I Believe The World Is Basically A Good Place

I believe the world is basically a good place. Matt helps remind me.

I’ve followed Matt’s dancing videos over the years with joy. That’s why my family backed Matt’s Kickstarter to help remind us (and everyone) that the world is basically a good place. As he wrote at the top of the Kickstarter, “I dance with people all over the world. I make videos of it and I put them on YouTube to show that the world is a whole lot safer and friendlier than it looks on TV.”

Matt logged his travels for this latest video on Kickstarter. If you want to be reminded how people all over the world are basically good (something the whole U.S. could really use now), read on:

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  1. Polly Werner says:

    Lee – I loved this video! Thank you. Dance is one of my favorite things in life!

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