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A Good Loveseat

Where is a good place to buy a loveseat?

Megan and I went to Ikea and sat on all the couches and loveseats and didn’t love any of them. Then we went to Dimensional Outlet Furniture in Oakland. They had a loveseat that we really liked so we put money down on it. That night I went online and found LOTS of poor reviews for the company and especially for the covering material, Durablend. This “bonded leather” product starts flaking off in 3-24 months (review site, TV news scam buster) and the company generally doesn’t care. I’ve cancelled the order. So what sofa/loveseat brands are recommended?

The OT Students’ Commuting Guide to San Jose State University

The OT Students’ Commuting Guide to San Jose State University
with input from the SJSU OT class of 2015 and 2016.
This document was last updated August 2015 and may be somewhat out of date. Have an update? Tell me about it in the comments!


Table of Contents

Public Transit
– BART to Fremont -> 181 bus to SJ -> 5 block walk
– Caltrain -> DASH bus
– Amtrak
– From the East Bay
– From SF / Peninsula
– From Santa Cruz
– From Monterey/Carmel
Other Campus Services
Managing Your Documents
Printing Documents on Campus
Food Around Campus

Public Transit

As a student, you can ride all Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) buses and light rails free! The light rail runs from Downtown SJ through Mountain View, Santa Clara, South San Jose, Alum Rock, and Campbell. Some stops allow free parking, but there are some that charge a daily rate. See the light rail map here. SJSU is transitioning to a clipper-card based pass system fall 2015. Find out more here. You can request a new Eco Pass here.

BART to Fremont -> 181 bus to SJ -> 5 block walk

Time: 2.25 hours each way from North Berkeley BART

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I Believe The World Is Basically A Good Place

I believe the world is basically a good place. Matt helps remind me.

I’ve followed Matt’s dancing videos over the years with joy. That’s why my family backed Matt’s Kickstarter to help remind us (and everyone) that the world is basically a good place. As he wrote at the top of the Kickstarter, “I dance with people all over the world. I make videos of it and I put them on YouTube to show that the world is a whole lot safer and friendlier than it looks on TV.”

Matt logged his travels for this latest video on Kickstarter. If you want to be reminded how people all over the world are basically good (something the whole U.S. could really use now), read on:

Internship Postponed

With my eye medical problems, the university postponed my internship. That was the right thing to do. I had been missing whole days because of doctor visits, was having trouble seeing, and couldn’t focus on learning because of my worries.

Yesterday I went to an eye doctor, Dr. Michel Jumper in Walnut Creek. They took a really close look at my eye (from my vantage point, all the eye scans looked like awesome 1970’s science fiction movie trailers) and got a treatment for the macular edema associated with my CRVO (central retinal vein occlusion). Dr. Jumper injected Avastin in the vitreous humor of my right eye. It hurt a bit afterward. My eye was scratchy later in the evening. But forget all that. The pain and scratchiness is gone and I can see a little better in my right eye today! The doctor said it might take a few days for the best result. I am so relieved.

I’ve been in contact with my fieldwork adviser and I hope to have a spring semester internship to finish my occupational therapy master’s degree.


Please Don’t Vote For Trump

Please Don’t Vote For Trump

America doesn’t need a xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, pants on fire liar leader who’s main tactics are fear, uncertainty and doubt , bullying, and bankruptcy courts. The competition, Hillary has her faults but they are the typical foibles of a career politician, not of a dangerous demagogue.


Eye Problems

Eye Problems

Two weeks ago I noticed difficulty seeing out of my right eye. I couldn’t read text on the computer or on paper, it was too blurry. After two visits to the UC Berkeley Meredith Morgan Eye Center and a battery of blood tests to rule out underlying issues, I’ve been diagnosed with non-ischemic central retinal vein occlusion with mild macular edema. The doctors have been saying “You’re too young for this disorder”. But, except for some risk factors that I don’t have, this disorder is idiopathic, which means that no one knows why I got it. And there’s no treatment for the main symptoms. Just wait and hope it gets better. My doctor, an expert in the field, told me today that 1/3 get better, 1/3 stay the same, 1/3 get worse.

I’ve occasionally been bumping into things on my right side. I can’t read with my right eye… I’m typing this keeping my right eye shut. Moving around takes more energy because I have to focus more on where I’m going. My depth perception is much worse, and my ability to discriminate objects at a distance is reduced. This sucks.

I’ll be going for an eye treatment soon to address the macular edema. Please wish me good luck.


Some details about how it started: on Thursday October 20th I woke up and stumbled around the bedroom more than usual. My right eye was seeing spots and my vision was a lot darker than my left. I assumed that I had rolled onto my right eye with my pillow and went on with my day. Friday the same thing happened. Saturday wasn’t as bad in the morning but at around 9:30pm I was reading on my computer, and thinking something was wrong, I closed my left eye. I noticed several places in my vision that were hazy. It was like I was looking through a glass pane with several water drops drizzled across it. Within a few minutes, I called the 24 hour line at Meredith Morgan Eye Center.