-felted with care from quality wool and wool blends, and few things make me happier than to see someone wearing and loving something I made.
sarahsigh1972 (at) gmail (dot) com

Piedmont Boutique
Our own San Francisco produced and designed clothing for men and women, that survives the harsh conditions of Burning Man year after year. Other items: Faux Fur vests, boot covers, bra tops and more. Goggles to please all and never selling out. E-L Wire, Body Paint, and our own custom dust masks. Great cowboy, faux fur and many other hats. Fantasy designs you can create and we can produce in a couple of days. The fabrics we use are sensational, exotic, durable, often black light sensitive, artistic, with aurora borealis effects. Our staff know the rights and wrongs in what to wear … you’re in good hands!
piedmontboutiquestore (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Cracks
Beautiful clothes for the Playa Sexy, functional, playa tested clothing booty shorts to coats Light up tutus to hats Make yourself look FABULOUS! Burner Discount, Burner owned Use the coupon PLAYACACKS for a 10% discount.
steve (at) playacracks (dot) com

Playa Wear
Fun, sexy, warm, and comfortable Playa Wear Fashions for women, men, and children. Monster fur coats, vests, and more… Our creative designs are unique, affordable, hand-made, and one-of-a-kind fashions that will allow you to capture and wear the spirit of Burning Man. We enjoy helping to clothe Black Rock City and it’s pre & post events across the country.
Plus, to help keep our world green, we also offer a host of gently-worn and gently-worn-restyled fashions.
Let us help dress you for Burning Man and more. Come visit our web site, Ebay store, or Etsy store today and throughout the year, as we continue to add new and unique styles.
See you on the Playa!
Jammie Sant www.playawear.com http://stores.ebay.com/Playa-Wear-Fashions http://www.etsy.com/shop/playawearfashions?ref=pr_shop_more
jammie (at) playawear (dot) com

Practical and stylish vests, coats, pants, loin cloths, and hats in monster fur, fleece, brocades, and other stylish materials. Mostly small runs and one of a kinds. Also faux fur poi covers.
bob (at) onestopcandle (dot) com

We’ve got PINK this year… Get em while we got em: http://www.playalung.com/shop/masks/pink-masks/
While we understand and utilize the healing benefits of Playa Dust, we also acknowledge its harm when one is exposed to it in excess. We are here to help you on your journey by providing you with the best lung protection for your earthly endeavors. Specifically aimed at the elements of the Black Rock desert (not only Playa Dust, but also Actively Burning Toxic Materials Smoke! Yuk!), the masks we carry are the best choice in filtration effectiveness, breathing ease, and appearance.
If its in stock, you can order it. If you can order it, it will get sent out the same day. We’ll be shipping these all the way through the Burn and offering Next Day shipping for all the last minute peeps.
Big Love and appreciation to everyone who supported in 2013–See you on the Playa!
-Dr. MeuSit
info (at) playalung (dot) com

Hand-crocheted double pom-pom hats and yarntastic hair falls, made to order! Come get your fitted beanie with two detachable pom-poms, designed to transform you into a cuddly teddy bear! Great for those chilly Black Rock City nights. Are you a color nymph? Wanna capture that spritely fairie look without spending 4 hours intricately braiding yarn through your hair? Whether you are heading to Burning Man or performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream, RaggleHair is an easy and fun answer to the question “what should I do with my hair?”
Enter BURNER10 for a 10% discount on your purchase!
ragglewear (at) gmail (dot) com

Retro City Fashions
Werner the Burner’s RETRO CITY FASHION or “RETRO CITY” stores have been “THE” in-official VINTAGE / USED CLOTHING source for playa gear forever. This year there are 6 stores. Each store has it’s own name, personality and price level. There are 3 Vintage/Thrift stores ($), 2 Vintage/Used Store ($$) and 1 true Vintage High-End Boutique ($$$). Find all kind of goodies, clothing, textiles, fabrics, fur, boots, hats, goggles, scarves, DIYcustomes, blankets and much, much more. Please go to www.retrocity.com for directions.
in the Mission: “CLOTHES-CONTACT” ($) buy by the pound, only $12 or less per pound! since 1986, pioneer on Valencia Street “MISSION-THRIFT” ($) vintage-thrift, ropas usadas, wrestling masks in the Haight: “HAIGHT ASHBURY VINTAGE” ($) on the corner with the orange peace sign, former Aardvaarks, now Vintage-Thrift, lots of sizes XL and larger “HELD OVER” ($$) Oldest Vintage store in SF, Flagship store of Retro City since 1992, most of the EURO and US inventory is 20 years old or older “LA ROSA VINTAGE BOUTIQUE” ($$$) original true vintage, upscale, 100 years of fashion, pricey but worth it. Voted “Best Vintage” year after year. in Berkley: “MARS” ($$) Vintage / used clothing, serving the East Bay for over 10 years, great selections, great prices, like all RETRO CITY stores: fun and funky
retrocity (at) retrocity (dot) com

Rhonda Recreates
Get your Playa Pockets here! (message me via etsy that you found me through the BMresource list for free shipping/handling on playa pockets!!) BURNERS HAVE NEEDS and WE NEED POCKETS! Be Sexy AND Prepared. Discover Rhonda Recreates Original Playa Pockets on my Etsy shop plus lots more. handmade/ one of a kind Is your group trying to pull together a group costume theme? Come see me! I look for multiples of the cool and weird with us burners in mind and then make them available to you! Are you looking for a one of a kind bike power object or a hand made insanely righteous piece of headgear?
Fun with purpose.
Hand embellished and Burning Man inspired, the artwear and Burning Man treasury in my shop is unique.
You’re bound to find some fine thread or sweet lid to add to your Black Rock City ensemble. Not just for the playa, I breathe a new life of fun and function into each of my pieces of art. Where and how you wear my work is up to you. Be bold. Be you. Have fun…Burning Man Style!
rhondamail (at) aol (dot) com

Rimmon Fabrics
Rimmon Fabrics
Rimmon Fabrics-Burner owned and run!
The Secret Source and Wholesaler to designers and fabrics stores nationwide,
Rimmon Fabrics on Pico just east of Sepulveda in West LA has a wide selection of unusual fabrics, leather, new and vintage buttons, zippers and metal hardware.
Come on down and check out your costume source. Burners get a special gift with purchase !
Rimmon Fabrics 11054 West Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 478-1105
Call to make sure we are in. Usually in 8am-5pm weekdays, but you never know so call on the way.
danrimmon (at) aol (dot) com

KILTS & SLIPS galleries also seen at RunzwithScissors on Flickr.
SILLIKILTS (TM) We all love a Man in a Kilt, y’know? but those Utilikilts are so…UTILITARIAN! Boys, git yer Kilt attitude on with a silly one from http://runzwithscissors.net/SilliKilts-SlashedSlips.html. I create unique ones — brocade, cowboys, polka dots, stripes+plaid, little fruits, pandas… Mostly One of a Kind. Add a cargo pocket, and you can still wear your podbelt! I’m a 13-year burner, and as much as I love those khaki thingies, when I look at them I just want to see Color! Dots! Bright! Stripes! These are designed just for you, and for Burning Man. Each will be unique. They take a while, so a month lead time is the best.
& SLASHED SLIPS: While you’re there, take a look at my Reconstructed Lingerie — dyed, slashed, embellished, plus Skirts & Arm Wear & Upcycled Hats perfect for playa prancing.
Proud member of the Etsy Burner Team (search tag “etsybrc”). “sending unique wear to the playa since 2004”. OOAK is what I do!
aolafsen (at) cox (dot) net

Sachi Ivy
Fun accessories and custom costumes! Embellished hats, fascinators, fabulous flowers, faux fur creations, headpieces, light-up elements – all unique and handmade for you! Contact me for custom pieces and view photographs of my work at Sachi Ivy Designs on Facebook. Or check out the limited selection in my Etsy shop Sachi Ivy!
sachiivy (at) hotmail (dot) com

SAFETY THIRD tees for big girls and boys. Custom and OOAK work shirts, tshirts & shorts celebrating explosions, amputations, radioactivity, fire, smoke & effluvia, and running with scissors. Enjoy the hand-screened, handmade, and customizable charm of Burners’ favorite phrase! And if you have a safety-related suggestion, I might just make that one, too. A Burner since 2000, with scars to prove it! Hope to recognize you on the playa.
Proud member of the Etsy Burner Team Etsy Black Rock City Crew (search tag “etsybrc”). know me as Ass^trid if you must.
=>> Free shipping to Burners! (message code JRSspeaks) <==
safetythird (at) cox (dot) net

Sandala Moon
Sandala Moon specializes in sexy pocket belts made from fabulous yet durable Upholstery fabrics. Here you will find a belt to match any costume you’ve already got or buy one that speaks to you and transform your look. It’s easy enough to find a pocket belt in leather. I specialize in creating ones from amazing brocades and sumptuous velvets. Renn Faire, Steampunk, retro, modern, forest elf, I create ones in every style and I offer custom sizes and fabric choices. Come by and say hello! Every piece is carefully hand crafted by the artist. Let me create for you the perfect belt! handmade by the artist
sandalamoon (at) yahoo (dot) com

Skinny Bitch Apparel
Rad clothes for the playa or every day wear! Burners get 10% off with code: BURN13
Info (at) skinnybitchapparel (dot) com

SteamWolf Symphony
Not a symphony by any normal standards of the word, but a harmonious combination of elements and fascination. Wearable horns & ears, art, masks, jewelry and festival attire for those who dwell in the dark or bask in the light. Available for custom orders!
vk (at) vampirekitten (dot) net

StumpTown Kilts
StumpTown Kilts (STK) Men’s and Women’s Modern Kilts Made in the USA. Features include: adjustable waist sizing, inner pocket, 65/35 polycotton, durable, wrinkle free, and attachable outer pockets (sold separately). $20 off for burner brothers and sisters. Order now online at www.stumptownkilts.com to receive your kilt in time for the burn. Enter promo code burner (lower case). For more information contact jOnny at jonny@stumptownkilts.com or call 503-839-7604. Like STK on Facebook (facebook.com/StumpTownKilts). Sign up for our newsletter by joining out email list to receive up to date information on events STK is vending and special events STK has for members of STK NATION>
jonny (at) stumptownkilts (dot) com

Sunny Spex
Vintage eyewear and retro sunglasses. Playa-centric collection for BRC citizens – crazy sunglasses, colorful 90s fly shades ideal for keeping dust out of your eyes, vintage and customized goggles. Enter coupon code BRC2013 for 15% off your entire order – one time use only.
sunnyspex (at) gmail (dot) com

SuperSugarRayRay creates fun and unique clothing and accessories for men and women. Specializing in bold and colorful hoodies, men’s dance pants, desert robes, handwarmers and more. Created with a conscience and locally made in San Francisco, designed to keep you cool in the daytime, warm at night and comfortable on the dance floor anytime. Not for the faint of heart.
Taking custom orders now! Also available online, at Wild Feather in Lower Haight or visit our booth at these upcoming Bay Area trunk shows:
Beyond the Fence June 30 & August 4, 12-6pm Mighty 119 Utah, San Francisco
Temescal Street Fair July 7, 12-6pm Telegraph Avenue between 42nd and 51st, Oakland
East Bay Playa Preview August 10, 12-7pm Want It! Warehouse, 4425 Linden Street, Oakland
Esalen Institute Lawn Sale August 18, 12-5pm Esalen, 55000 Highway One, Big Sur
supersugarayray (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tamo Design
All of my designs are made in San Francisco. I design a wide range of merchandise for both off the rack and custom made. Men’s jackets, vests, pants, & tops. Women’s tops, dresses, jackets, & accessories. My earring are handmade using leather, chain, and other natural findings. Some of the materials I use are high quality faux fur, stretch knits, and stretch bottom weight fabrics. I also own a local boutique in Lower Haight in SF called Wild Feather located at 597 Haight Street where you can also find my designs in addition to other local designers! Mention the BM Resource Guide for 10% off your purchase!
tamo (at) tamodesign (dot) com

The Love of Ganesha
A treasure trove of goodies, ranging from exotic tops, playa-style skirts, harem pants, and utility belts to crystals, malas, and household decorations.
Most of the clothing is handmade, organic cotton, and made from natural dyes – all good karma.
Many members of the Ganesha family go the playa every year so Burners (and non-Burners alike) are always welcomed and greeted with lots of love and hot tea.
(415) 863-0999 (no email) (at) (dot)

The Melting Pot World Emporium
Serving the Burning Man community for over 17 years. The Melting Pot World Emporium, Reno’s Coolest Store, is the Granddaddy of Burner Boutiques. Voted best place to shop for Playa garb consecutive years running in the Reno News & Review. Owned & operated by veteran burners and home of The Midnite Popcorn Palace. “Popcorn to the People”. We feature cutting edge couture clothing from extreme tribal to sexy diva with a bit of Sparkle Pony sprinkled on top. We specialize in unique items from fair trade manufacturers as well as small indie designers. Some of the products we carry include goggles, bandanas, body paint, tights, tutus, bindis, nippies, corsets, lingerie, belly dance apparel, party wear, more goggles, amazing men’s wear, hats, crazy hats, faux fur fashion, hip belts, bad a** boots, pipe room, prayer flags, tapestries, jewelry, and a superb steampunk selection. Oh, and did we mention goggles? Thank You for supporting local businesses which helps to keep our community strong,
ericbaron100 (at) gmail (dot) com

The Phoenix Roost
Unique accessories that can be worn as infinity scarves, shoulder wraps, necklace scarves and skirts, perfect for versatility on the playa, lightweight for day, and snuggly warm for chilly nights. Everything in my shop is enthusiastically made with my own two hands out of reclaimed and repurposed t-shirts.
If you have a particular color in mind that isn’t listed, please inquire about a custom listing. I probably have a t-shirt in stock that could be made into the scarf of your choosing!
Burners, use the discount code: CARGOCULT for an extra 10% off at checkout!
thephoenixroost (at) gmail (dot) com

Tiffadactyl Designs
I create one of a kind sustainable playa hoods and other goodies. I make custom coats. I also do any kind of hair extensions from yarn braids, synth dreads, box braids and real dreadlocks. I hope to hook up my burner crowd with unheard of deals!
xtiffadactylx (at) gmail (dot) com

Treat4You offers funky and sexy accessories that keep your arms and legs in style. Fishnets in all colors, awesome selection of leggings, striped and crazy thigh hi stockings, fishnet gloves and much more. 10% off all purchases to our burner friends. Coupon code BRC
info (at) treat4you (dot) com

Trixy Xchange
Eccentric eco-friendly clothing for burners. Dance the playa away in our Light Up Fluffies, Upcycled Fur Patchwork Hoods, Recycled Wrap Skirts, Blacklight Bikinis and Sexy Chaps. Our Hand Made Arm and Leg Warmers will protect you from the sun during the day and keep you warm in the evening!
trixyxchange (at) gmail (dot) com

Velvet Garden
Huge variety of exotic, eclectic, and elegant clothing for men and women. Bargain priced, new and used clothing in luxe fabrics with stylish designs. Gothic, steampunk, burner, anime, costume, and vintage clothing. Dresses, corsets, skirts, shirts, pants and accessories. Even an authentic Japanese kimono or two, and a Nomex Flight Suit. Bargain prices! Great deals on stylish new additions to your wardrobe!
alison (at) velvetgarden (dot) net

Velvet Mechanism
Steampunk harnesses in a variety of colors and fabrics, corsets made from vintage WWII spats (rugged and perfect for the playa!), steampunk and dieselpunk jewelry and accessories for men and women. Unique designs from an era that never was!
velvetmechanism (at) gmail (dot) com

Vulture is a line of unique, handmade, high fashion, vests for men.The designer “Juicy” has been Participating in the BurningMan event and beyond for 14 consecutive years. His extravagantly overdone looks have been seen at soundsystems all over the playa for ages. He does custom costume work for Burners wanting to deck themselves out to honor the holy playa that they walk upon. He also has a line of Men’swear vests. They are inspired by Asian looks, and come in several styles, with Kimono ties, or zippers for closures. All vests are completely reversible! You get two looks in one! Change before the next party, or at the one that your at! See my phone app for free on Itunes: Vulture Fashions Burners get a 30% discount.
vulturemaui (at) gmail (dot) com

Why Knot’s Curiosities
Why Knot’s is an alternative, counter-culture costume and clothing store with an emphasis on supporting local artisans and designers. Catering primarily to the electronic dance music scene, Burning Man and summer festival community; we bring in unique items that cultivate fun.
Costumes, and accessories for all occasions, fetish, funky faux fur, indie designs, vintage items, and up-cycled designs. Playa wear, fuzzy clothes, hats, goggles, dust masks, uv-reactive paints, el wire, tutus, tribal street wear the list never ends.
Stay tuned for our Playa Prep Sale on Saturday August 17th from 11am to 11 pm. A store wide sale where you can come mingle, dance and shop.
yvonne (at) whyknots (dot) ca

Wild on the Inside Faux Fur
Wild on the Inside creates faux fur to dress your Wild Streak!
Anything in Faux Fur, I custom make by hand! Full length faux fur coats, hoodie hats, 5 styles of fur vests, furkini’s, fur boot covers, cuffs, 4 styles of fur hats and hats with scarves!
Custom orders are my specialty- without the custom price! Choose one of my own patterns and pick your furs – Let’s Co-Create something one of Kind!
8 Years of providing the highest quality FULL FEATURE Faux Fur designs by a burner for burners!
Everything is lined, double zippered pockets, ears, special clips, hooded, REVERSIBLE and more! Everything is one of a kind- you will not see anyone sporting one your coat around the playa!
Turn around is super quick. In stock ships same day and custom orders are usually less than a week. All of California ships in 1 day via Fedex Ground! Taking orders right up until the Burn! International Orders are accepted!
wildfauxfur (at) gmail (dot) com

Wild Thang
* Clothes that dress your passionate, beautiful and wild side, Wild Thang Festive Apparel items are unique, fine-crafted, practical and stunning.
* Many one-of-a-kind options to choose from including: Lace and mesh pants and dresses, loose and light comfy playa shirts with hoods, faux-fur coats, vests, hoods, hats, chaps and colorful spandex pants and hot shorts. I have specialty items designed just for the Playa such as “Elegant Arms”, Hood with Pockets, pieces that defy description and more.
* Playa wear designed by a Burner for Burners. Inspired and tested over many years on the Playa.
* Wild Thang Festive Apparel is an independent, locally owned business. Pieces are designed individually and made here in my studio to be enjoyed for many burns to come. WTFA is committed to your pleasure. Start your burn now and call for showroom hours or an appointment.
Wild Thang Festive Apparel 1406 2nd St. Suite 3 San Rafael CA (across from Arco)  (415) 482-7640
*CALL for personalized appointment (hours are flexible!)
www.wildthangfestiveapparel.com email: festiveapparel@gmail.com
festiveapparel (at) gmail (dot) com

Wrongathon has costume accessories, bicycle accessories, jewelry and other things for the Burn and much more! C’mon in and browse, we promise – everything was made by us, for you.
Just type the word BURNER as a coupon code during checkout and receive free shipping!
wrongathinhats (at) gmail (dot) com



Advantage Flight Solutions LLC
As the first and most experienced air charter company to the Burn, in 2012 we celebrated our eighth successful year and our 700th playa flight serving the Black Rock City!
We offer daily nonstop services to the playa from Reno, the Bay Area, Northern California, Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, and Utah. Our Reno-BRC Air Shuttle offers up to 12 daily flights from Reno alone. We save you hours of drive time each way and avoid the lines at Gate and Exodus.
We offer more than safe, dependable, and fun passenger service. As the only Burner-owned, Burner-operated air charter company serving Black Rock City, we contribute and participate–a lot! For the past eight years, we’ve transported crews and construction materials as the City was built. During the event, we’ve accommodated supply requests, bringing in everything from airline-delayed baggage to tools to aircraft tires. We’ve built and donated the first BRC Airport Terminal, worked on air safety improvement, volunteered in many departments, and created two theme camps, four mutant vehicles, and awesome art.
We look forward to welcoming you aboard!
Contact information: Advantage Flight  +1 775 852-3512  burners@advantageflight.com
Advantage Flight Solutions LLC is an FAA Part 135 air service based at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.
burners (at) advantageflight (dot) com

Aggreko provides Generator and Electrical solutions for temporary installation. I have been a provider to BRC for 5 years and understand the needs.
Aggreko is the largest temporary power provider in the world and currently we are doing the America’s Cup and U.S. Open Golf Tournament.
We have a team of event specialist that help solve the problems and develop solutions to help meet the needs of our customers.
don.gray (at) aggreko (dot) com

Arrow Root Media
We provide WordPress support services. That includes design, development, hosting, security, planning, and other web related goodies. We also teach.
And our founder, Jaki Levy, was recently featured on WP Engine’s blog (WP Engine is the company that hosts Burning Man Profiles).
We offer all Burners discounts on web hosting and service packages (including cleaning up your hacked site).
jaki (at) arrowrootmedia (dot) com

Bodyart, full body body art, face art.
artbychromium (at) gmail (dot) com

Autovice Bowwow Auto
VW and Audi Service, Import car parts. Lets make sure you and you car are ready to make it to BRC and back with out have to stop and fix it along the way, We have parts and advice for the do it your self types, For the MV owner we can also source other parts at discount prices (almost cost for MV parts) and if you are trying to build something from scratch may be able to help there too

Bear Wilner-Nugent, Counselor and Attorney at Law LLC
I’m a criminal defense and personal injury lawyer licensed in Oregon and federal court. At Burning Man I work as an escort and fluffer for Arctica. Got a criminal or traffic case or an accident anywhere in Oregon coming to or from SOAK*, Critical Massive, or Black Rock City? Mention this listing for a 10% Burner discount.
bwnlaw (at) gmail (dot) com

Black Rock Air
Fly to Burningman, Or from Burningman to a commercial Hotspring! One way or Round trip flights to Burningman from Reno international airport, as well as additional charter flights from burningman to local hot springs during the week. $200 per seat Each way RT. Book a flight between Aug 24 and Sept 2 2013. RV and playabike rentals, as well as Walmart runs are also available. Folks can also purchase a discounted “Miracle” ticket that they can gift to other burners for flights back to Reno. Burners who find themselves discharged from the ER in Reno with no way back to the playa can receive our FREE WELCOME HOME pass which will fly them back to the playa. Call us at  702-727-4866  Email at Info@blackrockair.com
info (at) blackrockair (dot) com

Body Wisdom Nutrition
Wanna know what to eat at the Burn to feel your best? As a 7-time Burner and Nutritional Therapist, I’ve collected all the best ideas in my FREE guide “What to Eat for Your Best Burn Ever.” Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to:
– 43 tips in the 9 essential “Best Burn Ever” food + drink categories – 5 changes you can make this year in how you store and transport your food that will change how you Burn forever – The 7 types of cookware you need to bring (beyond your basic cup, plate, bowl, and utensils) so you don’t waste space packing on anything unnecessary
Need more help for your camp or a special diet? I’ve got you covered there too! I specialize in digestive health and food allergies. Schedule a Burner Food Session and take the hassle out of planning all by yourself. Burner Food Sessions are always 20% off my regular hourly rate.
jennifer (at) bodywisdomnutrition (dot) com

bridge storage and artspace
artist studios storage lockers 3d printers, music, party space collaboration, community and purpose covered art car storage and assembly/modification space – special rates for your arty wheels.
located in beautiful richmond california
info (at) bridgeartspace (dot) com

Burning Tarot / Miss Magdalen
Miss Magdalen of Mystical Mayhem presents A PROPER TAROT READING with Burning Tarot, Hello Kitty Tarot, or 7 other decks.
BURNER SPECIAL: email magdalen23 at gmail dot com for a 20% discount or a “pre-Burn” reading.
HOW IT WORKS: Miss Magdalen will read your cards using one of nine Tarot decks and several spreads, to be chosen at the time of the reading. No online, cookie-cutter, cookbook quickie readings. She offers genuine, heartfelt readings and asks that the querent also come to their reading with a spirit of heartfelt honesty, ready to rock.
Bibliomancy, bone-scrying, and other techniques may be thrown in during your reading. Maybe glitter, too. Handsome gift certificate available, of course.
WARNING: Miss Magdalen swears a fuck of a lot while doing readings. Go figure.
THE APPROACH: Fortunetelling and psychic woo-woo weirdness always figure into the Tarot, but largely, Miss Magdalen’s readings focus on understanding your experiences, reframe the tough questions you face, and make honest assessments of your current situation. The cards don’t own your destiny; you do.
ABOUT MISS MAGDALEN: Miss Magdalen of Mystical Mayhem has over 20 years’ experience reading the cards, and is the creatrix of Burning Tarot and the Richard Foreman Oracle. She has written articles on Tarot and other oracles for Stim magazine, Digital Living, and the Free Will Astrology website of Rob Breszny. Integrating Tarot with her art and performance practice, she has appeared at Performance Works Northwest, the Manor of Art, Reading Frenzy, and, of course, Burning Man. (She also used to write horoscopes for a teen magazine, but will refrain from giving you fashion advice during your reading.)
HOW LONG ARE THE READINGS? As long as they need to be. Most clock in around 60-75 minutes, but if the reading feels finished at 50 minutes, then the reading is finished. Occasionally Miss M will suck up 90 minutes of your time. Please indicate at the beginning of your session if you have a time constraint.
AREAS OF INQUIRY: The cards offer perspective on our relationships and the search for meaning. Miss Magdalen also has extensive experience helping creative professionals, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Not to mention infamous bands who are starting their own cults, drug dealers who’ve just gotten busted, and young men wearing gold panties who’ve just met the Love of their Life at their first Burn.
HOW TO PURCHASE & MAKE APPOINTMENTS: Burners — Email magdalen23 att gmail.com to arrange the appointment and use Paypal… If you prefer etsy, “seedcake” shop on “Etsy.com” where you can buy using PayPal or credit card.
DOES MISS MAGDALEN STILL DO FREE READINGS AT BURNING MAN? “Reply is hazy. Try again later,” to quote the Magic 8 Ball. Seriously: monies earned from Burning Tarot readings will be set aside so that maybe, someday, she can come back to BRC. You can download a free version of the Burning Tarot deck to print out yourself; donations for that will also help get her back out on the Playa.
THE DECKS: Original decks created by the reader: – Burning Tarot (a double tarot made with Burning Man images, co-created with photographer Steven Fritz) – Game of Thrones Tarot (major arcana) – Foreman Oracle based on the writings of experimental theatre genius Richard Foreman, founder and director of the Ontologic-Hysteric Theater in New York (not based on traditional Tarot cycle)
Other decks: – Morgan-Greer – Golden Tarot – Medieval Scapini – Science Tarot – Hello Tarot (Hello Kitty tarot) – Salvador Dali deck
DOES MISS MAGDALEN LEAD WORKSHOPS & GIVE LESSONS? Yep. Inquire at magdalen23 at gmail.
WILL MISS MAGDALEN DO IN-PERSON READINGS AT MY SHOP OR PSYCHIC FAIRE? Probably not. Worth a try, though. She has been known to read at private events.
GIFTS: You’ll receive an email gift certificate for yourself or a friend. Print or forward the cert at your leisure. A suitable gift for the spiritual pathmaker in your life — but also a favorite of the confused, bewildered, depressed, and cynical! Gift recipients may choose which type of reading they’d like (phone, in person, or audio file). Fabulous for Christmas, Xmas, Solstice, Winter Solstice, Hannukah, Channukah, Wedding, Weddings, Bride, Bridal, Groom, Groomsman, Bridesmaid, Bridal Shower, Engagement Party, Just Married, Anniversary, Birthday, New Year, New Years, Inauguration Day, Easter, Rosh Hashanah, Burn Day, and Happy Tanking Economy Day.
PHOTO CREDITS: Burning Man photos by Burning Tarot photographer Steven Fritz. Photo of Miss Magdalen reading Tarot using the Morgan-Greer deck by Motoya Nakamura for The Oregonian newspaper.
lkjfdas (at) gmail (dot) com

Carolinas Kitchen
Reno’s Favorite BBQ place 20 years running. After a decade of requests to attend Burningman event, we will be located at the BarSyl Bazaar, 2 blocks North of Bruno’s in Gerlach. Stop in to grab a RACK OF RIBS and a box of PBR on your way to the playa. AFTER BURN menu will have pulled pork, and all your favorites! Come say “hello”.
jo (at) carolinakitchen (dot) net

Castaway Trash Hauling Inc.
Burner Owned and Operated.. Playa Friendly and Famous. You pack it in, let us pack it out in a 30 yard container! Loving what will be our 5th year on Playa. Lets all do our part to help those fine folks at Playa Restoration and leave BRC cleaner than when we got there. Castaway will gladly work package deals with multiple camps so network to get the best deals! Call for pricing  775.342.2444
steve (at) castawaytrashhauling (dot) com

Civinomics is a collaboration portal. We are free to use for group collaborations of up to 20 people. Create a workshop and set your goals: “CAMP TODOS. * What structures to build? * What activities to host? * What supplies to bring? * Who leads what?” Sign up for an account, create a free private workshop, then invite your campmates to join. There are three ways to collaborate in a workshop: Learn – post information resources here. Say you want to build a network of hammocks. Post a link to a site with great information on it here. Talk – questions and answers go here. Need some feedback before doing a lot of homework on something you’re interested in? Put a question up here. All feedback comes in form of comments. The comment tree system we’ve created makes it easy to navigate large conversations! Vote – put your polished, badass camp idea up here. Everything you create in a workshop can be voted on, including these ideas. This makes it easy to see what has the most support.
We have been very busy since opening our site in April, working on issues important to the Santa Cruz area, where we are based. Please take a chance to use our site for your own collaborations. You’ll probably have a great time maximizing your camp in BRC, and you’ll help us in becoming more familiar with our platform. Our official web address is Civinomics.com. An easy address that also works is CIV.IO
Thank you!
todd (at) civinomics (dot) com

Clayton Smith, Architect
Concepts, Design, Details, Whole Process. Temporary and Permanent. Functional and Ceremonial Space. Nourishing Esoterica. Burner Specials. Northwest America.
claytn8 (at) gmail (dot) com

Colorado Camper Rental
Colorado Camper Rental has the largest selection and newest fleet of towable RVs for rent in Colorado. The owners are Burners, and we’re happy to give Burners $100 off the regular price.
We also rent Honda EU2000i generators to power A/C or other items. Let us know how we can help you be prepared for the Playa.
coloradocamperrental (at) gmail (dot) com

I have 20 years experience helping people feel better and do better using reflexology, color therapy & massage — but with a twist! Having studied hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, and color therapy (ColorPuncture) extensively, I incorporate these amazing modalities into “meta-physical therapy” (meaning beyond the body) services, thus creating a holistic healing experience for your body, mind, and being. Use code: LABURN for my $28 special! Thank you, xoML
ColorReflexology (at) gmail (dot) com

Controlled Burn
We are a Reno fire performance troupe. If there is some help other fire performers need while moving through Reno on the way to the playa, we are happy to try to help. We may have necessary replacement wicking, or maybe a practice space to get together with your crew before heading North. We have our Community Burns on Wednesday nights (except Burn Week) if you’d like to meet the locals, approach a problem, find performance resources.
We also offer fire performance for those in need of an early burn or after burn while gathering for the playa or living locally, and are willing to incorporate others.
booking (at) controlledburnreno (dot) com

Eschaton Web Development
Web Development. If you need to bend the web to your will, I can help.
25% off my hourly rate to all Burners.
lprubin.lennon (at) gmail (dot) com

Event Productions
We provide trucking services, 28′, 48′ , 53′ trailers, or 20′ containers. Load here in Alameda, we ship round-trip to your location in BRC. We can handle smaller shipments as well. Also can accept prepaid shipments from anywhere. Acquiring Vendor-Pass/Outside Services credentials. Call or see our website for more details. Burner owned company. 2011 Clients included Lost Penguin, AstroCats, OTIC Oasis & The Trojan Horse… 2012: The Temple jelk (at) eventproductions (dot) com
jelk (at) eventproductions (dot) com

Nutritional menu design, procurement and food storage.
dreadlockcowboy (at) gmail (dot) com

Financial Liberation Institute
F.L.I. specializes in helping those wishing to live a gift economy/ sustainable lifestyle work with the existing system. Things we typically help people with: Reporting cash income without having to pay more tax, writing off festivals, starting a business, reporting requirements for “barters”, insurance, and conscious investments. Burners/ good-doers get free 15 minute phone consults and sliding scale rates. We will also give free or discounted talks to groups.
Dean (at) financialliberationinstitute (dot) org

Firework Art Display
“The Grande Finale of the Art of FIREWORKS”!! (An unrecognized Art Form of Celebration)
These Collage works,(see below) represent truly inspired ,radical self expression, in creating “Firework Shows” in the realm of Fine Art!!.
This presentation is my “tribute”to the “Art of celebrating” It all began with a “Zen enlightened experience”, inspired by the “Ritual of Celebration”, itself, when I was 4 years old , at that point in time,I began collecting & appropriating the entire graphic history of the packaging ,embodying these pyrotechnic materials.

“The Graphic Art history of Celebration ”
Chinese Firecracker Art, – “FIREWORK ART DISPLAY” (ca.1850-present)
This presentation has evolved into a unique & exclusive,world wide documentary on “The Art of Celebration” It’s finely detailed graphic imagery + fauvist colors have been part & parcel to the rituals of celebrations,birthdays,National holidays weddings,New Years,et.al. Littering the grounds,around the globe,in every language & culture, for the last 160+ years. This extraordinarily unique medium, which encompasses the entire (graphic Art History of fireworks, 1850s-present),is unprecedented, as well as the interpretive breakthroughs in organizing 1) advertising art :(i.e.) a collage technique of assigning elemental values to the various colored wrapping papers,(water=blue, land=green, & sky=varied colors), & juxtaposing them with labels of similar themes. 2) Pop Art =” With a Bang”!
Please regard : www.pyroart.net for imagery & more details short film (3-min. 50 sec} under “Professional Details” ,
(FYI), The printed imagery on “logo” firecrackers were exploding into “smithereens”,(1930’s), before the “POP ART”/”New Realist” movement was invented, in the late 50’s!! It is both a precursor and an addendum to the “POP Art” movement.. I also have a sensational performance, (Fireworks), presentation as well…18 years of pyro performance @ “Burning Man” Thank you for your consideration, Jas. McNulty “Worlds Master of Firework Art Display” P.S. I had a show @ the Santa Monica Museum of Art on 5/11/13, I am again participated in this year’s “Incognito” show, which represents the who’s who of the L.A. art scene.
pyroart (at) saturnnet (dot) com

Gerlach General Improvement District
Gerlach Town Water Sales and Disposal Drop Off Burning Man Festival 2013
The Town of Gerlach will be selling potable water for RVs and portable water containers. We will have containers for sale on a first come basis. 15 gallon containers are $45.00, 6 gallon containers are $20.00 and 7 gallon containers are $25. Free water when you purchase a container from us! We will not be taking reservations for water sales or containers.
We will have multiple filling stations in front of the town shop located at 330 Short Street. Signs through town will help you locate the water station filling area. Our rates remain the same at $.50/gallon up to 100 gallons, $.45/gallon for sales above 100 and less than 200 gallons, and $.40/gallon for sales greater than 200 gallons.
We only accept cash. An ATM machine will be available for your convenience.
Water Sales Days and Hours of Operation
Mon., 8/19 — Thurs., 8/22 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Fri., 8/23 – Mon. 8/26 8:00 am to midnight Tues., 8/27 & Wed. 8/28 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

The town of Gerlach will be providing dumpsters for trash disposal when you leave the event. The dumpsters will be located at the town transfer station on Transfer Road. Signs will point the way. Cost will be $10 for the first large trash bag. Additional bags are $5 each. Other bulk items for disposal will be priced according to size. We only accept cash. There is no ATM at the transfer station.
Trash Collection Days and Hours of Operation:
Saturday, 8/31 & Sunday 9/1 8:00 am to midnight/dumpsters are full Monday, 9/2 8:00 am until the dumpsters are full
Once the dumpsters are full the transfer station will close and no more trash will be accepted. Please don’t leave your trash by the gate!
If you have any questions, please call the Gerlach General Improvement Office at775.557.2601  or email us at gerlachgid@yahoo.com
Thank you for supporting the town of Gerlach!!
gerlachgid (at) yahoo (dot) com

Gerlach RV Water
Bulk fills for your RV or storage tanks any hours and all hours. Gerlach city fills only during high volume periods. We are available before and after hours. We are located at the bazaar 2 blocks past Bruno’s in Gerlach.
JB (at) ArtCarSupport (dot) com

Heady Hoop Tribe
Heady Hoop Tribe is a collective group of women who aim to inspire others to express themselves through the creative power of modern day hoop dance. They teach, perform, host events, and collaborate with local artists in the Phoenix community.
Each member comes from various backgrounds and experience, offering something truly unique. This tribe of women mesmerizes crowds with their complex dance movements and prop manipulation. They are constantly challenging conventional thinking, by bringing this modern day artistic expression to light.
Heady Hoop Tribe takes what is conventionally known as a child’s toy, the hula-hoop, and uses it to create a community of beautiful dancers. People who are looking for an outlet to expressive themselves, connect with others, and find joy and love in their universe.
info (at) headyhooptribe (dot) com

How to get married at Burning Man – Made by Julianne
My husband and I held our wedding on the playa in 2012, and wrote up the details of our experience. The information ranges from the nitty-gritty of wedding certificates, to advice on caterers and bridesmaid’s bouquets (spoiler: avoid as necessary).
Anyone considering holding their ceremony at Burning Man should contact BMorg’s wedding liaison, and check with the state of Nevada for up-to-date requirements.
juliannemd (at) gmail (dot) com

Iveson Ranch
PRE-PLAYA LANDING starts now! If you need a place to land for pre-assembly of your art, an address for shipping your load ahead, or simply want to join fellow burners for completing their projects for the playa, contact JB immediately. There are major projects RIGHT NOW needing love and assistance. We are near-playa and we welcome the collaborative spirit. Call and volunteer today. JB@ArtCarSupport.com
JB (at) ArtCarSupport (dot) com

Jason Foster Counseling Services
I provide mental health counseling services/psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups in the greater Seattle area. Many of my clients live “alternative” lifestyles, and appreciate that I offer a nonjudgmental space to work out their problems. Whether you are struggling with polyamory, working to integrate a challenging psychedelic experience, or just want someone to talk to without having to explain “the whole Burning Man thing”, I can help.
I treat clients with trauma, anger, and depression. I also run a support group for people integrating intentional non-ordinary states of consciousness.
jason (at) fosteringconnection (dot) com

Jason Mongue, Filmmaker and Photographer
I’m a burner at heart and have been shooting photos and video on the playa since 2006.
In 2012 I was on camera crew for the Spark: A Burning Man Story feature film.
I have a couple committments on playa this year already, but have some availability to cover your special event.
Send me an email!
jason.mongue (at) gmail (dot) com

Maui manuscript MeDic
***\\\ EDITING ///***
Superb professional editing for your manuscript, poem or play: copy, content and style edits. Hourly rates; quantity discount.
BURNERS: 15-page edit gratis!
editor (at) MauimsMD (dot) com

Mindful Healing
Passionate about Holotropic Breathwork and exploring expanded states of consciousness with intention and in a safe environment. Studied and works closely with Stan Grof Offer Beautiful retreats in a hot spring setting north of San Francisco and local day long workshop in the san francisco area.
Also love my somatic mindful psychotherapy practice and clients! My approach is intersubjective, body oriented, transpersonal and spiritual. training in trauma, bionergestics, Sensorymotor psychotherapy, EFT = Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. From France and Spain… Love diversity and its cross cultural expressions!
soniatelle (at) yahoo (dot) com

Nor-Cal powder coating
Powder coating, metal fab, screen printing. special deals and time donated to art.
rloucks (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Paramount RV Center
Paramount RV Center is a factory-authorized RV Collision Repair and Service facility, endorsed by over 50 of America’s Leading RV Manufacturers and Suppliers. Our RV Parts & Accessories Store has Northern Nevada’s largest selection of RV Parts & Accessories, and is staffed with seasoned professionals. Rent an RV for The Playa from Paramount RV Rentals! Choose from MotorHome or Trailer models and reserve online at ParamountRVRentals.com. Check out Used RV’s for sale at ParamountRVSales.com. Paramount is Your Headquarters for Everything RV!
tim (at) paramountrv (dot) com

Playa Air Express
Playa Air Express is a full service, “Burner Friendly” air charter transportation company offering safe and efficient non-stop flights from Reno direct to The Playa (BRC) during the entire event. We also offer direct flights to The Playa from The Bay Area, Southern California, Las Vegas, and other neighboring states. In addition, Playa Air Express offers Jet Services to Reno to connect with our shuttle flights for anyone East of Nevada! We can be reached at: http://www.flypacificcoast.com
burnershuttle (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Bike Repair
PLAYA BIKE REPAIR is both a service, and a theme camp. Buy or rent a bike via our website. We transport your bike to the playa. Claim your bike at our camp!
Details …
PRE PLAYA: – Lightly used hybrid bikes are $200. It’s your bike! You own it! Not a rental! (MSRP $550!) – Bike Rentals are $150. – Bike Transport is $50 from SF to BRC, round trip. Open to everyone.
IN BLACK ROCK CITY – We run a “Bike Lounge,” with a bar, mist, music, shade, and tools. – Mechanics drop in. Friendly, nurturing, and supportive, they will help anyone fix any bike, free. – Last year, our first, we fixed over 2,000 bikes!
AFTER THE BURN: – Bike Transport to SF. – Bike cleaning, maintenance, and/or 12 months storage. – Bike Transport to Burning Man 2013!
YOUR SUPPORT enables us to offer free bike repair on the playa.
PlayaBikeRepair (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Slumlord
We are committed Burners with camping trailers to rent. These are “burner” trailers that have some wear, but everything works. The prices reflect our expenses of bringing and removing them from your camp, cleaning them, and the storage for a year…….and don’t forget the fee the BMORG gets for us to be able to do this as a supplier.
playaslumlord (at) gmail (dot) com

Accumulated resource listings that can be used for ideas and inspiration in planning your trip to BRC.
penguin (at) playafire (dot) com

We are a cooperative of Burners who have accumulated some older camping rv trailers available to rent, delivered and picked up wherever you specify on The Playa.
These are older rigs, fully functional, and at a reasonable price.
Renting from us keeps a number of redneck California & Nevada hippies employed during tough economic times…. )'(
playaslumlord (at) gmail (dot) com

Pretzer Green Consulting
Be green in anything you do. We provide practical green solutions for burners to reduce their impact on and off the playa. We will give 50% off for project consulting for all burners who mention Burning Man either in an email or on the phone. We are based out of the playa of the south, Playa Del Rey and our LEDs are the best in the business!
Jonty )'( Great
jonty (at) pretzergreenconsulting (dot) com

Quantum Astrology
We offer personal, daily Vedic Astrology readings sent by email 2-3x per week. The price is right — they’re free! If you really like them, you can spend $0.03 per day to receive them each and every day.
newsletters (at) QuantumAstrology (dot) com

Queer Burners
Providing LGBTQ resources, camp information, event listings and so much more within and out of the trash fence. Meet LGBTQ leaders and help network your art and other projects into reality, We are radically inclusive and welcome all participants.
info (at) queerburners (dot) com

Robert Aronson
Lawyer specializing in the resolution of disputes and problems involving business and real estate law
R_Aronson (at) UReach (dot) com

RV Northwest LLC
We are an RV Rental company based out of Beaverton, Oregon. We have a wide range of rentals available for Burning Man, ranging from tent trailers to Diesel Pushers. We are the largest Independently owned RV rental company in Oregon.
info (at) rv-northwest (dot) com

Sacred ecology
Personal transformation manifestation and healing in service to the Earth.
Clientcare (at) sacredecology (dot) me

Satellite internet and phones rentals for those who need to communicate with the world from the Playa.
etalman (at) satellitephonestore (dot) con

Serafini Studios
We build, host, train and help maintain WordPress websites for individuals, artists, small businesses, non-profits, churches and even larger businesses. We love Burning Man and are happy to offer 20% off our regular prices for a website redesign or build for Burning Man participants.
gserafini (at) gmail (dot) com

silent A photography
I am a professional photographer specializing in unusual glamour portraits. I have been attending the Burn for over a decade and try to bring the energy of the playa into everyday life.
amberA (at) silentAphotography (dot) com

Technohippy Design
I’m Technohippy, aka Jason Starling, and I have over 20 years of experience on the creative side of marketing. Technohippy Design delivers graphic design with consciousness to the Burning Man community. If you want your print design, website, mobile apps, and ads to all speak the same visual language, look no further. I can create or overhaul the logo and identity of your small or large business, design and publish ebooks, and much more. With each project, my goal is to creatively manifest the best expression of your intent. I strive to apply the Ten Principles to all of my work!
jason (at) technohippydesign (dot) com

DREAD FALLS, HAIR EXTENSIONS. I create personalized dreaded hair pieces that can be either pinned on to your own hair and look very realistic or I can braid dread extensions on to your own hair providing your hair is four inches long. I’m located in Marin County. I can consult by telephone or in person. (415) 516-0114. See: tesfelix.com for photos.
tesfelix (at) att (dot) net

The Burner’s Market
The Burner’s Market Personal Shopper We are Burner’s shopping for Burner’s! It’s as simple as that. We are dedicated to making your experience at Burning Man 2013 more enjoyable by doing the shopping for you non-perishable supplies for you. We are veteran Burners who live in Reno, who know the town and know the event. Burning Man 2013 will be the most memorable event in your life. Whether you have been to the big event before or if you are a virgin burner, it will be spectacular, that you can count on. Aside from all the fun, endurance is the name of the game on the Playa. You will experience the mind blowing art in perfect summer conditions one minute and white-out dust storms the next. There are fabulously fun carnival nights and near freezing temperatures some years at night. Personally, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s all part of the wonderful enigma of Burning Man. Traveling to Reno days early, shopping in 100 degree plus temperatures, on streets you are not familiar with, at over-crowded stores that might not have all the supplies you need is not something you have to endure. We will shop for the lowest prices on all the items you need to set up a great camp big or small. Our fees are low and we will have a convenient pick-up location near the Reno International Airport. Check out our website, bmpersonalshopper@gmail.com and let us save you time and money. Watch for our coupons on Facebook and Twitter.
bmpersonalshopper (at) gmail (dot) com

Tinkomatic (tinkomatic.com) is a a small web app that can help people get their gears and art parts in place and in time, and without depleting the planet: It allows you to search multiple classifieds and auction sites at once, and save your searches until you find what you’re really looking for.
You can search craigslist, oodle, backpage, kijiji, and eBay all at once; and if you don’t find right away that elusive playa bike, parabolic antenna, or tent frame you need for your next project, you can just save your searches, and easily check whether anything new came up.
The app is completely free and has been featured on lifehacker, mashable, and techcrunch.
feedback (at) tinkomatic (dot) com

VerdantExchange.org is a website where you can buy, sell, trade, or gift, local green, and sustainable goods. At the same time we offer event and directory listings for local, green, and sustainable businesses an projects.
At VerdantExchange.org we hope to change the world. We want to change how people think about consumption and help people realize that many of their consumer needs can be met on a local level.
There is no cost to for any interaction on the site, we aim to create a local, sustainable culture.
cary.fowler (at) verdantexhange (dot) org

I am a professional astrologer with nearly twenty years experience, and I love to give readings to burners. I can offer a twenty percent discount off my usual fees for my beloved burning man community. Come visit me at camp Cosmicopia while on the Playa for a gift reading (times listed in book).
I also am a facilitator of Stan and Christina Grof’s practice of Holotropic Breathwork. Please visit my website at www.matthewstelzner.com for more information.
matthew (at) matthewstelzner (dot) com

Zot Laser Cutting and Engraving
I provide laser cutting and engraving services for excellent rates. I charge $1/min, and try to find a quality and speed level top fit your needs. I want this resource to be within everyone’s reach. Trying to be able to afford to give free or reduced time to nonprofits.
zot (at) zotlasers (dot) com

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