The Big Email Racket

I couldn’t fix my outgoing email spam problems without paying “big email”. Neither could this much-more capable guy. It’s a racket!

More discussion on JWZ’s blog and here.



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  1. Free says:

    It happens even with big email. I run registration for an annual bicycling event. The mailing list is double opt-in, which should be the most spam-free method. I have used both MailPoet and SendGrid to send the opt-in e-mails, either of which again ensures that I’m not sending spam. However, I routinely find that a lot of people either don’t get the e-mails to confirm they are opting in, or have those e-mails delivered to spam. Then they have to e-mail me and ask me to manually move their e-mails from “unconfirmed” to “confirmed.” This is beyond frustrating, because it hampers the very methods I’m using to show we’re not spammers (along with requiring me to spend a lot of time fixing what should be a fully automated process).

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