Help Me Find a Bed

Please help me. I sleep on my side. Most nights my hip sinks into my bed, pulling my back out of wack and giving me a backache. Nearly every bed I’ve had in my life has started to sag in the hip area after a few months. Do you know of a bed that doesn’t have this problem? Please don’t write saying “I’ve never had a problem with xxx bed.” Most people haven’t had a problem with ANY bed. I’d like to hear “I had a problem with several beds but found THIS bed to be better…”

A partial lineup of the beds I’ve killed:

  • Actually, the waterbed I had in high school (thanks mom & dad & 1980’s!) didn’t have a problem.
  • I killed a bunch of beds through college and after but I can’t recall the deets.
  • 1999: I think it was a new Sealy Posturpedic. I killed it
  • 2003: Bed in NJ. When I moved in 2005, it was starting to feel pretty bad
  • 2005: I slept on a portable Aerobed for 6 months. It was awesome.
  • 2005: store model Macys bed. I lay on it in the store for an hour and loved it. I had it at home for 2 weeks and my butt sank so low, it felt like I was in a lounge chair. Returned.
  • 2006: new Ikea Sultan queen bed. I had to throw it away after 3 years
  • 2009: another new Ikea Sultan queen bed. I killed it.
  • 2012: Megan’s queen size bed for 3 years. I killed it.
  • 2015: Nest Alexander Signature Select – Medium, King size. After 1.5 years, to keep my back sanity, I have a 2″ mattress topper, and I put a towel between the mattress topper and mattress (over the course of 2 months I go from 0-3 layers of towel to give increasing support) and every 2-3 months I have to rotate the bed 90 degrees. Originally I had to rotate it every 4-6 months. December 2018: putting a 1″ thick, 18″x 24″ piece of foam helped a lot. Late January 2019: I’m starting to get back aches and leg tingles again.

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