La Mesa RV Centers Reviews – Looking at Buying an RV

We’ve been thinking about buying an RV for about a year. We went to an RV Show in Sacramento yesterday and put down $500 on an RV. When we got home, we researched it a bit and… dodged a bullet, I believe.

The RV Show was run exclusively by La Mesa RV Center.

BBB Complaints about La Mesa RV Center – Paraphrased: “Terrible, very slow (2-12 months!) service on promised work, leaving people’s RVs sitting around for a looooong time. 100+ complaints in the last 3 years, 40+ in the last year

Yelp – All reviews are either “luv my new RV” or “I spent $200k but I got a broken RV but can’t use it because their service department keeps screwing me over”
Yelp 1 , Yelp 2 , Yelp 3

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