Flaming Lotus Girls and The Serpent Mother

I worked on The Serpent Mother for Burning Man 2006. I can’t tell anymore if that was a long time ago or not. Regardless, here is a little tour…

Serpent Mother PDF Promo

Serpent Mother in Servo Magazine February 2007 PDF

Serpent Mother in IEEE Spectrum Magazine November 2006 PDF

The Serpent Mother in 2006. Image by Tristan Savatier.

Before I joined the Flaming Lotus Girls, one of their first and bestest pieces was The Seven Sisters. Image by Waldamar Horwat.

A closeup of Alcyon, my favorite of the Seven Sisters. A spinning ball of fire! Image by Cathy Lynch.

The Hand of God, another piece that predates my joining FLG. It can shoot liquid methanol under high pressure! Image by David Ellsworth.

The Serpent Mother. I helped build her! Image by Tristan Savatier.

Her tail. Image by Tristan Savatier.

She draws a crowd. Image by Caroline Miller (mills).

A big crowd. Image by Caroline Miller (mills).

One part I worked on was her LED underbelly. Image by Eddie Codel.

Propane flows through her spine like blood. Image by Caroline Miller (mills).


  1. Colinne says:

    Great post Lee! A lot of of the newer FLG ask about our early installations.
    Quick note: Seven Sisters star Alcyon is the one in your picture. Merope is the lantern style star which we’ve rebuilt since 2004.
    Are these your photos? I’d love to share this link on our blog and want to credit the photography properly.

  2. lee says:

    Colinne, these are not my photos. Darn it, I should track down all the copyright owners and label them accordingly!

    Gah, I don’t have time to track them all down, being in school these days. Could you help?

  3. Colinne says:

    I’ll give it a shot!
    Are you able to edit the photo descriptions to adjust the name of Alcyon?

  4. lee says:

    I fixed the Alcyon description :-)

  5. Colinne says:

    We are working on the photo credits. A bunch of them are Caroline’s.

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