Help Me Get RC Cars

Can you help me get a pair of RC cars for Abigail and I? She took an interest in my RC plane but the learning curve is way too steep there for someone who’s never done RC!

I’m thinking we want:

  • Offroad, through our back yard, on woodchips, in playgrounds, I think that means a buggy or truggy.
  • Probably under $100 including everything for each

I tried looking online for some good vehicles but finding real and legitimate buying advice was daunting. Sadly, I don’t really have a local hobby store. I’d be happy to buy used if I had any idea what I was getting!




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  1. Lee Sonko says:

    I ended up getting a pair of “Invento” matchbox size RC cars. Abigail and I have driven them around a bit. They don’t have quite the controls I wanted and one car is already having some (probably unrepairable) drivetrain troubles. But they are inexpensive, small, and a fun intro to RC for Abigail!

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