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Goodby Stereo

This is the Kenwood KA-800 stereo that I grew up with. Just looking at it brings back good memories. We don’t really have any use for it now. My sister is selling it to a guy in Brooklyn who is opening a retro-technology store. It will dutifully play music in his store like it has since 1980. She is selling it to an ANTIQUE STORE! My cherished icons are ANTIQUES. Argh!

Workshop Weekend: Arduino – July 13-14!

The first Arduino Workshop Weekend is happening in Oakland on the weekend of July 13 & 14. This is an intensive event with 7 teacher/speakers, numerous topics and an aggressive, intensive vibe. If you want to jumpstart your Arduino-ness, this is the time and place to do it!

Study with me: Stanford Statistics in Medicine Class

Are you taking the Coursera Statistics class,¬†“HRP258 Statistics in Medicine“? ¬†Want to join a study group with me? Google Hangout, Skype, in person, whatever.


Ouch, My Knees Hurt

Last week I rode to College of San Mateo, careful to be kind to my knees. But yet again I injured my knees riding my bike. Ow, it hurts. It’s this horribly nonspecific pain, more like a tingling gone horribly wrong. When it’s in full swing, it feels more like a “worry” that at each step something in me is on the verge of breaking badly. Thinking about where the sensation is coming from, I imagine it’s cartilage damage that heals over a 2 week period.

The mode of pain is really weird. If, for example I walk 100 yards, it’s not until 10 minutes later that the pain will come on moderately for about 4 hours. If I walk 1/2 mile, 10 minutes later the pain will come on strong for about 24 hours. That delay is really weird. The pain started gently a day after riding to CSM (obviously when the injury happened) and here we are 7 days later and I’m still very sensitive to any stresses on my knees.

In the past year I’ve hurt my knees about 3 times. Each time I make a further effort to be more careful so it doesn’t happen again. But apparently I haven’t done a good job of it.

The worst injury was after riding up Berkeley Hills, then the next day riding hard again, then again the next. The NEXT day the pain set in and I was nearly bedridden for a week.

I would like to take the advice of my mother on the matter, “Getting old sucks. Don’t do it.”

Next time, I’ll regale you about my slight tinnitus, my arms falling asleep while in bed, my sore throats from snoring, and the further adventures of Oliver my eye floater.

Music Cleanup

Here’s some music I just took off my computer for various reasons. Mostly because of some variant of “it had it’s day”

Avril Lavigne
Alanis Morrissette
Cowboy Junkies
Extra Action Marching Band – Live on the Stubnitz
Fiona Apple
George Clinton – Hey Man Smell My Finger
John McCusker
Moxy Fruvous
Rage Against The Machine

Vickie Tunes

Omnivore’s Dilema
Guns, Germs, and Steel
Gladwell – Blink, The Tipping Point, Outliers
Kurt Vonnegut – Cat’s Cradle

Radiohead – Amnesiac
Arrogant Worms
a tango complilation

Front 242 Angels vs Animals
Cary Brothers

College of San Mateo is So Pretty I Want to Cry

I started a Library Research class at College of San Mateo today. I took the train and biked up and up and up to get here. Initially I cursed the difficult uphill trip but it is so freaking beautiful here! Water fountains and grand promenades and big windows and great spaces and the view and the view and the view! I was going to ask how I could get on the wifi but it’s all open. They even got the details right: the table I am sitting at right now was teetering, I was getting ready to fix it by shoving a napkin or something under a leg but the table legs have built-in screws to fixing such things!

I was on campus just once before trying to get a class but it was at night and I only saw the registration department. I remember that was even a good experience with their nice people and beautifully laid out space with these big comfy chairs with these awesome fold-out work surfaces.

It’s so pretty here I want to cry!