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My Art Portfolio for San Jose State

As part of my application to San Jose State, I put together an art portfolio. They liked it well enough to accept me into their program. Take a look at the PDF yourself:

Art_Portfolio_San_Jose 10-21-13 v1

A sample…

Rubens’ Tube at Fireside Lounge

The triple Rubens’ Tube Michael and I built was at the Crucible’s Fireside Lounge last month. It was a really fun event. We also brought out The Littlest Dragon as well.

You can see a shot of the Rubens’ Tube in this Crucible Flyer:

Where Have All The Propane Suppliers Gone?

I’ve been having the darnedest time finding really good propane suppliers for my Flame Effects class at the Crucible. Where have all the propane suppliers gone? Here’s where:

This was told to Lee by Jane at Cramer Decker, June, 2014.

When the housing bubble burst 2007-2013, the residential propane market crashed since no more houses with propane were being built! This has been pushing a lot of propane dealers under. You might have better luck finding supplies through different markets, for instance, the popular Fischer 741 regulator is used for beer carbonation, and chemical processing industries are still doing well.

If you’ve got a good propane / LP gas supplier for things like fittings, regulators, and hose, leave me a message!

Farewell Processional: A year ago today, SFMOMA closed it’s doors

From Desiree Holman:

A year ago today, SFMOMA closed it’s doors to make way for a new building opening in 2016. I had the great fortune to direct a processional performance that led the massive crowd out and into the imagined future. As it was my inaugural entrée into performance, it was probably one of the biggest artistic risks I’ve taken to date. A year later, the project is continuing to develop. The work has always been a team effort. Thank you to all of you that have contributed so much. In celebration of the anniversary, I have edited and posted video documentation. Check it out!Gina BassoChristina LindenMalia Rose Frank Smigiel Dominic WillsdonLuciano Chessa Sarah CathersAbbey KerinsMary ElizabethSamuel Cortez SharkeyWendy Louise FarinaSofía CórdovaPositive VibesJonathan LeideckerValerie ChafograckMaya Lowe BatkiCas CasadosNatalie ZeitunyJoshua Kit ClaytonJob & BossBrook LaneKirby MckenzieLee SonkoTeri SageAmy OwenCortney Lane StellBrian KarlCaitlin DennyMeagan Kathleen Doud

Sophont Art at the Di Rosa

Here’s an interview of Desiree Holman in about her art. I built several kinetic elements that are going into the pieces :-)

Read the original article here


New Frontier

Desirée Holman’s latest project looks to the stars


Desirée Holman’s ‘Sophont in Action’ shows May 10–July 20 at the di Rosa, 5200 Sonoma Hwy., Napa.

ALIEN NATION Artist 'Desirée Holman's new show explores the pseudoscientific and the extraterrestrial.

  • ALIEN NATION Artist ‘Desirée Holman’s new show explores the pseudoscientific and the extraterrestrial.

Artist Desirée Holman has spent her professional life researching human behavior in a most unusual way.

She observes subcultures that seem outside the norm of society, but inform the mainstream.

Holman’s latest project examining these subcultures is her most out there—literally. “Sophont in Action,” a multimedia exhibit, looks at our fascination with the realms of pseudoscientific ideas and extraterrestrial icons. Her new work will be exhibited at Napa’s di Rosa gallery.

“This project is largely about this subculture gone mainstream, under the umbrella of New Age, which northern California has been seminal in dispersing,” Holman explains. The exhibit’s highlight is a striking series of portraits of “extraterrestrial” masks worn by human figures in front of an aura haze.

“This isn’t about my interpretation,” she says, “it’s more about our desire for [and] fantasy of extraterrestrials.”

In past works, Holman has examined the obsession with television and fascination with newborns. With “Sophont,” Holman seeks to understand how the collective vision of aliens has become so uniform and so familiar. “Why are popular visions of extraterrestrials always bipedal, always humanoid? ”

Holman explains how this cultural phenomenon took place alongside other cultural milestones like the Civil Rights movement. Before the 1960s, aliens were often seen as tall, fair-skinned beings that looked more or less exactly like people. Then, following popular stories of sightings and alien abductions, they evolved into the gray, large-eyed creatures we all now immediately picture.

“We’re really homocentric,” says Holman. “The beings are other than us enough that we can project hopes and fears onto them, but similar enough that they’re easy to grasp emotionally and intellectually.”

Holman’s latest show also includes paintings of the luminous aura that some believe we all emit. Inspired by the work of Guy Coggins, the Peninsula-based inventor of the Aura Camera, Holman depicts the colorful energies, which are supposed to tell us about our emotional impact on the environment.

Holman counters this with a series of stunning starscapes, images one might find on a NASA website, peering deep into the galactic abyss. All three styles of paintings lead the viewer from the outer fringes of science into the realm of accepted alternative ideas and theories.

In addition, the show will boast a massive live performance on June 28, as community-based Ecstatic Dancers, Indigo Children and Time-Travelers take to the grounds and manifest a living utopia of science-fiction and New Age concepts made real.

Triple Rubens’ Tube!

Rubens Tube 10

Rubens Tube 11

Rubens Tube 1 Rubens Tube 2

  • Mark Rubin: head of the project and owner of Guerilla Science
  • Isabelle Engler: Concert and flame piano player
  • Michael Kearny: Rubens’ Tube designer and builder
  • Lee Sonko: Rubens’ Tube designer and builder

Rubens Tube 3

Rubens Tube 6

Rubens Tube 8

Rubens Tube 5 Rubens Tube 9 Rubens Tube 7