Looking for Non-Adversarial Board Games

Looking for good board games (and similar) that aren’t adversarial to play with my 8 year-old. We played Pokemon for the first time today and she understood the rule mechanics immediately but hated the threat of her creatures being killed. We played the venerable Ticket To Ride last week and with some teamwork we all had a blast!


  1. Robert says:

    Carcassone – tile laying game where you build up maps. It’s competitive – each player is trying to lay out the biggest walled city, largest set of fields, and longest roads. Just making the maps can be fun too, so it can be less competitive and adversarial towards other players if you’re thinking about it in the right way.

    Pandemic and Forbidden Island are two games where all the players work together for a goal; Pandemic is fighting a worldwide pandemic, Forbidden Island is attempting to collect treasures and keep the island from sinking.

    Tokaido has players compete to collect treasure as they travel across Japan, and compete for the most loot. Mellow and beautiful.

  2. Lee says:

    Thank you Robert!

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