A Good Loveseat

Where is a good place to buy a loveseat?

Megan and I went to Ikea and sat on all the couches and loveseats and didn’t love any of them. Then we went to Dimensional Outlet Furniture in Oakland. They had a loveseat that we really liked so we put money down on it. That night I went online and found LOTS of poor reviews for the company and especially for the covering material, Durablend. This “bonded leather” product starts flaking off in 3-24 months (review site, TV news scam buster) and the company generally doesn’t care. I’ve cancelled the order. So what sofa/loveseat brands are recommended?

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  1. Fritzie says:

    Bought sofas at Macy’s. Velour covers have held up well. You can come look if u want to. Happy thanksgiving.

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