Wildfires, But Not Here

For family that has been worrying about me living in Northern California with all the forest fires and such. I’m totally fine :-)

I blame the news. I just found some of the national news stories. One was titled “Mandatory Evacuations in Northern California Wildfire”. and it starts out, “Residents in three Northern California communities were told to leave their homes immediately as a fast-moving wildfire…” But that fire, the Mill Fire, is in Siskiyou County, a 4 1/2 hr drive north of me!

Yes, we often have “smoke season” where we live in the east bay but it hasn’t happened this year yet. We’re feeling generally prepared for it.

Where I live, in El Cerrito, CA, the seasons are mild (right now we’ve got a heat wave and it’s 85 degrees. 30 miles east in Concord it’s 103. 30 miles west in San Francisco it’s 75 degrees.

I live in such an urban area, it would be unheard of for a wildfire to reach me, though power failures due to wildfires are possible.

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