Looking For Fabrication Shop Space In San Francisco

My friend Ben is looking for a small metal fabrication space in San Francisco. Can you help? Here’s some of his work: http://twentysevengears.com/

He’d prefer a totally private workspace but affordability and access to larger equipment like a CNC plasma cutter are a factor. Looking to move in January or February

Reply or contact Ben directly at kibogoyo at gmail dat com


  1. Michael says:

    Ben is going through the same process I did a year and a half ago. The problem is that land is so much more expensive in San Francisco rather than somewhere in the East Bay, that you really can’t find a good private industrial arts space for a reasonable amount of money.

    I seem to recall that Ben has got most of his own tools, so he’d be disinterested in a space like the Box Shop near Hunter’s Point. Spaces like that are only really good if you need the resources that come with them. There are some rental art studios over by China Basin, but they have limited access for moving things in such as his bridgeport mill. If you want studio space in SF you need to find someone who owns their own building and throw yourself upon their mercy.

  2. lee says:

    We went to Megashear and The Box Shop yesterday. Do you know how we might find other spaces?

  3. Michael says:

    I was searching online and making phone calls. I do remember that the places along China Basin have limited access for heavy equipment.

    Hot work is really a big problem with space in the city. No one really wants you to be welding or brazing in a rented studio. That was what I ran into looking around 3rd st for example.

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