I Am Going To Grad School!

I got a phone call from San Jose State today. I was accepted into their Master’s of Occupational Therapy program!!!The program begins fall 2014. I am over the moon!

Some folks have asked what OT is… You might start with the idea of a Physical Therapist. A PT gets your body working, an OT focuses on helping you do whatever it is you do in your life, your “occupation”. Some quick examples: kids need to grow, amputees need to relearn shoe tying, elderly want to keep living independently. It’s a rather broad field!


  1. Deutsch says:

    Congratulations Lee!! Damn, I sure hope you’re my old buddy Lee Sonko. It’s been ages my friend. I live in L.A. now but visit NYC a couple of times a year. I’m actually taking a flight out there next week to visit my son and meet up with some friends. I was googling Don’t Tell Mama and it led me to this page. Hope all is well with you…..cheers!!


  2. Blue says:


  3. john says:

    Kudos and Congrats to you, Lee! I am just too impatient to wait 9 more months to begin so it is off to CSU-DH with me in less than month.

    You will make an excellent OT and I am glad to have witnessed a small part of your journey toward that goal. Let’s talk soon! I will give you a call. Best, John

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