Please Don’t Vote For Trump

Please Don’t Vote For Trump

America doesn’t need a xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, pants on fire liar  leader who’s main tactics are  fear, uncertainty and doubt  , bullying, and bankruptcy  courts. The competition, Hillary has her faults but they are the typical foibles of a career politician, not of a dangerous  demagogue.


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  1. cynthia says:

    I choose to be self governing and only ‘voted’ one time, for which there after I intentionally removed my “voter registration” because it was made VERY clear that my ‘vote’ did not ‘count’ at all and essentially ALL “counting” to the ‘votes’ has ALWAYS been ‘rigged’ in one capacity or another, separate from the technical fact that the “Electors” are the decision makers entirely WITHOUT the “voters” ergo “non sequiter” in fact. Separately why show your active consent to be “ruled” over by “mob rule” self expressed as “body politic and corporate” for which ‘corporate’ simply means money over and more important than life – all life. Not to leave out that one is technically not upon ‘government’ land or territory by government internal maps, verified. My preference is grassroots ‘anonymous’ self governance local community and neighbors helping neighbors.

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